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Posted by Lance Warner on 7 Aug 2020

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From the desk of Lance Warner,

A non-title match between Sky High Titans and Comments Section has been officially announced for DEFtv 140 but it’s not what you think! Cyrus Bates and Teresa Ames take arms against Uriel Cortez and Minute... maybe!? It is unclear if Minute will be present for the show as he has maintained radio silence since storming off after the revelation of Malak Garland’s latest antics.

Whether true or not, the message revealed by the Keyboard King has driven a massive vice between the DEFIANCE Unified Tag Team Champions. Can they bounce back? Can they show cohesion once more? Mere weeks before they put the belts on the line, they have an opportunity to get a little redemption against Bates and Ames, however, it is also rumored that Malak Garland will be lurking somewhere close by.

I think it’s safe I speak for everyone when I say I just hope he doesn’t find himself on commentary again!

As always, keep your eyes peeled to DEFIANCE wrestling dot com for all your latest and greatest breaking news.

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