Is this thing on?

Posted by Dan Ryan on 19 Apr 2015

An event as big as the DEF*MAX Grand Prix needs hype. And who better to hype an event than the Ego Buster?

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Curtis Penn's Blog

Posted by Curtis Penn on 19 Apr 2015

There was only one positive thing that came out of EFG's BattleMania and that was Curtis Penn has found a new medium to insult the DEF*MAX Grand Prix participants on. Come one, come all and read Curtis Penn's Blog.

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Donovan challenges fan?

Posted by Jake Donovan on 13 Apr 2015

Early this morning, Wrestle X-treme Magazine was finally able to catch up to DEFIANCE wrestling’s Jake Donovan to get his version of the altercation that took place in Big Pie Pizza in New Orleans late last week.


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Lance Warner Sits Down w/ The "Bombastic" Bronson Box

Posted by Lance Warner on 13 Apr 2015

After my short interview with his business manager Jane Katze after the shocking conclusion of the pay per view Aftershock, I was lucky enough to score a sit down engagement with the one and only “Bombastic” Bronson Box. After days of silence from “Katze & Associates” I started to doubt this interview would ever happen. So imagine my surprise yesterday when into my tiny office here at DEF HQ (down by the bathrooms and soda machines… ) walks the man himself.

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Fan altercation

Posted by Jake Donovan on 9 Apr 2015

Jake Donovan involved in ugly incident at Pizza Parlor


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Kelly Evans presents: DEF*MAX The DEFIANCE Grand Prix

Posted by Kelly Evans on 6 Apr 2015

In a video just handed to us by the Matriarch of DEFIANCE, Kelly Evans, we have the latest news and details on the DEF*MAX Tournament that will be taking place over the next couple months! The tournament, which was announced towards the end of the AfterShock PPV, has been a topic of hot discussion in halls of the Wrestle-Plex. Well, wait no more! Because after the jump, we will be giving you ALL of the details, straight from the BAWS’s mouth!

Come on. Click on more. You know you want to… DO IT RIGHT NOW!

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Aftershock: Status of Dusty Griffith

Posted by Lance Warner on 4 Apr 2015

Nobody has seen or heard from the former World Heavyweight Champion since Aftershock... Hit the jump to find out more.

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"Draw your line in the sand woman I've made a career crossing every single one put infront of me!"

- Bronson Box


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