"You stay in my face jes one second longer, and Ah'm gonna powerbomb you straight through the fourth fuckin' wall."

- Jonny Booya

1. Dusty Griffith
2. Dan Ryan
3. Kai Scott
4. Tyrone Walker
5. Curtis Penn





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BREAKING NEWS: Stockton Pyre in The Fire!

Posted by Lance Warner on 19 Oct 2014

Find out what Stockton Pyre did to catch the attention of Edward all the wrong ways!


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Ed White Cares

Posted by Lance Warner on 14 Oct 2014

We’re getting word today that following the assault of Lindsay Troy by “persons unknown” at DEFtv 41 (although this journalist would bet his paycheck in Vegas on who was behind it), the lady of the Big Damn Heroes has not only been prohibited from competing at DEFtv 42 but has been barred from the building entirely.

If you thought this edict came straight from Ed White’s mouth, however, you’d be very much mistaken.

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A CDC Warning: ATTN: Everyone!

Posted by Lance Warner on 3 Oct 2014

[The words pulse on the screen for a moment, and then switch to the CDC logo, then that slowly fades away.....

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Where is DEFIANCE's Anti-Superstar?

Posted by Christie Zane on 1 Oct 2014

DEFIANCE's 41st episode of DEFtv has come and gone with no word on the whereabouts of "The Anti-Superstar" Jason Natas, until now.

Natas had been slated to fight Frank Dylan James on that card, but was replaced the day of the show by Benny Torrez of the Handsome Men Modeling School. No explanation was given for the change in opponent when the show went live, but I've since learned the reason behind the decision.

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Title Match Confirmed for DEFtv #42?

Posted by Lance Warner on 30 Sep 2014

A challenge was made, but was it accepted? Find out more after the jump...

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DEFtv#41 is LIVE!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 30 Sep 2014

DEFIANCE continues to roll onward and upward, find out more after hitting the jump...

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Professional Wrestler to Teach Self-Defense in New Orleans Campuses

Posted by Troy Matthews on 22 Sep 2014

From the New Orleans Advocate:

With the news that national pro wrestling powerhouse DEFIANCE was setting up permanent residence in New Orleans, many of its stars are settling into the Greater New Orleans region and ingratiating themselves to the community.  One such star, Troy Matthews, who also goes by the name “The Jersey Devil,” has begun teaching self-defense classes for women and children in various schools and colleges.


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