Hollywood Calling

Posted by Mikey Unlikely on 21 Mar 2017

The highly succesful DEFIANCE pay-per-view Ascension happened just a few days ago, and the dust is finally beginning to settle! Among the matches on the show, we saw the Pop Culture Phenoms retain their DEFIANCE Tag Team Championships against their former "sports entertainment mentors" The Hollywood Bruvs!

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DEFIANCE Wrestling Presents: ASCENSION!

Posted by Lance Warner on 20 Mar 2017

It's here.

It's live.

DEFIANCE... has ascended.

What are you waiting for?

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SURGERY for Rising DEF Star!

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 14 Mar 2017

One half of an up and coming DEFIANCE tag team will reportedly require surgery this week...

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Posted by Lance Warner on 14 Mar 2017

Do the thing, you.

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Good Newz, Bad Newz

Posted by DEFIANCE Spy on 10 Mar 2017

A contract rumor gets shot down and an injury rumor is legit.
Who am I talking about?!? CLICKITY-CLICK!

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My Desk, Douglas and a Name

Posted by Lance Warner on 23 Feb 2017

The NEEEEEWWWWWWsIt’s not abnormal to find my desk littered with a myriad of documents and paperwork, that I hadn’t previously left there, before a live DEFtv. However, it is strange is to find one that, potentially, answers some questions raised by said program and at the same time ask so many more.

A few days have passed since DEFtv 79 went off the air; with former Southern Heritage champion, Mikey Unlikely, scowling at his formerly obedient underlings, as they limp out of the Wrestle-Plex’s main stage. Which, in part, is why I was so surprised to find such an article tossed amongst the unrelenting amount of otherwise useless papers strewn across my workspace. Amidst months old SEG approved questions and oddly formal denial’s for interview from CODENAME: REAPER; a particular heading caught my eye.

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DEFtv 79 is live!

Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Feb 2017

Take a look, it's in a book.


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"Here. Take my celly. Call Eric, and ask him who Sherri Bell is. And then ask yourself if you’re sure you want the camera off."

- Kelly Evans


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