"I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout dislocatin’ no joints or nothin’. I ain’t interested in snappin’ no arm or no leg. You should be so lucky, Heidi. That’s preschool, that’s child’s play"

- Alceo Dentari

1. Kai Scott
2. Bronson Box
3. Dan Ryan
4. Eugene Dewey
5. Curtis Penn





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Grindhouse #12 is Live on Hulu Plus!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 20 Apr 2014

DEFIANCE arrives in Regina, Saskatchewan at the Brandt Center for the penultimate event of their Guerilla Grindhouse World Tour.

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White Hot Anger to take short break, tour Japan

Posted by White Hot Anger on 17 Apr 2014

Yoshikazu YAZ may have improved his stock in Defiance after his World Title shot against Kai Scott.  That being said, White Hot Anger has no match on Guerrilla Grindhouse 12, nor were any of them booked for Grindhouse: CANADA.

The solution to this problem? Send them to Japan for a month!

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Heidi and Claira join the Mile High Club

Posted by Darren Keebler on 11 Apr 2014


After the show in Edmonton, most of the Defiance wrestlers were bundled aboard an airplane and shipped to Regina.  Although the Truly Untouchables usually arrange for their own transportation, they failed to do so this week, possibly because of the stolen World Title belt distracting Kai Scott.  This put Claira on the airplane when she usually wouldn't have been there. Furthermore, Heidi was not given accomodating seating arrangements, probably thanks to Kelly Evans, and by coincidence the two girls ended up across the aisle from each other.

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More ranting from Curtis Penn

Posted by Curtis Penn on 11 Apr 2014

Curtis Penn issues a petition to the Defiance Board…Eric Dane, Jeff Andrews, and Kelly Evans! 

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"Spring Cleaning" Roster cuts to come?

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 11 Apr 2014

Kelly Evans was on a rampage today during a Production Meeting, and if she's to be listened to (is she?) we could see massive roster cuts coming sooner rather than later!

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Exclusive update regarding the FIST of DEFIANCE

Posted by Lance Warner on 10 Apr 2014

BREAKING NEWS: We do not have a new FIST of DEFIANCE!

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HULU still excited about DEFIANCE product!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 10 Apr 2014

Despite a segment at Grindhouse 11 where HULU executives met with Kelly Evans where she attempted to swerve their veiwpoints on Heidi Christenson, it has come down the pipeline this morning that HULU and Eric Dane have come to an agreement on a long term contract for DEFIANCE WRESTLING to air all future television programming on HULU Plus!

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