Ed White’s World Travels (see: spending spree) Continues

Posted by Lance Warner on 24 Jan 2015

Last week it was a private beach on the isle of St. Barts in the Caribbean, this week self made multi millionaire Edward White is flashing huge wads of cash in Europe. Skiing in Switzerland, several nights in a penthouse suite in Rome, a quick jaunt across the Mediterranean on a private yacht only to end his jaunt in Morocco partying the night away in ancient city of Tangier. Never one to shy away from spending his fortune generously, this latest whirlwind trip around the globe has some investors raising a few eyebrows. 

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A Video Tape Arrives to DEFIANCE?

Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Jan 2015

A mysterious video tape appeared at the DEFIANCE offies over the weekend. Lance Warner has all of the details, including the exclusive footage of said video, found only on DEFIANCEWRESTLING.com!

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The Conclave Open For Business… But Without "You Know Who?"

Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Jan 2015

An official DEFIANCE press release from the talent development department hit the streets yesterday. Apparently former DEFIANCE World champion (and former employee by most accounts) Bronson Box’s training camp in the foothills of northern Utah has sprung back to life and is now operating with the DEF seal of approval.

But word around the office is the temperamental Scotsman isn’t involved.

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Ed White’s Caribbean Sex Romp Caught by TMZ’s Cameras

Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Jan 2015

Edward White must have felt quite proud of himself after setting up the second War Games pay per view to happen under the DEFIANCE banner on the last episode of DEFtv because the Socialite apparently rewarded himself with a little trip to the island of St. Barts. 

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DEFtv #44 - Bonus Scene!

Posted by The Masked Blogger on 22 Jan 2015

Hit the jump to catch what happened after the show ended between World Champion and his soon to be Challenger...

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DEFtv #44 is LIVE!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 20 Jan 2015

DEFIANCE Wrestling is back at it again after the events of EXECUTIVE DECISION! Hit the jump to find out what happens next!

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Eric Dane locked out of the DEFplex?

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Jan 2015

Seriously, the boss hasn't been in to the Office all week!

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