Posted by Lance Warner on 22 Feb 2021

Just over a thousand fans came out each night to the Randolph Riverfront Center this past to escape Mother Nature's recent deep freeze nonsense! Why? To enjoy two nights of watching BRAZEN's Best and Brightest! With the recent promotions of some of BRAZEN's longest-tenured stars such as Levi Cole, Jack Mace, Butcher Victorious, Sho Nakazawa, Thomas Slaine and Princess HOSS, along with more possible rumored call-ups... that left the doors wide open for the newest crop of talent to make names for themselves. Who made the most of these opportunities? Did any titles change hands? Did a guy really wrestle three different times over the two-nights? Find out more by checking out news and notes!

Friday, 2/19 Results

1. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: "Wingman" Titus Campbell defeated Paul Dunson (c) by countout @ 6:45; Dunson retains Onslaught Title. 

2. Michael Van Warren defeated Kyle Kirby, Nathan Cross and "One Shot" Jack Halcyon @ 7:55 with Armiger Unleashed on Kirby

3. Strong AF defeated Reinhardt Hoffman @ 9:01 with Deadly AF

4. Luke Ali'i defeated Kazuo Akamatsu @ 7:52 with the Impact Crater

5. BADASS (Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome) and High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) defeated Gentlemen's Agreement (Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe) and To the Maxx  ("Exclusive" Eric Wilson and Lovely Lance Mingle) @ 11:19 with Sucks To Be Air Bud on OTM 

6. Jesse Harrison and Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) defeated The Barrio Boys (Gerardo Villalobos, Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez) with The Cliffhanger 

7. Leyenda de Ocho defeated Cristiano Caballero @ 3:05 with the Actualizer

8. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated Doug "Moonshine" Matton @ 14:16 with Play of the Day

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: The DEFcepticons (Ryan Knox and Megan Kron) defeated Viking War Cult (Ivar and Floki Holmstrom) @ 11:05 with The Rhino Smash on Ivar Holmstrom 

10. BRAZEN Championship: Killjoy (c) defeated BRAZEN Tag Team Champion Al Sparks @ 9:56 with the Freefall 


--The show started off with BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment thanking the fans for coming out before being interrupted by the Dunson Clan. BRAZEN Onslaught Champion Paul Dunson made his way out and demanded he get the respect he deserves as champ. Finn, Richie and Todd Dunson all agreed with him. Cappy told him he'd be happy to do that... against "Wingman" Titus Campbell right now! Titus and BRAGG both earned shots against Paul Dunson with Titus tonight and BRAGG against whoever won this match tomorrow night.

--The crowd was ALL Titus in the opener as he tossed Paul Dunson around like a rag doll including a HUGE Turbulence (Airplane Spin into Front Slam). Later with Richie's distraction, Paul got the advantage with a snap DDT and neckbreaker, but Titus fought back with Naughty by Nature (Full Nelson Slam). When he was about to score with the Hookup, Todd got booted off the apron only for Finn to pull Paul out of the ring to take the countout loss, but getting to keep the BRAZEN Onslaught Title in the process! Titus was clearly upset, but for now all eyes were on tomorrow when Paul Dunson defended the title against "The Big Bad" BRAGG!

--A HUGE four way match was up next! The athletic 6'4" and 225-pound Nathan Cross. The rugged 5'8" and 220 pound Jack Halcyon! And two newcomers! The 5'8" and 188-pound vet Kyle Kirby and the newcomer, 6'5" and 244-pound "The Armiger" Michael Van Warren! The action was fast paced right from the bell when Van Warren floored Kirby with a big kick! He imposed his will on his other competitors with big suplexes at the jump, but later a big Olympic slam from Halcyon took him down! He fought him to the floor but Kyle Kirby cleaned his clock with a pair of super kicks. Nathan Cross used his athleticism to dropkick him out of the ring followed by a HUGE no hands plancha on all three men! Later on, Kirby tried using flash pins at various points to steal the win, especially when Nathan Cross hit the Crossover (Rolling Cutter) on Halcyon but Van Warren bided his time and took the win with the Armiger Unleashed (Muscle buster) on Kirby for three! The Armiger left his mark and mouthed to fans as he was leaving that he was here in BRAZEN to do whatever the hell he wanted.

--BRAZEN's first champion Reinhardt Hoffman felt he was embarrassed during the DEFROAD Pre-show by Strong AF and demanded a rematch which the Olympic silver medalist in Powerlifting agreed to. Strong AF did more of the same, running him down with shoulder blocks and even one off the ring apron to a crowd pop! But Reinhardt was BRAZEN's most cunning wrestler, using the barricade to attack Strong AF's arm! He worked it over with a number of holds including a tight armbar, but the gutsy strongman fought back with a Samoan drop, a big Lariat and a diving shoulder tackle from the top! Hoffman hit a knee trembler for a close fall, but a second attempt led to a sit out Chokeslam and then a vertical suplex powerslam called Deadly AF for a MASSIVE win over the first BRAZEN Champion! But the real story was after the match. Strong AF celebrated and Reinhardt blindsided him, then SPIKED him on the ramp with a DDT, promising he would avenge his losses and run the dumb muscle out of BRAZEN for good.

--HOSSFITE described the next match! Kazuo Akamatsu went one on one against the massive Hawaiian newcomer, Luke Ali'i! Standing 6'4" and weighing 367 pounds, he was starting to get verbal support from fans. Chops were thrown for the entire first minute of the match! The crowd responded with cheers (Ali'i) and boos (Akamatsu) for each man. Then Ali'i wowed the crowd by LEAPING over Kazuo off the ropes, then striking him with a savate kick on the return. The 26-year-old was quick on his feet and floored Akamatsu on the floor. Akamatsu tried a pair of DDTs to stop him, but Luke fought back and then landed a huge press slam cutter, then a huge twisting Samoan drop-type slam called the Impact Crater for three! The massive Hawaiian left the ring and headed to the back without incident while Akamatsu wondered what hit him. 

--The eight man tag before intermission saw High Investigations team up with BADASS in order to take on Gentlemen's Agreement and To The Maxx! The dapper duo of Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe did not get along at all with Wilson and Mingle. Meanwhile, Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome ruled the ring with Eddie Cheno and Titilayo as they laid into Lance Mingle for a bit until Lord Sewell struck Wise from behind at ringside with a drop toe hold into the steel steps at ringside. The villains worked over Wise until he hit a Hip Attack on OTM! The tag went to the Tornado T-Rex and Titilayo went crazy with power moves including a big gorilla press powerslam called Save The Trees! A diving crossbody from Bloome wiped out To The Maxx on the floor as High Investigations hit Sucks to be Air Bud (superplex/splash combo) for the win!

--The show came back with one of BRAZEN's top stars, Jesse Harrison along with the massive duo of Heavy Artillery against BRAZEN's energetic trio of The Barrio Boys! Former Onslaught Champion Gerardo Vilalobos and Roosevelt Owens blasted one another with shots! Corey Nunez outran Bobby Horrigan (looking more svelte these days, losing some l-bs.) And Harrison found himself on the bad end of a satellite DDT by Hugo Gonzalez. Nunez got isolated by the monstrous "supporting cast" of Harrison and soon, Harrison lorded his lead over Nunez and nearly won with the Boom Shot (Spear). Gerardo got a hot tag late and muscled his way over Harrison with a snake eyes and big boot, but a sucker punch by Owens on the floor led to the Cliffhanger from Harrison for the win! Harrison demanded the mic and said he was screwed over by Declan Alexander. He and no one else had rights to the BRAZEN Champion; not some dumbass gamer virgin like Declan or a has-been who can’t cut it on the main roster like Jack Harmen. HARRISON was your next BRAZEN Champion!

--Longtime BRAZEN vet Cristiano Caballero tried to tie up the show in the next match. He should be promoted and spotlighted like the other BRAZEN call-ups! But the fans were in for a surprise... LEYENDA DE OCHO! The popular video game-themed luchador from NFW made a shocking appearance and took the fight to Caballero in quick fashion with some amazing high-flying moves! Caballero was rocked hard and defeated with a Shining Wizard followed by a Corkscrew quebrada called the Actualizer for the win! The 8-Bit Legend walked out with a nice debut win while Caballero walked out with a possible shiner from the Shining Wizard. 

--Before the young vlogger and perhaps one of BRAZEN’s biggest success stories, Declan Alexander, would challenge for the title tomorrow he would be taking on old rival Doug “Moonshine” Matton! The two men recently tore up BRAZEN house shows during their Best of Five series last year, but tonight they would battle one more time with Matton looking to avenge the last loss to Declan. The two men jockeyed for position early on and knew each other well, countering one another’s finishers and even simple roll-ups. The battle got more heated when Doug fought Alexander and sent him to the outside, attacking his arm on the floor to set up Whole Lotta Buzz (Fujiwara Armbar). Declan fought back despite the vicious arm work and came back with the GGEZ Kick (Jumping yakuza kick) and then the YEET~! (flapjack throw) later on despite one limited arm. The talented Alexander continued to fight, but nearly got caught sleeping with the Beer-Can-Rana (hurricanrana pin), then the Little Bit of Buzz (running knee to seated opponent) for a near fall. The Fujiwara Armbar didn’t work, but the Play of the Game did! Alexander scored the three and proved he was ready for the likes of either Killjoy or Al Sparks tomorrow night!

--The BRAZEN Tag Team Titles were on the line as the normal defending tandem of Ryan Knox and Megan Krong were on the rocks. Instead, it was Ryan Knox and… the amazon, Megan Kron! A true sight to behold! But Ivar and Floki Holmstrom, the vicious twins of the Viking War Cult, wanted gold and they didn’t care who their opponents were. They fought viciously from the beginning and jumped Ryan Knox before isolating him with attack after attack on his body. Ryan Knox got worked over some more by the twins who took him to the outside and hit a big clothesline/spinebuster combo on the floor! They almost had the titles won with a diving european uppercut combo, but Ryan Knox kicked out! Megan Kron entered the ring and chokeslammed the living daylights out of both twins, setting up Ryan Knox for the Rhino Smash on Floki for the win! Tomorrow night, regardless of Al Sparks’ next match with Killjoy, the DEFceptions would have to defend against the inaugural DEFIANCE Tag Team Champions, Les Enfants Terribles!

--And speaking of… The DEFcepticons hung around ringside, as did Archer Silver and High Flyer IV as the third-generation stars while the crowd was behind Al Sparks, considered to be the best member… of a bunch of guys who acted like Transformers. Still, he was more than a match for Killjoy, actually taking LET’s Beast off his game early with a surprise standing spin kick and then a dropkick to take him out to the floor, then a MASSIVE running dive off the apron on Killjoy! The crowd rallied behind the DEFceptions’ blue chipper, but Killjoy rallied back with ring-shaking headbutts on the outside. He fired back with several more and then a big back suplex tossing the massive Sparks on the ring apron! Killjoy worked him over several moments later and then a pop-up forearm almost got him the win. But the crowd was AMAZING when Killjoy went for a big powerbomb out of the corner, only to get taken down with a HURRICANRANA from the 6’9” Sparks! Sparks came back with a kick combo and landed a big jumping enzuigiri followed by a splash for a two-count! He tried for DEFeated, but Killjoy pulled him into a NASTY lariat, then turned Sparks inside out with a huge chokeslam, followed by the FreeFall for three!

--Night One of the latest BRAZEN Double Shot was done, but after the match, The DEFcepticons regrouped and promised that tomorrow night they would keep their championships away from Les Enfants Terribles. And with that, they almost got BRAZEN sued again by getting a chance going of “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYES!” 

Saturday, 2/20 Results

1. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: "The Big Bad" BRAGG defeated Paul Dunson (c) to win the BRAZEN Onslaught Championship @ 5:16 with They All Fall Down!!!

2. Michael Van Warren defeated The White Hat @ 3:42 with the Limit Breaker 

3. Luke Ali'i defeated David Hightower @ 6:19 with the Impact Crater

4. The Dunson Clan (Finn, Richie and Todd Dunson) defeated Thugs 4 Hire (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt) and Mascare de Muerte IV @ 7:05 with Dunn Deal on MDM4

5. "One Shot" Jack Halcyon defeated Nathan Cross @ 14:55 with a Backslide

6. Customer Support (Trevor Manning and Simon Kinsberg) and Sarah Winterton defeated Southern Bastards (JJ Dixon and MASSIVE Dragon) and Liz Icarus @ 5:45 with the Rain Check from Manning on JJ Dixon

7. FAFNIR defeated Jimmy Bonafide Jr. @ :09 seconds with Hrothgar's Hammer 

8. Troy Matthews and Doug “Moonshine” Matton defeated The Viking War Cult (Cul and Torvald The Destroyer) via Beer-Can-Rana pin on Cul @ 9:19

9. BRAZEN Tag Team Championship: The DEFcepticons (Ryan Knox and Al Sparks) © defeated Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver and High Flyer IV) @ 15:49 when Knox pinned Archer Silver while in a guillotine choke! 

10. BRAZEN Championship: Declan "DEC4L" Alexander defeated Killjoy via disqualification @ 11:15 when Jessie Harrison ran in and assaulted Alexander; Killjoy retains BRAZEN Championship. 



--BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment and the BRAZEN enforcer, “The Big Bad” BRAGG came out first to greet the fans. Of course, BRAGG, the local boy got a BIG pop from the crowd (as a LA native himself), then Paul Dunson came out to interrupt the proceeding much like the night before. Paul Dunson came out with Clan Dunson and demanded he get attention as well. What he got? BRAGG getting his rightful match and Cappy decided one better - the rest of the Dunson Clan were now barred from ringside! Paul was outraged, but tried to shake it off and tell the crowd he’d beat the giant homeless man called BRAGG, then he’d go on to become the greatest champion in history. With that, match one began…

--... and BRAGG whooped. That. Ass. All over ringside, the elderly Dunson was chopped and slammed around the ring until he dipped out and tried to get to the floor. BRAGG followed him, but it was a trap as he kicked the top rope when he re-entered! The ref was shoved by Paul so the low blow went undetected and then hit a huge DDT, but only got a two-count! Dunson had the brass knuckles loaded up, but when he came around and swung, BRAGG grabbed his wrist, ripped the golden knuckles off his hand and tossed them all the way to the back reaches of the convention center! BRAGG LEVELED Dunson with Sorry About Your Jaw (straight right hand) and then finished him off with They All Fall Down (Jackknife Powerbomb) for the three count and his first singles title in BRAZEN! The crowd cheered on “The Big Bad'' who was greeted with the title from his mentor… but after that, “Wingman” Titus Campbell came out and pointed to the title. He had the match won last night when Paul Dunson got himself counted out. 

--Michael Van Warren looked great in his debut one night prior and that carried through into tonight. He battled another mysterious man known as The White Hat. A few fans pointed out his movement was kind of like the Kyle Kirby guy and perhaps the victorious Leyenda de Ocho from one night ago, but none of the three men would respond to allegations when interviewed after the shows. That said, The White Hat put on a brief, but great sequence of reversals against the larger Van Warren and almost took the win with a series of flash pins, but The Armiger would not be denied. The White Hat tried for High Noon (top rope knee drop) but Van Warren moved, causing White Hat to roll through, but Van Warren caught him off another leap off the ropes, right into the win via submission with The Limit Breaker! The kata hajime submission worked to perfection. He pointed out 2-0 and promised the crowd you’d see a lot more of him in the future. 

--Another big HOSSFITE pitted Luke Ali’i against a long-time BRAZEN star, David Hightower! Hightower did what neither of the giant Hawaiian’s previous opponents did and not only knocked him down, but took the fight to him early and often on the outside! He almost got the win via countout, but Luke made it back into the ring at the count of nine! David Hightower clubbed away with massive forearms and then hit a grounded version of the West Memphis Avalanche (leaping knee drop) for two. He tried a piledriver, but the big Hawaiian pushed him over, hit a savate kick in the corner and followed with a HUGE running hip while David was down! Luke snatched up David Hightower and spiked him down with the Impact Crater for the big, big victory! Luke was tested tonight but the young powerful rookie was showing a boatload of promise so far. When BRAZEN staff reached out for an interview after, Luke Ali’i said nothing, but offered a very small, sly smile then headed to the back. 

--While the Dunson Clan’s night went down the tubes earlier thanks to BRAGG defeating the Dunson Clan patriarch for the BRAZEN Onslaught Championship, their night was not a total loss. Finn Dunson, the bruiser of the Dunson Clan, led his cousins Todd and Richie to a six-man tag victory over BRAZEN vets Thugs 4 Hire and Mascara de Muerte IV. Finn Dunson won the match with a huge Dunn Deal (spear) to MDM 4 for the win, and then helped Todd and Richie lay waste to T4H post-match. Once that was done and over with, Finn Dunson took the microphone and said while Uncle Paul wasn’t here, he was going to represent the Dunson Clan and officially challenged BRAGG to a match for the title, despite BRAGG accepting a match for CLASH. Will the giant accept? (author’s note: He sure did. Look for that title match on a future BRAZEN show pre-Clash). 

--As a result of neither man being able to obtain victory in the prior night’s four-way match, Nathan Cross and Jack Halcyon wanted a match to try and settle who was the better man after they originally battled a few shows ago to a fifteen-minute draw. The two men exchanged momentum throughout with Jack managing to wrestle the much taller Nathan Cross to the mat for a bit before Cross’ freakish athleticism allowed him to take over with a huge dropkick and a huge plancha to the floor! Cross tossed him back in and nailed a slingshot legdrop for a two-count. But Halcyon fought back and landed the olympic slam for two, then a rolling senton off the apron! The Sit-And-Go Frog Splash was up next, but Nathan got the knees up and rolled him up for two! It seemed the count was closing in on defeat, but after a series of reversals, Halcyon got Nathan Cross with a big backslide for a three! Nathan Cross was in shock, but after realizing he was indeed defeated, he and young “One Shot” shook hands. The two bumped fists also, then headed to the back. The futures of two more of BRAZEN’s stars were certainly rising and with more performances like that, it would only be a matter of time before they ended up at the top. 

--The battle between Sarah Winterton and Liz Icarus started when Liz upset Sarah Winterton in a five-minute match. To that end, both recruited new teams. The Southern Bastards stepped in to help out Liz Icarus while Winterton had the technical newcomers of Customer Support - Trevor Manning and Simon Kinsberg. Winterton stayed away when Liz got into the ring and the two fought into the crowd and to the back which was capped by Liz Icarus diving off the guardrail and into the crowd with a 360-seated senton off of the barricade onto Winterton! Inside the ring, it was Customer Support getting the win for their team when Manning hit the Rain Check on JJ Dixon for the pin! Customer Support were successful tonight and UNCUT recently! Was the sky looking up for the new duo?

--The next match was a big double debut! The crowd booed immediately to Jimmy Bonafide, Jr. As quickly as Jimmy Bonafide Jr. aka The Drama Prince aka The PosterBoy’s Boy aka Prince Of NY aka Prince Of All Princes arrived on the scene… he was MURDERED by the burly monster called FAFNIR. Though he was fifty years old, this dude was JACKED. 6’3”, 270. And he clobbered JBJ and spiked him with Hrothgar’s Hammer (elevated powerbomb). FAFNIR left the ring as quick as he arrived. It seemed the HOSS-related ranks of BRAZEN had another fearsome competitor.

--Troy Matthews got a big win in Jack Mace’s farewell match a few weeks ago and tonight, joining forces with a popular BRAZEN mainstay in Doug “Moonshine” Matton, the two men managed to upset the mammoth team of Cul and Torvald The Destroyer! For the first couple of minutes, the match was almost all Cul and Torvald, no doubt steaming after the Holmstrom Twins’ loss in the Tag Team Title match the night before. Cul and Torvald slammed Doug Matton into the ringpost outside, leaving Troy Matthews to weather the storm for a few moments. Troy fought back and the man known in his career as The Slayer of Giants hit a HUGE springboard gamengiri to lay out Cul. Towards the end, Ol’ Shiner came back and hit a running kick, then dropkicked Torvald at the knees to knock him off the ring apron. Doug hit a big somersault off the top rope to wipe out both big men on the floor. Cul took over with a huge spinebuster, but when he tried for the Blood Eagle, Doug reversed it into the Beer-Can-Rana for the upset! Both Matthews and Matton headed up the ramp quickly to bask in the cheers from the crowd…. Then Cul and Torvald DESTROYED the official. Later on, we found out that Cul and Torvald would be suspended from the next BRAZEN double shot for this. But the win for Matton and Matthews could lead to bigger things without a doubt!

--The last time that the two teams of Les Enfants Terribles and The DEFcepticons, it was a disqualification. This time? A double pin between Ryan Knox and Archer Silver! The action was great between both teams and Sparks and Ryan Knox ran down High Flyer IV and Archer Silver at the opening bell. The crowd was firmly behind the DEFcepticons and their antics, but Knox and Sparks were making a case to be a great team. Double shoulder blocks and even The Predacon Bomb (Double team tiger driver) almost pinned HF IV until Archer made the save with a double foot stomp to Sparks. HF IV and Archer then picked him off by working the head and neck with combinations of moves. A penalty kick to the chest and then the double foot stomp off the top later by HF IV almost led to a three, until Sparks hit DEFeated (kick combo ending in a superkick) leading to Ryan Knox with the tag! The tank-like Knox ran down both LET members and then hit a huge belly to belly suplex for two! But before he could hit the Rhino Smash (spear), Archer Silver kicked him and countered into a hammerlock/guillotine choke! Knox had fallen to the mat, but maneuvered the taller Silver into a pin for the three! Archer did NOT let go after the match and before Sparks could get involved, HF IV crowned him with a springboard into a belt shot which had to be seen to be believed! The rest of the DEFcepticons headed to ringside, but Archer and HF IV high-tailed it out of ringside. The DEFcepticons finally got their duke over Les Enfants Terribles, but not in the fashion they wanted. The crowd cheered them on, but Septimus Tyne demanded they fight one more time in a rematch! We’ll find out more on that and report back once Capital Punishment has made a decision. 

--Declan “DEC4L'' Alexander -- only twenty years old -- had the chance to become BRAZEN’s youngest champion. All he had to do was unseat the first-ever two-time BRAZEN Champion Killjoy. No biggie, right? Well… yeah. Big biggie. Declan Alexander made it to the finals of the Tag Party II competition last year, but that seemed like a world away especially when Killjoy ruled the match from the jump. LET’s Beast assaulted young Declan, but the crowd was on the vlogger’s side as he got beat down with big slams in and out of the ring. The DEC4LLI0N (his name for the BRAZEN fans) cheered him on until he managed to avoid a giant splash in the corner. Alexander loaded up not one… not two… but THREE GGEZ kicks in the corner, getting his first count… only for two! Killjoy took control again and then hit a huge pop-up forearm and then a big chokeslam… but Alexander kicked out. Declan got beat down some more but then he hoisted him for the FreeFall… PLAY OF THE GAME OUT OF MID-MOVE! The crowd went crazy but before he could go for the cover…


Declan was the winner, but he was assaulted by the Australian former actor! He got laid out at ringside and then assaulted him with fists to the face on the mat. The attack continued until Jack Harmen ran out to the save! It appeared Harmen heard what he had to say the night before and didn’t take kindly to it! Killjoy was about to get involved and Alexander wanted to jump back in, but the four men got separated by DEFsec! The crowd jeered them, but Capital Punishment ended the show by coming out to announce that if these men all wanted to fight for the title so bad… they would fight at the next CLASH of the BRAZEN, elimination rules! Killjoy would defend the title against Jack Harmen, Jesse Harrison and Declan Alexander!

An explosive ending to an explosive show! We will have more CLASH of the BRAZEN information in the weeks to follow so stay tuned!

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