BRAZEN Presents: Jan 31st "Lost Episode" as Well as I Choo-Choo-Choose Wrestling!

Posted by Lance Warner on 15 Feb 2021

Not our usual Double Shot, but two shows nonetheless! One serving as a "lost" episode from Jan 31st, right before the events of DEFIANCE Road, as well as a recent offering from this past Saturday night! Fans braved the elements both nights to get warmed up in the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex! Check after the jump for the results! 

JAN 31ST, 2021

1.  Killjoy d. BRAGG via pinfall after the Freefall @ 11:02., no 1 contender to BRAZEN championship.

2. Jack Harmen d. C. Caballero via pinfall after the Locomotive @ 4:21.

3. JACK MACE FAREWELL MATCH: Troy Matthews defeated Jack Mace via pinfall after the Rough Divide @ 18:31

4. Princess HOSS d. O-Face via pinfall after 3:21.

5. LET d. High Investigations via pinfall after 21:23

6. “Wingman” Titus Campbell & Thugs 4 Hire d. Barrio Boys (Gerardo Villaloboz, Corey Nunez, and Hugo “Lips” Gonzalez (Titus over Corey Nunez) via pinfall @ 18:20.

7. BRAZEN DOC Championship: Paul Dunson d. Massive Cowboy via knock out @ 1:30

8. Declan “DEC4L” Harrison & the DEFcepticons double count vs.. Jesse Harrison & Heavy Artillery @ 12:20

9. BRAZEN Championship: Killjoy d. Klein via Freefall @ 5:45. New BRAZEN Champion!!!!



-- Killjoy kicked off the show already in the ring with his Les Enfants Terribles stablemates. Archer Silver demanded Killjoy get his rematch at the BRAZEN title after declaring his intention last show, and they weren’t leaving the ring until they got it. Klein emerged from the back, more than willing to put the belt on the line, but Capital Punishment interrupted him. Cappy told Killjoy and LET he’d need to defeat BRAGG if he wanted the belt. LET conversed with Killjoy, and HFIV informed Cappy Killjoy wasn’t leaving the ring until he got BRAGG. BRAGG answered the call, and the two had one hell of a hoss fight. Eventually, Archer distracted the ref before HFIV blew white mist into BRAGG’s face. BRAGG spun into Killjoy’s Freefall for the win.   HFIV celebrated like he’d just won the BRAZEN title, climbing onto Killjoy’s shoulders and being carried around the ring by the victor. 


-- Jack Harmen received a large swath of support against longtime “Floater” Christian Caballero. Caballero came out jaw jacking, looking and hoping to make a career off of defeating Harmen. But Caballero took his eye off the ball for a second to shout at a fan, and that’s all it took. Jack Harmen d. C. Caballero via pinfall after the Locomotive.  Afterward, Harmen stayed around and signed a few autographs for fans.


-- The news had erupted that former BRAZEN Champion Jack Mace would be leaving BRAZEN. To that end, he brought his techincal/smouth style to BRAZEN one last time against Troy Matthews. Matthews started early, trying to outwrestle the big man, using speed and technical skill to his advantage. Mace was no slouch in those departments, and hit back with powerful strikes at just the right opportune times. Eventually Mace just rocked Matthews out of his boots with a strike that sent him backflipping from the blow. Matthews however, kept kicking out, time and time again. Geist never let up, even when Matthews ducked out of the way of a charge and got a quick flurry of hope in before a lucky Rough Divide ended the match. Post match, Jack Mace bowed one final farewell, stating he was going to be looking for new opportunities. Whether those were in or out of BRAZEN and DEFIANCE, we are unsure, but Mace promised he’d make an impact sooner than later. 


-- Flex and O-Face came out to BRAZEN. The fans were shocked when O-Face took the mic, and demanded a match against anyone in the back. Even Flex was a little confused. Honestly, I don’t think he even knew why he was actually there. Princess HOSS accepted the challenge, and made short work of the debuting O-Face. O-Face really bumped around the ring for HOSS, and got in some pot shot offense, but did not look strong her debut. Flex comforted O-Face after the loss while Princess HOSS bowed to the crowd. Rumors of a potential call-up have been swirling for the young and gorgeous powerhouse. We’ll see if there is more news to report on that front down the line. 


-- LET took on HIgh Investigations in a hard fought contest. HI used their size and power to their advantage, but LET’s shenanigans were too much. In the end, Archer Silver was able to roll up a distracted T-Rex for the three count. LET celebrated up the ramp, and made motion to re-claim the BRAZEN tag team championships as they left.


-- Titus Campbell and Geraldo Villabolos HOSS-fought for the ages. The buzz from this evening came from this match and the main event. Titus and Geraldo tore each other and the Wrestle-Plex down. In the end, Titus took out Corey Nunez, while Thugs 4 Hire kept Geraldo on the outside. With this win, The Wingman promised that he was now on the hunt for gold and was coming after Paul Dunson and the BRAZEN Onslaught Championship! 


--Paul Dunson defended his DOC title against Massive Cowboy. The match didn’t last long, as Dunson knocked Cowboy out with a hidden brass knucks blow after only a few minutes, known as The Golden Opportunity. Dunson told people that he and The Dunson Clan were the best family in BRAZEN and that was met with Titus Campbell coming out to drop the mouthy Paul with The Hook-up! After that, he held up the title and told the crowd he was coming for it!


-- This was a very fun six man tag, that broke down and eventually was just thrown out all together. Early on, DEFcepticons were the targets of Heavy Artillery, and we had some good back and forth tag team action. Once Declan and Harrison entered the ring, the match broke down as all six men brawled on the outside to a double countout. Declan and Harrison had to be separated by BRAZEN security and Capital Punishment.


-- In the Main Event, Klein defended his BRAZEN championship against Killjoy. As Klein made his entrance, LET jumped him from behind, slamming his back and ribs with steel chairs. LET drug a delirious Klein in and tossed him in. The Referee tried to call the match off, but Klein refused, demanding the match to be started. Killjoy however, showed no mercy. Klein was able to fight at the start, hitting a shoulder block before trying a gorilla press. His ribs gave out, and Killjoy showed no mercy, assaulting the ribs. Killjoy tossed Klein from the apron onto the guardrail, so his midsection struck it. He even rammed him rib first into both the outside turnbuckles and the guardrail. Finally, weakened, Killjoy hit the Freefall for the academic 3 count after about six minutes. Killjoy was handed the BRAZEN championship as Klein, blackened and bruised ribs, writhed in agony. Killjoy then put his boot onto the broken ribs of Klein, and stepped over him before heading to the back alongside the rest of LET.


And if that wasn't enough, check out our recent show from Feburary 14th entitled BRAZEN Presents: I Choo-Choo-Choose Wrestling!'



Though the name of the holiday was Valentine's Day, there was no love lost between a lot of the stars of BRAZEN especially where titles were concerned! The canvas color was a special pink color with red, pink and purple-colored ropes to celebrate the occasion! And what would DEFIANCE's rabid fanbase love right now? Some wrestling! Check out the news and notes from our latest special!



1. BRAZEN Championship: Killjoy © Open Challenge. Killjoy d. Flex Kruger via pinfall at 12:32.

2. Thugs 4 Hire (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt), Nathan Cross and Jack Halcyon defeated To the Maxx (“Exclusive” Eric Wilson and “Lovely” Lance Mingle) & BAF (Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett) @ 11:01 when Cross hit the Crossover on Petey Garrett. 

3. Jack Harmen d. Levi Cole via pinfall after victory roll @ 13:20.

4. BADASS (“The Wise Ass” Tripp Wise and “The Bad Seed” Davis Bloome) d. Atomic Punks (Little Boy and Fat Man) with Ultimate BADASS-ery on Little Boy)

5. “Wingman” Titus Campbell and BRAGG d. the Dunson Clan (Richie & Todd Dunson w/Finn and Paul Dunson) @ 4:24 with They All Fall Down and The Hookup followed by double pin. 

6. Viking War Cult (Cul, Ivar and Floki Holmstrom, and Torvald The Destroyer) d. Midcard Experiment (Walter Levy and Hijo del Fishman Deluxe) & Louisiana Bulldogs (Oliver and Denver Brandt) @ 8:22 with Gungnir from Torvald on Walter Levy

7. DOUBLE DEBUT MATCH: Luke Ali’i defeated Lee Laz @ 3:56 with No Ke Aupuni

8. No 1 Contender to the BRAZEN title: Declan “DEC4L” Harrison vs. Jesse Harrison ended in a no contest @ 16:41 when Heavy Artillery interfered 

9. George Othello & Strong AF d. Heavy Artillery @ 7:45 when Strong AF hit Deadly AF on Bobby Horrigan

10. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: The DEFcepticons d. LET @ 22:32 via DQ after Killjoy’s interference.


--This show STARTED off hot! With a new champion in tow in Killjoy, the first-ever two-time BRAZEN Champion, he opened the show and LET demanded that ANYONE who wants a title shot to come forth. Out came former BRAZEN Champion and fellow PCP’er, Flex Kruger! One of the strongest men in DEFIANCE fought with his heart and soul (cause brains were in short supply) and ran at Killjoy with shoulder blocks and clotheslines galore. A couple of body slams could not take Killjoy off his feet, but a HUGE pop-up forearm from Killjoy and a big scrap buster turned the tide for the monster. Flex tried the Flex-plex late in the game after a big splash off hte top got a nearfall! But Killjoy dominated and pinned Flex with the FreeFall, thus cementing his place once again at top of the food chain in BRAZEN. After the match, Archer Silver and High Flyer IV promised to complete the LET sweep by defeating the DEFcepticons tonight in the main event. 

--A big eight-man tag came next with Thugs 4 Hire teaming with two of the latest class of young talent to hit BRAZEN - young “One Shot” Jack Halcyon and the athletically gifted Nathan Cross. The teams of To The Maxx and Brutal Attack Force were both veteran teams of BRAZEN and didn’t make the match easy, especially on Halcyon or Cross after the two started off with a fifteen-minute draw in their debuts one months ago. But after two HUGE dives from Cross and Halcyon wiped out all four men on the outside, Thugs 4 Hire took hit home with The Business, followed by Cross making the match-winning move with the Crossover  (rolling cutter) for the win!

--Jack Harmen’s singles win streak continued when he took on one of BRAZEN’s top young stars in Levi Cole. Cole suplexed Harmen around the ring with multiple delayed, back and belly to belly suplexes, but Harmen used his veteran instincts to eventually play rope-a-dope with his larger opponent. Cole tried the gutwrench powerbomb, but a headscissors reversal sent him to the outside and a HUGE somersault plancha to the outside wiped him out! A springboard thesz press followed for two! The Cold Embrace followed, but Cole kicked out! He finally landed the big gutwrench powerbomb later, but only got a two after Harmen’s foot was on the rope. Harmen eventually caught him with a victory roll for the win! He shook his hand and went backstage, but when Butcher Victorious - another BRAZEN vet and Cole’s tag partner came out to help - Cole shoved him down to boos! And then left, leaving the crowd and Butcher both bewildered. 

--The team of BADASS scored another big win in the tag ranks, but it was hard fought over The Atomic Punks! Wise and Bloom fought and isolated Little Boy with double-team moves for the first couple minutes including a double flapjack followed by a running elbow smash by Davis for a nearfall! Eventually, The Atomic Punks used double teams of their own including Fat Man THROWING Little Boy at both men on the outside, Fastball Special-style! After almost getting the win with an assisted splash, an attempt at a Shiranui by Little Boy backfired! Davis Bloome was a house of fire and hit elbow smashes every which way ending with Ultimate BADASSery (flapjack/DDT combo) on Litlte Boy for the win!

--The Dunson Clan came out with BRAZEN Onslaught Champion Paul Dunson bragging about being the greatest BRAZEN Onslaught Champion of all time  (of which with this writing, there are only two). Dunson was interrupted by “Wingman” Titus Campbell who wanted a shot, but Paul denied the partying big man, saying he was what was wrong with the locker room. Too much focused on “partying and pissing around” instead of WINNING. Titus dared him to put it to the test, but BRAGG came out and also has been making note of the way Dunson has carried himself, winning matches with his two sons, his nephew, or brass knuckles to retain the title. Paul told the two men to fight each other and he’d fight the winner immediately, but instead BRAGG and Titus came up with a new idea…. The two of them against any members of the Dunson Clan and if they won, they would get a singles match each against Dunson. Paul accepted and sent young powerhouse nephew Finn and eldest son Richie to handle business!

--...But business was quickly handled by BRAGG and Titus despite the Dunson Clan’s gambit. Finn and Richie went all out and isolated Titus at the start, but the One-Man Party from Florida fought back and took down Finn with the Naughty by Nature (Full Nelson Slam), allowing BRAGG to get the tag! The Big Bad wasted no time destroying the competition, ending with stereo finishers! They All Fall Down (Jackknife powerbomb) and The Hookup (Elevated Double Underhook Slam) for Richie. BOTH giants would each have the right to challenge Paul Dunson.

--A brief intermission was brought by the surprise of two-time FIST of DEFIANCE “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns! He greeted the fans and welcomed them to the show tonight, happy to watch the future of DEFIANCE start here tonight and that he has been lending his services as a member of the roster. He started to leave when BRAZEN star “The Fairest of Them All” Sarah Winterton arrived for her match next against Liz Icarus! Burns and Sarah crossed paths and some fans saw a wink at Sarah and a smile back from Burns. Who knows what’s going on around here?

--Sarah Winterton demanded that she get called up to the main roster immediately after Princess Hoss got called up, but she was interrupted by young high flyer Liz Icarus! Liz came out to tell her to shut up and wrestle. Winterton said she could beat Liz in less than five minutes… so that’s what we got… and it was Liz with a roll-up on Winterton at 4:55! Winterton was pinballed around the ring for a bit with multiple dives by Liz, but Winterton weathered the storm and softened her up. But when Winterton went for a Mirror Mirror (Chaos Theory-style german suplex), Liz kept rolling until she got a Japanese leg roll-up for the win! 

--The Viking War Cult ravaged their competition tonight as they came out in full force and WRECKED both the Midcard Experiment and Louisiana Bulldogs. The forces of good tried their best to stop them, but the power advantage was too much by Cul and company. After the match, Cul got on the microphone and screamed bloody murder that he was going for gold sooner than later with his group and would not stop until he got it. 

--The next match was a rare double debut match with BRAZEN. On the BRAZEN-Tron, the specs for each wrestler flashes:

Lee Laz
Age: 19 years old
5”11” / 194 pounds
Glendale, Arizona
Finisher: HE LIVES! (Modified Flying Senton)
Experience: Two years pro

Luke Ali’i
Age: 26 years old
6’5” / 367 pounds
Seattle, WA by way of Hilo, HI
Finisher: No Ke Aupuni (Modified one-shoulder powerbomb)
Experience: Three years pro

--And though there was a MASSIVE size difference in the two, Lee Laz did not show any fear. He went for the legs with dropkicks right off the bat. Big Luke could not catch him and took quick dive to the floor where Lee threw himself repeatedly at Luke with a pair of suicide dives, but number three lead to being caught and SLAMMED on the ring apron with a powerslam! Luke Ali’i showed off what made him get looks from DEFIANCE brass. Scary agility. He LEAPFROGGED over a run from Laz and hit a big boot on the return. Laz kicked out and came back with a standing diamond dust variation he called Laz Rising! He stunned the monster long enough to attempt HE LIVES! However when he leaped he was caught by Luke and then SPIKED to the mat with No Ke Aupuni (modified one shoulder powerbomb). After the quick, but intense sprint, Luke offered his hand to his fellow debuting star and Lee shook it, albeit hurt. Definitely a good first impression before the next big match!

--The next match was a rematch from BRAZEN’s last double-shot ending in a double pin. Jesse Harrison and Declan “DEC4L” Alexander both threw everything into their arsenal in this match and had the crowd hooked! Harrison tried roll-ups off the bat to try and steal the match early, but Declan fought and lit him up with elbows and chops, followed by a big YEET~! Toss! Declan clotheslined him over the top rope! He went to the outside, but the Australian attacked the leg of Declan with a shinbreaker on the barricade! Back inside, he used the Spin Off (standing figure four), but Declan fought back and made the ropes! A Boom Shot caught Declan for another two-count, but the protege of Lindsay Troy and Vivica J. Valentine fought back. The gutsy gamer took control with a HUGE GGEZ Kick (jumping yakuza kick) for a nearfall! Heavy Artillery - loose allies of Harrison in the past - helped turn the tide until Strong AF and George Othello, rivals of theirs came down the ramp and got into a fight at ringside! In the midst of this, Jesse Harrison undid a turnbuckle to use against Declan, but he reversed a whip and hit it! Declan was unaware of the exposed buckle when he rolled up Jesse, but his cheating backfired! Declan was now set to take on Killjoy at the next BRAZEN show while Jesse Harrison complained to the referee that he cheated. When the ref asked him how the buckle got undone, Jesse told the refer to go [expletive] himself. 

--The main event was the long-awaited Tag Team Championship match between the inaugural champions Les Enfants Terribles versus The DEFceptions with Al Sparks and Ryan Knox as defending champs with Septimus Tyne, Megan Kron and Starscream. The BRAZEN Champion Killjoy lurked near ringside as well leaving a full cast as the tag match took place. For a while, the crowd was with The DEFcepticons for their quirkyness, and great teamwork. The powerhouses of Sparks and Knox isolated High Flyer IV with Knox’s own brother, ref Rex Knox for this match. That didn’t stop the DEFcepticons from being popular with the crowd, but HF IV and Archer took control of the match later on with a NASTY tackle by Killjoy on the floor to Ryan Knox! Archer Silver and his VICIOUS kicks rocked even the barrel-chested Knox and All The Knees (Diving Double Knee Drop from HF IV/Running Knee from Silver) almost got the win. They tried for the tried-and-true Kicky McGee, but Knox ducked one kick, grabbed HF IV and THREW HF IV at Archer! Al Sparks made the tag and the tall blonde powerhouse went to work! Tilt-A-Whirl-Slam on High Flyer IV and a big Reverse Vertical suplex on Silver stopped them and a jumping splash almost got the win! But as the match was about to end there, Killjoy grabbed Knox and SLAMMED him into the barricade, getting LET disqualified! Archer and HF IV fought back and tried to pick off Al Sparks, but HF IV got TACKLED by Megan Kron to a big pop! The Amazon chased him from the ring and though Killjoy wished to fight, LET retreated for the moment. 

--After the match, The DEFcepticons (the de facto favorites of the main event) thanked the fans for coming and Al Sparks issued a challenge for the BRAZEN Championship at the next BRAZEN Double Shot. Archer agreed, but if Killjoy won, they’d get another opportunity at the tag titles. Al accepted. Next show, it would be more DEFcepticons and LET. The leader Septimus Tyne led the crowd in a chant of “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.”

No way we get sued. 


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