Title: I'll Think About It.
Featuring: Jay Harvey
Date: Early April 2020
Location: Tokyo, Japan



Billboards and LCD screens as far as the eye can see. High rise buildings on our left and right. The streets are flooded with foot traffic and energy. We grow closer and closer to a five-star hotel right in the heart of Tokyo. Cut to inside where we find a room that is fit for a king. Suitcases and duffle bags are packed and ready for an imminent departure. The sound of a video call begins to play as we tilt up toward the bed. The sheets are untucked the way they should be, the sconce above the bed is lit, giving a nice shine to the bald-headed gentleman laying across the California King. This man looks familiar… this man is none other than Jay Harvey. 

What a sight for sore eyes. The former DEFIANCE Southern Heritage Champion is alive! The video call finally goes through, and we can see on the other end is Catalina, the wife of “The Natural One”... and now, Jay Harvey.

Jay Harvey:
Hey baby…

Catalina is all smiles as she lays eyes on her man.

Hey babe, how’s everything?

Jay Harvey:
Good, the match was the match… How’s everything over there?

The sound of a young child can be heard on Catalina’s end of the call. 

Good, me and the smiley boy are gonna go play before lunch. 

Harvey’s got that classic Harvey smile on his face.

Jay Harvey:
That’s good. What’s he doing?

He’s sitting, reading books.

Harvey rolls his eyes at her choice of words. 

Jay Harvey:
He can’t read, Cat.

Catalina gives her husband a look that he’s all too familiar with. 

I know he can’t read. You know what I mean, silly ass.

The two share a chuckle.

Tom-Tom, want to say “hi” to Daddy?

Harvey's son comes into view and looks excited to see his father, albeit through screen time. Harvey's eyes get bright as he sees his little boy. 

Jay Harvey:
Hey Buddy! I miss you so much!

Thomas bounces around in his mother's lap as he tries to snatch the phone from her.

Dadda! Dadda!

Harvey smiles, but the pain he is feeling is evident. 

Jay Harvey:
I love you… I can’t wait to see you. Daddy will be home soon.

Harvey puts his hand to his face and makes a kissing noise and Thomas does the same gesture back. 

We miss you, Daddy. We love you.

Harvey is trying to fight back his emotions. You can tell the former DEFIANT is not happy to be away from his family. 

Jay Harvey:
I love you guys.

Harvey sighs.

Jay Harvey:
You know it tears me up that I’m not home.

Catalina puts a hand through her hair as she shakes her phone, disrupting the video slightly. 

I know, babe. It’s fine. I’m not gonna stop you from doing what you love, what we love. You are a great father and a great husband. You will be home soon and we will be together, and it’s going to be great.

Harvey again sighs. He knows she is right. 

Jay Harvey:
I know, I feel guilty. You had to give it up and I… can’t. 

A side of Catalina and Harvey's relationship we have never been privy to. 

Listen, you are a provider and you spent almost two years home, everyday, bonding with him. When he is older, I can think about coming back. I have it under control. I miss you and wish you were here but… I’m not gonna stand in the way and make you choose. 

Harvey looks away and gathers his thoughts. Catalina exhales, giving Jay a sign that what's coming next might not be something he wants to hear. 

You know you’ve been getting calls about coming back to the states. 

He looks annoyed.

Jay Harvey:
I don’t know if I’m ready for that...

Have you thought about it?

Jay Harvey:
I’m almost back to where I was when I stopped. The crowds are great and they treat us like Gods.

We see over Harvey's head down on his cell phone screen. 

Mary Lynn called today.

Harvey shakes his head side to side. 

Jay Harvey:
She called me the other day. Asked if I was interested in coming back. 

What’d you say?

Jay Harvey:
I said I was in Japan and they have been treating me well. She said any time I wanted to get back into a DEFIANCE ring, just call. 

Harvey appears to be in thought. 

What’s wrong?

Jay Harvey:
It’s a good gig over there. Light schedule and I can be home most of the week.

You know they’d take care of you if you went back.

Jay Harvey:
Yeah… I’ll think about it.

Catalina turns her head, squinting her eyes, possibly to check the clock. 

Well, it’s late over there… you should get some sleep.

Jay Harvey:
I miss you guys.

We miss you too.

Jay Harvey:
Give him a kiss for me.

I always do.

The former DEFIANT smiles.

Jay Harvey:
Love you.

She stares back at him with love in her eyes.

I love you… bye.

Jay Harvey:

The call ends and Harvey places the phone on the nightstand beside him. He shuts the light and lays his head down to catch a few hours of sleep. Thoughts race through his mind; is what he is doing right, or is it selfish?




Harvey rises from his slumber. He snaps from laying to his feet on the floor. He cracks his neck and rubs the crust from his eyes. He grabs his phone and sifts through his contacts. He stops on a shocking name. He stares at the name Douglas and ponders pressing call.

Harvey contemplates whether going back is what's best for his family… for him. Visions of Thomas, Catalina, and him all together flood his head. The smile of his only child, the laughter, the happiness he has known and been his life. 

Professional wrestling is his life. Something that's been engrained in him since he was born. He still looks down at his phone, thumb over the call button. 

Should I do it? 

Harvey stands up and paces his hotel room. Japan has been good to him every time he has come through… but he needs to be home. No more video calls, no more interpreters, no more distance. 

He knows he can't continue this. He knows what he has to do.  He presses the button and waits…

Jay Harvey:
Hey… can you talk?

The scene quickly fades to black. 



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- Tyler Fuse




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