Title: Meet and Greet
Featuring: Dex Joy
Date: 11/03/19
Location: Backstage interview before the show

A backstage exclusive is about to take place with Christy Zane before the next episode of DEF TV hits the airwaves and streams.


Christy Zane:

Hi and hello Defiance fans! I've got a special exclusive with the newest addition to the roster! He's been wrestling on the independent circuit for six years and is making his debut here in the big time. Say hello to the twenty eight year old native of Los Angeles … 'The Biggest Boy' Dexter Joy!


Walking up to Christy is a happy go lucky mass of humanity. Tipping the scales at close to four hundred pounds he walks up to Christy and he shakes her hand. He's wearing a massive black tee shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.


Dex Joy:

Thanks, Christy! I prefer Dex if you don't mind. Dex Joy!


Christy Zane:

Welcome to Defiance, Dex! Why don't you tell people a little about yourself?


Dex Joy:

I can do that. Like you said, I've been on the independent circuit for six years and I've wrestled in a few places. Japan. Mexico. Canada. All over the US. Pretty sure there was a no-sided ring in Ecuador once … so it was this girlish figure of mine running around in a square in the dirt.


Christy Zane:

Fun stuff!


Dex Joy:

Yeah that was an experience! I played football as a defensive tackle in high school and little bit of college, but wrestling is all I have ever wanted to do so I dropped out of college to pursue wrestling. I've seen some things, but you know what you need to be successful, Christie?


Christy Zane:

What's that Dex?


He looks right into the camera.


Dex Joy:

A good antagonist! A bad guy if you will! Heck anybody that wants to face me. But we'll get there Christy. But if you know anybody looking for a fight then I'm your XXL huckleberry! Fueled by heart and plenty of Big Dex Energy!


Christy Zane:

Is that anything like Big Di...


Dex looks at Christy.


Dex Joy:

DICK ENERGY! Sorry I was trying to cut you off before saying something inappropriate but I honestly forgot if Defiance is TV MA so my mind got lost.


Christy Zane:

Just having Angus on commentary guarantees TV MA I think.


Dex Joy:

He sounds like an angry man from what I have heard … but yes, Big Dex Energy! It's the unquantifiable energy that I run on! It tells me to run towards danger instead of away from it! And it's telling me that I am ready for whatever Defiance has. And when my first rival comes knocking, you bet Dexy Baby is gonna open that door!


Christy Zane:

Well thank you for all your time Dex and good luck.


Dex Joy:

Thank you Christy!


Dex heads down the hall and starts to leave, then runs into a young BRAZEN trainee just getting done from a workout.


Dex Joy:

Hey, do you know anybody who is looking to have it out in the ring? Like, an attitude adjustment? Anybody being a tool?


BRAZEN Trainee:

Nah I literally just got here.


Dex Joy:

Thanks anyway. Scream at me if somebody is being an asshole kay?


Dex shrugs and the camera follows him out into the hall before the scene ends.

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"I’m an institution and a known figure in the circles you and I run in. I stand as a living edifice after the sands have stripped and washed away the marvels of Ozymandias. For me, you’re a grain of sand, Stevens. Hell, even beating me, as some “retired hack”...doesn't matter."

- Lindsay Troy




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