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Dex Joy Biography


Real Name
Dexter Michael Joy  
The Biggest Boy, Dexy Boy, Dexy Baby, Big Dex Energy  
Los Angeles, California  
6' 2"  
367 lbs.  


Dexter Joy has been a lifelong wrestling fan. He tried his hand at football in high school and while he did well in that, wrestling was his passion and he dropped out of college at twenty to pursue his dream.

Although known for being positive by friends, Joy didn't fare well in his first couple years. He had size but was incredibly uncoordinated. He was about to give up on his dream in 2014 when he happened to run into famous "big man" wrestler, Tyson XL at a New York indy show. Tyson, himself a portly wrestler but one who has been successful on high levels, listened to his story. Seeing something in Dexter, he offered to teach him from scratch at his wrestling school in LA.

Over the next few years, though putting on weight, Dex learned how to use that weight and throw it around the right way. Slowly but surely, Joy carved out a path for himself across North America as an agile super heavy weight that didn't look like your typical muscled up and tattooed tall guy. Though he was on the rotund side, he became a beast at night when the lights were on. He soon found his voice as a passionate man that no matter how he looked, he knew how good he could be and encouraged others to work hard, no matter how they looked or who told them what they couldn't do.

He was signed to Defiance Wrestling on October 31st, 2019 and is now dead set on showing what he can really do on his biggest wrestling stage to date.
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Athletic mass of humanity who also happens to be a passionate, outspoken big guy. Equal parts dorky as well as confident. Trained by the former muliple time champion Tyson XL, this twenty eight year old monster has loads of promise and girth to match. He is very confident in himself and is a very proud man which earns him the respect of the fans. 
- He hits like a brick wall that can fight back
- He can fly which is insane due to being young and having good agility
- He feeds off the energy of the fans at all times. Hard to stop when he can get going. Because of this he also gained a reputation competing on the indies as a tough guy to knock down 
- He tends to hot dog too much sometimes and goes for big moves instead of going for the kill. He cares about the fans and may take his time fighting through pain that he shouldn't to prove his toughness
- His stamina isn't the greatest some times
- He is very quick for his size, but still slower than real cruiser weights 


  • Jagaloons!
  • You’re all pissy that people like me and they don’t like you. Well, pally, if you’re playing a supervillain, then consider Dexy Baby your goddamn Batman!



"Don't worry, young HOSShole. I don't expect you to give up the belts that easy. The challenge is half the fun of getting the reward."

- Lindsay Troy




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