Title: Marvelous.
Featuring: Jay Harvey
Date: Sunday.
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina.



Blue skies, scattered white clouds, trees off in the background, and a blazing sun. This is our setting for today’s recording. Beautiful shots of mother nature continue to fill your screen before a Cessna Citation Longitude comes into view. A crew member is seen pulling up the entry steps back into the massive private jet. We soon go into the spacious cabin, following a flight attendant as she walks down the aisle.

Cutting to a front view of the attendant reveals a man resting in one of the many French Roast colored leather chairs. A shine pops from the man’s bald head. The attendant is within a few feet of her passenger.

Flight Attendant:
More champagne, sir?

We cut to a front shot of the man, decked out in a fine designer suit, a light blue dress shirt with the top few buttons open. We all know this man and he needs little to no introduction. He is the most marvelous man to grace God’s green earth… and now, THE Jay Harvey.

THE Jay Harvey:
Of course.

Harvey raises his empty glass which soon turns full. He nods his head at the attendant.

Flight Attendant:
We will be taking off soon, Mr. Harvey.

Harvey finishes the sip of his champagne.

THE Jay Harvey:
Marvelous. Thank you.

The flight attendant takes her leave and goes to the cockpit, out of the picture. We center on Harvey who takes another sip of his beverage as he looks out the window, taking in the view.

THE Jay Harvey:
My whole life I’ve been a wrestler… My whole life I knew this is what I wanted to do every single day.

Harvey finishes his champagne and places the empty glass in one of the cup holders beside him.

THE Jay Harvey:
I knew from day one, that I was going to do whatever it took to become the best. I couldn’t rest on my family’s name like many that have come before me. There were always high expectations and always condemnations.

Harvey exhales a deep breath, gathering his thoughts.

THE Jay Harvey:
I’ve always had to work harder. I’ve always had to put more time in to silence the critics. Every time those critics would say I couldn’t do something, I’d do it. I’ve made a career out of proving people wrong. They’ve told me I couldn’t last as a professional wrestler… and I have. They told me I wouldn’t be as good as my father or grandfather… but I'm BETTER.

You can feel the serious nature of Harvey’s demeanor and his speech.

THE Jay Harvey:
I’ve learned that once you stop, that’s when your competition catches up. I’m ahead of the game and ahead of the industry. I want to be chased, I want to be doubted, I live for it. That’s what keeps you on top of them all. I live hard, I play hard, and I train hard.

Harvey fixes his cufflinks as he continues to speak from the heart, even if it may be a black one.

THE Jay Harvey:
Don’t let the suits, the jets, the cars fool you… I’ve worked my goddamn ass off to get where I am. Everyone wants to be famous but no one ever wants to put the work in. It’s plain and simple. I want more and I always have wanted more. I’m never content.

The pilots close the cockpit door and begin the last minute preparations for taking off.

THE Jay Harvey:
That’s why I’m the best… and you’re not. It’s been my goal since my arrival in DEFIANCE that not only was WrestleUTA going to take over, but I was taking over. Now is my time. Scott Douglas, you have something I want. Oscar Burns… you have something WE want. Cayle… Murray… you bet your ass you got something I want.

Harvey checks his Rolex wristwatch for a moment and then looks up at the rolling camera.

THE Jay Harvey:
It’s about time I take what is mine. Just know boys… You don’t have to like it but you’re ALL going to have to live with it.    

We get a tight shot of Harvey still seated and slowly we zoom out. Harvey takes another look out the window before the scene slowly fades to black.


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"You’re just a scared little bitch who knows I’ll take that Southern Heritage title away from you!"

- Jay Harvey




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