Title: The Last of Us (19) - CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE
Featuring: Tyler Fuse
Date: Before debut
Location: DEFIANCE System

The Last of Us (19)

“Listen,” Tyler started, looking dead into his brother’s lime green eyes. “We are going in. I’m not taking any of your… well… whatever it is you’re all about. The best way to get over something is to go through it.”

Conor hummed to himself. “You could put that on a t-shirt.”

Tyler walked towards the Wrestle Plex doors. Upon arriving he took one look back and called for his brother to join him.

“We go in, we meet The Developer and we get out, okay?”


Conor began walking forward. The entire time he looked around, becoming more and more unsettled. He looked at the empty parking lot, surrounding streets and then the dark building. It was a building that housed the greatest game known in the wrestling industry and even though he was scared, it needed his help.

Conor arrived at the front door and reached out for the handle. “Oops.” He said. “You’re Player One, you get to go first.”

A grin crossed his face, now happy he wasn’t going to be the First Person (see what I did there?) to enter the Wrestle Plex. Conor put his arms towards the doorway, as if to tell Tyler “it’s all his”.

“I know we will survive DEFIANCE.” Tyler said, before taking the handle. “But I don’t know if I’m going to be able to survive you the entire way through.”

He pulled back the door and went inside. He then grabbed Conor and dragged him in as well.

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