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Tyler Fuse Biography


Real Name
Tyler Erman (rumored)  
Player 1  
Unknown (probably somewhere in Canada though)  
June 7, 1990  
186 lbs  


Player 1, READY!

Tyler and Conor Fuse, better known as The Fuse Bros., are convinced the whole world and the wrestling industry is a video game. And are they wrong? You spend your whole life leveling up, gaining new abilities and progressing through each life stage, with the ultimate goal of becoming triumphant, winning a trophy or being recognized as the best in your field. But there are road blocks along the way. Many road blocks. NPCs follow your every move. There are cryptic messages all over the place. And if you're lucky, you'll only run into one or two bosses who are hell bent on not letting you achieve the next step on your path to success. But we all know you'll run into way more than just a few bosses. The only difference is they will vary in their level of AI.

Yes, dear gamer, The Fuse Bros. already know all of this. Your life is a video game and you'd be smart to adopt the same strategies and philosophies associated with them: overcome the NPCs, decode the cryptic messages, beat the bosses and defeat the game... only to realize you'll have to do it all over again on a much harder mode.

The Fuse Bros. have arrived in DEFIANCE. They are here to play the DEFIANCE game, which is arguably the greatest wrestling game at this point in time. They've brought their power-ups. They've brought their cheat codes. They even brought a back-up hard drive for the inevitable DEFIANCE system crash.

The Fuse Bros. are here. They are ready. And they would like to play. 
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Under gaming beliefs, The Fuse Bros. incorporate elements of video game material into their segments and before matches. Examples include: power-ups, cheat codes, game sharks, saving their progress and so on. The Fuse Bros. also believe they have the ability to "unlock" new DEFIANCE characters.

Tyler is the older, more serious brother. He isn't as nonsensical as Conor, even though he abides to video game rules most of the time. He keeps the team grounded and isn't as comical, either. Tyler is the wrestling technician of the team.

The Fuse Bros. are determined to find the boss, rescue the princess and beat the game on hard mode. They also need to level up, get all the achievements and complete 100% DEFIANCE. Who the final boss is, where the princess resides and what 100% DEFIANCE looks like isn't really known at this time. They didn't read the manual. 
1.) Very focused in the ring
2.) Good technician
3.) Extremely driven to succeed and will never back down 
1.) Can take things too seriously
2.) Doesn't always tag out when appropriate, can exert himself in the ring
3.) Ridged and can lack creativity 


  • FINISH HIM~!!!!



"Ore no ringu ni zokushite inai. Ima shinu! (trans. -- You don't belong in my ring. Now die!)"

- Mushigihara




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