Title: The Other Side. (Epilogue)
Featuring: Gage Blackwood
Date: 06/19/17
Location: Before DEFIANCE Uncut 22

Gage Blackwood sat quietly by his locker, head down and collecting his thoughts. A DEFIANCE banner hung to the right of him and interviewer Lance Warner also stood, writing some notes before he glanced up at the camera and got the go-ahead.

Lance Warner:
Okay, we’re good?

Warner went back to scribbling a few more notes and then looked towards Gage.

Lance Warner:
Gage, we’re ready for you.

Blackwood took a deep breath and glanced up. He nodded ever so slightly before getting to his feet and walking over. He pulled back his long brown hair, which was always falling right in his face. He was in full ring gear, although it was clear there would be no match tonight. Instead, he was here to introduce himself.

Lance Warner:
Okay Gage, so once I get the thumbs up, we’re going to start recording.

Gage nodded again. Warner seemed preoccupied with his notes once more before putting them down. Gage could only assume Lance was writing about a forthcoming interview and nothing to do with this one.

Lance got the thumbs up.

Lance Warner:
Okay. Well… the past two weeks here at DEFIANCE have been hectic, to say the least. New Champion, new opportunities and we’ve also signed a lot of new talent. ‘Twists and Turns’ Oscar Burns, David Hightower and more. Now taking the time with me is another new signee, Gage Blackwood!

Gage stood there and ran a hand through his hair.

Lance Warner:
From all the way across the pond in Edinburgh, Scotland. I believe you’ve performed in the United States before, but nothing quite at this level.

Gage looked at Warner and then at the camera.

Gage Blackwood:
Aye, that’s correct.

Warner quickly continued.

Lance Warner:
Well, DEFIANCE certainly has more than 100 fans in attendance every night and we have an extremely passionate following. Gage, what brings you here?

Blackwood stared past Warner as if he needed to think about the question and wasn’t prepped beforehand. Then, looking into the microphone, Gage replied.

Gage Blackwood:
Aye, I came to DEFIANCE for the opportunity to show my ability.

What started off as a good sentence… it soon become clear it was just that, a sentence. Lance would receive no follow-up.

Lance Warner:
Okay, great! Well as I’m sure you’ve seen, DEFIANCE has some of the highest skill level in the U.S. And we also have many wrestlers from different areas of the world. I know you’re from Scotland, but you’ve also spent time wrestling for underground organizations in France and Canada correct?

Gage Blackwood:

Warner mentally scolded himself. As Gage seemed reluctant to open up, he had asked a closed question that gave Blackwood the opportunity to reply with a yes or no, nothing which pushed him to speak more.

Lance Warner:
Well, Gage, how did that experience shape you for DEFIANCE?

Blackwood rubbed his head again. He wasn’t trying to be rude. If anything, he had no clue what to say.

Gage Blackwood:
It was… challenging.

Lance Warner:
Great, well I’ve seen some of your past tapes. You can really make a mark in the ring! The DEFIANCE crowd should take a liking to you. You’re fearless out there! What do you say your best skills are?

Gage Blackwood:
… I…

Gage had a great reply in his head, but it vanished the second Lance put the microphone towards him.

Gage Blackwood:
I try to be fearless in the ring.

Clearly knowing by now this interview was going nowhere, Lance nodded. Gage, who also knew this interview was going nowhere, frantically tried to scan his mind for something important to say so he could make a good impression.

Lance Warner:
Great! Well, that’s all the time we have right now. Back to you, Angus!

The cameraman did a quick cut sign. Lance patted Gage on the back.

Lance Warner:
Ah, don’t even worry about it. We won’t air it. You’ll get your chance to make a statement on DEFtv in two weeks time.

Gage Blackwood:
Thanks. I- I don’t really know… I guess my mind went blank.

Lance Warner:
Well Gage, I’m sure I’m not the only one who can say I’m looking forward to what you can do in the ring. I really think you’ll have the chance to connect with the fans out there.

Warner shook Blackwood’s hand before walking towards the camera crew and discussing things further. Meanwhile, Gage thought about the last thing Lance said to him.

Gage Blackwood:
I really hope so, too.

Blackwood muttered to himself, before sitting back down and untying his ring boots. If this ended like his previous destinations, it was not going to end well…

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