Title: Special Report....
Featuring: Sam Horry
Date: This weekend
Location: Hospital

[Immediately following his match with Jake Donovan, Sam was rushed to the local hospital, where he was admitted into the trauma unit.  DEFIANCE dispatched Christie Zane to report on his condition...]

This is Christie Zane and I am here at the hospital which Sam Horry was admitted to following Jake Donovan's heinous assault on him earlier this evening. Behind this closed door is where Sam's agent, Elizabeth Rivera-Horry, Sam Horry and a Burn Trauma Specialist have been secluded.  

[Cameras offer a panoramic view of the crowded hospital lobby.]

As you can see, many different media outlets including those who cover both pro-wrestling and mixed martial arts, are waiting to hear from Sam and/or his camp regarding the extent of his injuries.

[A visibly shaken Jeanie, along with three of Sam's fight team came from Sam's hospital room.  The media outlets along with Christie immediately attempt to swamp her, which doesn't get very far with the fight team members providing a makeshift barrier.  Christie held the microphone directly in front of her.]

Elizabeth Rivera-Horry:
I'm not going to be before you all very long, I just wanted to give you a status report on Sam.  The burns were superficial and very minor, which as you can imagine, has us all breathing a heavy sigh of relief.  Sam is not expected to miss any of his upcoming DEFIANCE dates, and will be getting back to training within the next day or so....

Reporter 1:
....Ms. Horry, Ms.Horry!

Elizabeth Rivera-Horry:
...let me finish, Ron.  Um...it's back to business for Sam, and this was a small bump in the road.  Sam himself will be out here to address you all for those who care to wait.

But you said the burns were superficial, and there's no significant damage to Sam's face or eyes?

Elizabeth Rivera-Horry:
That's right, no significant damage, Christie.  Again Sam will be out to address you all himself in just a little while.  It's business as usual and......right now, I'm going to um....change hats.  As Sam's agent, I have addressed you, but as his wife, I need to be by his side.  We'll be back out in just a little while.  Thank you.

[Jeanie, shielded by the fight team members, made her way back into Sam's hospital room amidst the throng of reporters callin out to her.  When the door closed shut, the camera focused on Christie.]

Okay, so there it is.  Sam's injuries are not as severe as they were believed to be, and he will be out here momentarily to give a statement.  Be sure to stay with us as we continue our streaming coverage of Sam's media address.

[Camera feed fades with DEF trademark logo]

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