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Sam Horry Biography


Real Name
Sam Horry  
"The Ronin" "The HNIC"  
New York City  


Born in the East Elmhurst section of Queens, NY, Sam Horry has from his youth been a driven individual, a trait instilled in him by his father Marshall, who unfortunately passed when Sam was still in his formative years. Sam took the anguish of losing his father and turned it into a competitive fire that few can match. Combining his superior athletic talent with a seeming knack for public speaking, and coupling it all with a basis of martial arts talent, Horry has made a name for himself the world over in both bareknuckle fighting and professional wrestling worlds. 
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Sam draws parts of his in-ring style from many sources such as The Great Muta, who he looks to as an idol in the professional wrestling scene, and brings with it an amateur wrestling and all around vale-tudo style, leading to him being hard hitting but at the same time able to hang in a technical or submission match style.

Outside the ring, Sam is the life of the party, and he makes no bones about his lifestyle either. 
When the Going Gets Tough - Sam performs best under high pressure situations. He can sometimes take over a match and "put a team on his back" if it's a team situation.

World Traveled - there are very few situations in or out of the ring that Sam can't handle, and that's because in his extensive travels he's seen just about everything.

Time and Time again - Sam keeps his focus by keeping himself in shape by doing many different forms of workout, this usually lets him push himself longer and harder than most seem to be able to. 
It's What the Ladies Like - Sam doesn't hardly ever have what you could call a "stable relationship" with the other gender of the species, which you wouldn't normally think would matter in a wrestling setting however, when one spends all night doing what Sam does with the ladies, one can be quite drained before important matches.

Your Overconfidence is Your Weakness - Sam is very much a cocky bastard at times, but he's one that can back it up, most of the time. Sometimes there are checks the body can't cash, and somehow Sam seems to find a few of those big check types without thinking about the possibility that he might lose.

I'd run but...- Sam is also pretty much fearless, confidence, stupidity, whatever you wanna call it, at times no matter how the best of his friends try to get his attention and keep him from getting INTO a fight against overwhelming odds, he doesn't see reason, and you can figure out what happens from there... 


  • I'm the most dangerous fighter alive. Period.
  • Keep Calm and Roundhouse Kick.
  • You ain't got no future, bruh. Say 'goodbye' to tomorrow.
  • Lookin' at me like that, gets you tripped an' snuffed. First an' last warnin'. Never say I ain't never give you nothin'.
  • Chill, son. When I get desperate in a fight, I rely on a technique my sensei called:‘omotai mono de kare no atama wo nagaru’. That pretty much translates to: Crack that muhf*cka in the head with the heaviest object you can find. Worked in the streets, works in the ring.
  • If you ever see me in the forest fightin' a grizzly bear--HELP THE BEAR!!!



"I'm Scott fucking Stevens!"

- Scott Stevens




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