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Jestal and Dandelion, were talents in their parents traveling circus called “Baroness Vahze” Bazaar of Toys. Jestal excelled at your classic clown that was a hit with everyone! Dandelion was their top contortionist. They were on countless advertisements across the country. They made the circus a lot of money. Of course good times fell on dark times, when Jestal witnessed Dandelion’s latest act that he was firmly against. He felt it was not necessary to attempt a performance to get more people to come to the circus when they were in town. Dandelion at the time who was able to speak assured him everything would be ok. She practiced for hours to make sure she was ready for the performance.

The night of the defying act, the circus had pulled in a gate 3x what it normally would get. Dandelion would climb a scaffold, the Oooos and Ahhhs filled the circular tent. Until Dandelion made a slight mistake and lost her balance! Jestal looked on in horror, as Dandelion lost her balance on the tightrope her throat fell on top of rope. She fell twenty feet! Lucky for her mother had made sure if this were to happen to have a safety net ready for her. It saved her life, and left the crowd at ease she survived.

The medical staff rushed her to a medical facility nearby the circus. Closely followed by Jestal. Dandelion had been coughing blood and refused to let anyone touch her throat as she held it tightly. After hours at the hospital, Jestal was outraged with his mother for not ending the show when this happened and did not come to the hospital with them. When the doctor came out he told them the grim news. Her vocal cords were damaged in the fall. His diagnosis was that of Vocal Cord Paralysis. He told them in time it could heal and she would be able to talk again. If after a year and her voice has not returned it is likely it will never return again.

He did recommend surgery but it was a high risk option. Jestal looked at his mother irate. He went on to tell his upset mother that she can find their replacements and that they are done with the circus! After a year passed, Jestal's worst fear happened. The damage to Dandelion’s vocal cords was permanent. Over their time away from the circus their parents would visit and Vahze knew her relationship with her son may never be the same, she was just thankful her daughter forgave her.

They both had taken up professional wrestling to earn some money. Joining the VWF Dandelion was able to use her talents to win the Cabo Middleweight Championship. After their time in the Viking Wrestling Federation. They signed with the GCW. Eventually wrestle for the True Experts where she became the True Expert! She would go onto the True Experts Invitational and lose when she was pitted against the best talent from all over The True Experts..talents like VWF’s Lee Ryan, Vox, Cell Block, Chris Ponger, and a man she knew very well Black Death! In addition to the VWF’s talent she was also up against BLWA’s as well with such names as Porter Mcleod, Mastermind, and Hallowed Wicked! And Viper Venom from ECFW finally free agent Jason Blade.

Dandelion and Jestal would have a short program with Crimson Lord, before leaving the business. They wanted to try the surgery to repair her vocal cords. The surgery however was very expensive and they could not afford it. Even with help from her parents. They were left to continue to live in debt for the rest of their lives or just live with the fact Dandelion will never speak again. She was fine with it, and it seemed to help their success in professional wrestling. Made them kind of unique! Jestal would then throw his hat into the wrestling ring. Joining the UTA, but when Mikey Unlikely’s greedy natural came to the surface that it would actually affect him. He turned down the aggressive expansion of UTA by taking over DEFIANCE.

After the dust settled and Mikey had been defeated by DEFIANCE. The two joined DEFIANCE as The ToyBox. A name they felt was a homage to their home in the circus. They were quite successful and won the DEFIANCE Tag Team Championships from The Fuse Bros. As their contract was expiring, the siblings needed a break from the brutal nature of professional wrestling and dropped the championships to The Steven’s Dynasty ACTS 2019! They returned a year later and currently are on a quest to regain their Blondies(Tag team Championships)

Toybox lingo - More to come

Son of a Butterfinger = Son of a Bitch
Holy Razzles = Holy Shit
Wonka = Fuck
Dots = Ass
Twizzler = Dick
Malteasers = Pussy
For the Love of Cupcakes = For the Love of God 
Other Feds
Dandelion - VWF, True Experts / Jestal - VWF, True Experts, WrestleUTA  
Other Fed Titles
Dandelion - VWF Cabo Wabo Middleweight Championship (1), True Expert Interfed Champion (1)  
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"How deranged, how demented, how indoctrinated does a fanbase have to be to refer to itself as “The Faithful”? It’s telling. You see, the fans of DEFIANCE, the maladjusted mutants from New Orleans, are not fans at all. They are a cult. A brainwashed contingent of emotionally stunted imbeciles cheering on nonsense. They worship mediocrity. They make heroes out of scoundrels and fools."

- Ned Reform




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