Title: Old Foes
Featuring: Ned Reform
Date: August 2, 2021
Location: The WrestlePlex (seats about 4,000 or so I've been told)

DEFIANCEwrestling.com exclusive footage... 

Christie Zane stands in front of a BRAZEN banner.

Christie Zane:
Ladies and gentlemen, the wrestling world is abuzz with the recent announcement of the third Tag Party DEFIANCE/BRAZEN crossover event, and my guest at this time has been announced as one of the participants...

A smiling Ned Reform, dressed business-casual, struts into view. He happily takes position next to Zane.

Ned Reform:
Greetings eye candy announcer. Tell me, where did you get your journalism degree?

Zane SHOULD be outraged by this jackass and his immediate disrespect… but for some reason she isn’t fazed. She simply maintains a smirk. Almost as if she knows something The Good Doctor does not.

Ned Reform:
Not important. What is important is my opportunity. You see, I relish every platform available to me to continue my quest to redesign DEFIANCE. Winning Tag Party III is a guaranteed track to greater exposure, and with greater exposure comes more “buy in” to the reformation of DEFIANCE. I’m sorry, Christie, am I talking too quickly for you?

Zane continues her cold smile.

Christie Zane:
Not at all, Doc. I follow you. I’m also happy for you. So happy, in fact, that I wanted to be here personally to introduce you to your tag team partner.

Reform’s eyes go wide. He smiles broadly.

Ned Reform:
Yes! I was disappointed that TA Cole and I were not allowed to team up, but I do understand the format, so it is what it is. What young BRAZEN talent have the powers-that-be assigned for me to carry on to greatness?

As soon as Reform finishes that sentence, all the lights go out.

Ned Reform:
What is…?

The slow, haunting sound of an organ playing this tune begins to play. A single red spotlight turns on above them, and both Reform and Zane are now shrouded in a red glow. From somewhere, mist begins to pour into the interview station. Reform looks around, utterly perplexed.

Ned Reform:
What? Christie, is this your doing? I don’t…

Suddenly, a figure. He doesn’t step into the red light with Christie and Reform, but he is close enough that we can make out just his outline if not any of his features. We can see the shape of his head, a sharply popped collar, and a flowing cape. Reform raises both his eyebrows in confusion.

Ned Reform:
What in the world am I looking at here?

The figure holds out an arm. His fingers just barely cross into the red light. When the figure speaks, it’s with an exaggerated Eastern European accent.

AH! DOCTOR VAN HELSING! Ve *finally* meet again!

Reform stares for a moment. He turns to Christie with his mouth agape. Zane can’t keep the smile off her face.

Ve have battled through the centuries, my old foe. And now, in a cruel twist of fate, ve must ALLY ourselves to vin the… TAG PARTY! Ah! Ha! Ha! 

There’s a flash of lighting effect. Reform’s mouth hasn’t closed. Finally, he closes his eyes. He rubs his eyes with both his hands. His face turns from confused to angry. He turns to Christie.

Ned Reform:
They’re doing this to me on purpose. I know they are. I KNOW THEY ARE!

Frustrated, Reform sneers at the unseen figure one more time before marching off stage. Christie Zane bursts into laughter as he goes. The figure turns his hand toward the DEFIANCE announcer.

And you… my lovely. You are indeed one of the most unique beauties the Count has ever seen. YOU… VILL… BE… MINE!

Christie watches as “The Count” wiggles his fingers in the glow of the red spotlight. About thirty seconds go by before he pulls his hand back into the darkness.

AH! I see your vill is STRONG! Until ve MEET AGAIN! AAAAHHH! HA! HA!

Another flash of lightning. The normal lights turn back on… and The Count is gone. Christie looks into the camera.

Christie Zane:
I guess… check out Tag Party? I don’t really know.

Fade out.

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