DEFIANCE/BRAZEN Presents: Tag Party 3! Meet the Teams!

Posted by Lance Warner on 2 Aug 2021

Fresh news to hit the desk concerning both DEFIANCE as well as its rising developmental brand, BRAZEN! Coming August 22nd, DEFIANCE and BRAZEN present: Tag Party III! 

The one-night tournament sees tag teams made up of both DEFIANCE and BRAZEN talent participate for the prestigious Tag Party trophies as well an upped cash prize from previous years... $100,000 to be split amongst the winners! The previous iterations were a rousing success that saw The Pop Culture Phenoms’ own Elise Ares and then-BRAZEN star Flex Kruger take home the prize in 2019. The Biggest Best Boys of “Biggest Boy” Dex Joy and then-BRAZEN Champ Nathan Eye won the event in 2020!

Which teams are slated to perform for the 2021 edition? Find out after the jump!

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Call the FlashWire Hotline! 1-900-090-0099!

Posted by Scotty Flash on 1 Aug 2021

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BRAZEN Presents: July 30th and July 31st Double Shot!

Posted by Lance Warner on 31 Jul 2021

BRAZEN brought two days' worth of new content! All titles were on the line! New faces made their debuts and we said goodbye to a few long-standing members of the roster! Check the results after the jump and see all that went down!

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Posted by Lance Warner on 28 Jul 2021

POST MAXDEF UNCUT coming to you LIVE in a previously recorded way!

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Medical Update on Scott Stevens

Posted by Lance Warner on 25 Jul 2021

We here at have received word that Scott Stevens is back home in the Great State of Texas recovering from his vicious and brutal Three Stages of Hell match with Arthur Pleasant.

We weren't given details to the amount of damage the former FIST sustained at the hands of Arthur Pleasant, Aaron King, and Jack Harmen, but if you saw the match you can judge for yourself.

We were told that Stevens will be out multiple weeks and rumor has it he may be out until mid-August.

We will keep you posted on all the latest updates.

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Radio Shock-Jock’s Lawsuit in Jeopardy

Posted by Scotty Flash on 22 Jul 2021

The legal team for infamous shock jock, Scotty Flash (Scott Fleiderman), have reportedly left the loud-mouthed DEF Radio host in the lurch. They’ve abandoned the emcee and his efforts to procure damages from his employer, DEFIANCE Wrestling, stemming from an incident that occured at their April 29th DEFCON 2021 event...


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Scotty Flash Announces DEF Radio: FromYourHouse Winner

Posted by Scotty Flash on 22 Jul 2021

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"I am the DEFIANCE Wrestling Champion. I know it, you know it, this camera man knows it, and the whole world knows it because I had Cayle Murray’s bitch ass laying on the mat and the official’s hand hit the mat three times."

- Scott Stevens




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