Major Change to DEFCON Match Announced

Posted by Lance Warner on 1 Apr 2024

Following the brutal attack they suffered at the hands of Lindsay Troy and Henry Keyes on the latest episode of DEFtv, The Saturday Night Specials demanded that the highly anticipated match at DEFCON be changed to a no-disqualification affair. After some deliberation, the Favoured Saints not only agreed to the change, they also made the match a tornado tag.

Neither team could be reached for comments on the change at this time.

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DEFtv 201 Night One is LIVE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 28 Mar 2024

Before DEFCON, Unified Tag Team Champion Elise Ares takes on one of the challengers for the gold, Titaness, in the main event! Boxwood against The Comments Section tandem of Thurston Hunter and The Game Boy! We find out the fate of Ned Reform after his heinous actions on DEFtv 200! This, and a WHOLE LOT MORE tonight on DEFtv!

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BRAZEN Signs Collegiate Blue Chipper

Posted by Jamie Sawyers on 27 Mar 2024

New Orleans, LA - With their premier yearly event only weeks away, today DEFIANCE announced the signing of an exciting new talent. Ryan Mudrock, a twenty-four year old NCAA wrestling champion, has agreed to join the promotion’s BRAZEN development system.

Murdock is the very definition of a blue chipper: both an All-State Champion in Men’s Wrestling while attending Concord High School and NCAA Division I Wrestling Championship in his senior year at Boston College. A three sport athlete in football, wrestling, and baseball. 

Since graduating from BU in the Spring of 2023, Murdock has been training at the Massachusetts based Lucky Shot Wrestling School run by Jay Riel (former independent wrestler Laramee) - the same school that has produced DEFIANCE talent such as Ned Reform and Pat Cassidy. 

"We are extremely excited for Ryan Murdock to become Defiant,” said Wyatt Bronson, head of DEFIANCE security who also serves as a talent scout. “Not only is he a young athlete with near limitless potential, but he represents a very strategic move on the company's part: while we’ve always been able to bring in talent from other promotions, we do not do a great job recruiting right out of college. Ryan is the first in what should be a long line of changing that.” 

Murdock has already reported to the WrestlePlex in New Orleans. While he has his sights set on BRAZEN, it is surely only a matter of time before we see him on DEFIANCE television. 

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BRAZEN Presents: Spring Break Shot!

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 21 Mar 2024

Hello once again! SuperDEFFan64 here to bring to you the results of a VERY SPECIAL Spring Break Shot edition of BRAZEN that took place last night rowdy DEFIANCE Faithful and drunk college kids alike! With a beautiful evening at an outdoor venue, over 700 fans packed the special outdoor venue at the nearby Great Western Hotel just minutes away from the DEFIANCE Wrestle-plex! Check out the results for this special Spring Break Shot and stay tuned for the card for Clash at The ‘CONCON!

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Posted by Lance Warner on 15 Mar 2024

DEFtv 200 Night Two is LIVE with the FIST of DEFIANCE on the line and much more! CHECK IT OUT!

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DEFtv 200 SPECIAL - Night One!

Posted by Lance Warner on 14 Mar 2024

We are on the air with this historic event back in NEW ORLEANS. Catch Night One HERE!

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UNCUT 156 Is On The Air!

Posted by Lance Warner on 7 Mar 2024

The Favoured Saints Championship is on the line when defending champion JJ Dixon looks for his third defense, by hook or by crook, against Sgt. Safety! "Supernova Cubana" Alvaro de Vargas in action! Lonnie Stone tries his Luck against alleged brother to the Lucky Sevens, Mark Luck!  We look at the HUGE movie premiere of "Over The Top" with Brock Newbludd! We hear from PCP after the heinous attack from Titanes Familia that ended DEFtv 199! All this and MORE!  

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