Three-way Tag Team Match for the Unified Tag Team championships announced for Maximum DEFIANCE!

Posted by Lance Warner on 18 Jun 2024

Unified Tag Team champions, The Pop Culture Phenoms, have been attacked from all sides! After several DEFtvs have gone by with inconclusive results between the rising star tag team of M4NTRA and two-time Unified Tag Team champions and DEFIANTS of the Year the Lucky Sevens including no DQ brawls and even Wrestler's Court, management for DEFIANCE Wrestling have finally stepped in and have announced all three teams will compete three-way tag team match for the Unified Tag Team championships at Maximum DEFIANCE! 

On DEFtv, a special three-way match between Elise Ares, DEC4L and Max Luck will take place with the winner getting to choose the stipulation for this match? Which team is going to thrive among the chaos and walk out with the gold?! Can PCP continue their reign to show why they are the top team in DEFIANCE history? Will the Lucky Sevens score a threepeat with the titles?  Will M4NTRA do the impossible and overcome two of the best tag teams to ever do it? 

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BREAKING NEWS: Oscar Burns signs new multi-year deal, will return at MAXDEF!

Posted by Christie Zane on 17 Jun 2024

After two months of back-and-forth negotiations, Oscar Burns -- the man who claims his own name to be synonymous with the very company he's been a part of for seven years -- has signed a brand-new multi-year deal to remain with the company he calls his own!

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BRAZEN Presents: BIG GARAGE GRAPS 6/12 and 6/13!

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 13 Jun 2024

Hello! I’m SuperDEFFan64 and BRAZEN brought a special two-night affair! Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties with the sewage system, the BRAZEN Studios was unavailable. So what did we do instead? We rented out a big warehouse for BRAZEN’s Best and Brightest to put on a special two-night show free to the public in New Orleans looking to beat the beginning-of-summer heat! All this and more when BRAZEN Presents a very special Double Shot: 


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DEFtv Night ONE and TWO!

Posted by Lance Warner on 7 Jun 2024

DEFtv is back in Tampa! NIGHT ONE and NIGHT TWO. SOHER and Favored Saints Titles on the line and so much more!

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UNCUT 161! Watch the replay now!

Posted by Lance Warner on 2 Jun 2024

Watch NOW!

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BRAZEN Presents: 5/31 and 6/1 Double Shot

Posted by SuperDEFFan64 on 1 Jun 2024

Hello once again, DEFIANTS! I am SuperDEFFan64 and as always, I bring you a recap of the latest happenings in BRAZEN! All titles were on the line including the current BRAZEN Champion AND BRAZEN Star Cup holder, theBlood Diamonds’ own Felton Bigsby! Live from the BRAZEN Studios in NOLA, would any of the current titles change hands? It could! There were not one, but TWO Golden Opportunity Battle Royales - one for the Tag Team Titles as well as one for the BRAZEN Women’s Championship! 


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BREAKING NEWS: Butcher Victorious v DLJ official for MAXDEF!

Posted by Lance Warner on 27 May 2024

This just in! One of the first official matches has been made for MAXDEF! Former Vae Victis member Butcher Victorious takes on the man who was recruited to be his replacement, "The Front Runner" DLJ! Since Butcher Victorious broke free from the group and defeated Oscar Burns at DEFCON, VV spokesperson Sonny Silver has said that he and DLJ have dedicated their time to ruining Butch Vic! Things escalated between the two quickly when DLJ cost Butcher the Favoured Saints Championship to TA Cole, only for Butcher to do the same two weeks later by applying a drive-by headlock to Cole and getting DLJ disqualified from his attempt to win the title in the process!

Now free of the very group that he sought to be a member of for the past two years, can Butcher Victorious prove that DEFCON was no fluke and that he can stand on his own two feet? Or will The Fastest Big Man Alive run right through the VV defector? All this and more when MAXDEF comes to you for two exciting nights, LIVE from Puerto Rico?

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