and everything one needs to know about making it here

WELCOME… First of all, thanks for giving us a look, it’s appreciated, even if you ultimately choose not to join us. The following content is staff’s attempt to give you an explanation of how things work around here and what is going to be expected of you as a handler of DEFIANCE Wrestling.

THE NUTSHELL… DEFIANCE is not WWE or TNA. While there are big-budget aspects (DEFiatron, pyro, high-definition video production, etc.) this is not a “sports entertainment” atmosphere. There is a heavy premium placed on wrestling, or what we like to call “wrestling first and wrestling foremost.” Think New Japan, Ring of Honor, or the old NWA. See more about this next to “CHARACTERS…”

ANGLED vs. RP / HOBBY vs. GAME… The main difference between DEFIANCE (and other angled groups) versus standard, competitive roleplay (RP) efeds is that our’s is the very definition of a hobby. Competitive groups are almost entirely a singular, self-reliant experience, where your primary objective is to win or risk falling behind and / or getting caught up in ego-based struggles. Angled, however, is a collaborative experience where telling the best story with one or more partners is the primary objective, which allows you to pour all of your creative energy into your writing. Basically, angled efedding is the closest example of how professional wrestling works IRL, where people are working together to put on the best show possible.

JOINING… We do things differently than most groups by requiring a new applicant to be voted in by the handlers. This is meant to ensure a measure of quality control over who is accepted into the group.

Here’s how it works: You need a minimum of four (4) “yes” votes to gain acceptance based on the app your provide; if you get any “no” votes, you then need a minimum of four yays above that, so one (1) no equals five (5) yesses. Also, be prepared to receive constructive criticism on your app. It’s not meant to offend, but to ensure you have the best chance of fitting in as soon as possible. It’s also a good way to get an idea of how to run your character.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: there have been many recent issues with the forums regarding application posting. If you’re have having difficulties, please reach out: or if you know someone who’s in DEFIANCE, send them a message. Also please note we are considering a different medium to submit applications in the future.

Here’s another thing about joining: we’re not interested in baggage or drama. If you’re a known OOC headache or shit-stirrer, we’d strongly suggest checking your BS at the door and not bringing it inside. DEFIANCE is a chill place and there has been limited drama in the past. We hope to keep it that way.

CHARACTERS… You won’t see authority figures showing up unless there’s a specific reason for their face to be plastered on TV (or on DEFonDemand, where DEFIANCE is streamed). You will see passionate competitors and a rabid fan base that operates out of a 4,000 seat arena (the Wrestle-Plex) in New Orleans, Louisiana. Basically, we want pro wrestling characters whose primary motivation is to be pro wrestlers, not efed characters who use pro wrestling for filler material in between talking about their fantastical lives that have nothing to do with pro wrestling or being pro wrestlers. That being said, of course there are exceptions. Characters need a personality and some are obviously more colorful than others. Otherwise, we’d all be writing Generic Angry Wrestling Man #1-45. Striking a balance and not going TOO overthetop while keeping it wrestling specific, is key.

Also, please keep the following point in mind: DEFIANCE exists in a universe that acknowledges the efeds around us but does not acknowledge real wrestling promotions or performers. We try not to lean too heavily on feds that our characters used to be in, because most people won't know what we're talking about. However, they can be acknowledged when appropriate for storyline purposes.

GETTING OVER… This is perhaps the most complicated aspect, but it’s also where the reward comes from your effort, which is how you get a push (up the card, winning titles, etc). Getting Over in DEFIANCE involves both In Character (IC) & Out of Character (OOC) elements. One would assume that IC was the most important, because if you’re a good writer with an entertaining character that’s all the should matter, right? This is mostly true, however your OOC status is very important as well. In fact, it may be the most important element.

OOC STATUS… Your OOC status is NOT heavily determined by how sociable you are on the OOC forums or the Discord Chat. Obviously being an annoying dick is not preferred (see above), but you’re also not required to be the life of the party or maintain a daily presence socially. Your OOC status is almost entirely determined by how you conduct yourself as a handler, which involves everything that is about to be discussed in the following topics. The TL:DR version of it is as simple as this: The less of a pain in the ass you are about getting your work done, the more favorable your OOC status will be in the long run. The ability to work with a wide range of handlers will go A LONG WAY towards your characters journey.

FEEDBACK… Feedback is extremely important in DEFIANCE for a few reasons:

  1. We don't exist in a vacuum here. Remember what we said about angle fedding being a collaborative experience? You're going to want to know what your peers here think of what you're doing (good or bad) and, in turn, they're going to want to know what you think about what they're doing.

  2. Feedback shows that you're invested in DEFIANCE and its overall content and quality, not just your own stuff.

  3. Staff uses peer feedback to determine who is getting over in-character/who is ready for a push.

  4. Staff also uses peer feedback to determine which handlers are invested in the fed and deserve said push. Your character could be getting mega-over on the shows, but if you never leave feedback for others or even read the whole show then your character could remain stagnant.

Even if you're content with writing and having fun without the possibility of a move up the card, leave feedback anyway. It's how we know you care and want to be here.

There is no preferred way for you to leave feedback. Let us repeat that: there is no preferred way for you to leave feedback. Some people go segment by segment, match by match. Some people leave very high-level comments on what they liked or didn't like. Write as much or as little as you want but show that you've actually read the whole card and have something to say about it. And whatever you do say, make sure it's constructive. You don’t have to love everything but provide a guideline and explain why instead of ripping something to shreads.

GETTING A PUSH… There is a difference between winning matches and getting pushed. You can win lots of matches and end up going nowhere fast. This is where having an entertaining character and a good standing in terms of your OOC status matters. At the end of the day, the people who have both elements going for them are the ones who will see their effort rewarded quicker and over the long haul. People who are consistently being a nuisance or not clicking with presenting their character, are likely going to advance slower or tread water.

COMMUNICATION… Above all else we value communication. You need to be reachable at some point and approachable when you are. Everything we do from planning to production relies on two or more people to effectively communicate to make what we do possible. Furthermore, the staff needs to know when (with or without details) something is going on in your life that is going to prevent you from being able to participate. Additionally, if you are having an issue within the group, we expect you to come to us with your problems so we can discuss them and figure out a solution.

COOPERATION… Understand that you are not going to step in and become the top handler with the top character overnight. Don’t expect to go undefeated and become the top champion and never lose a match ever. It’s simply not going to happen, so expect to give to get over the long haul with your fellow handlers for the sake of telling a better overall story. Additionally, it will not vote well if you’re unwilling to help push others when it’s their turn for a run with a title, or they really need a win in a storyline, etc. Of course, this does not mean your character needs to be jobbing left-right-and-center. It also doesn’t mean we 50/50 book, either. We’re a team. If there’s the chance to help someone else out in whatever that looks like (taking a loss, being a part of a segment, world building, etc), please step up and do so. TEAMWORK goes hand-and-hand with OOC. Teamwork is not only a surefire way you can tell the storylines you want to with your character because staff will see how cooperative you are but the MOST important aspect, other handlers will see it.

RELIABILITY… You know how we said that this is a hobby? That is still one hundred percent true, however, this is NOT an individual hobby where you can pick it up and put it down for weeks at a time, no questions asked (well, you can, but it’s not going to get you anywhere with us). When you join our group, and assuming no IRL drama is going on, you are expected to get your work done on time. We understand that this is a make believe hobby based on grown adults pretending to fight each other in the real world and as such, doesn’t matter in the grand scope of our lives. However, and just like pro wrestling IRL, this is not a one person operation. Other people are going to rely upon you to hold up your end of the bargain and, as such, if you prove to be unreliable you’re not likely to advance very far until you are.

SELF-SUFFICIENCY… I know that it sucks to get bailed on or to be left in the lurch when it’s time to get the work done. Staff has been there and so has most anyone who has ascended to the top of the ladder in DEFIANCE. The difference between languishing in the lower or middle levels is the willingness to suck it up and be the one responsible to get your work done in spite of a partner who leaves you hanging. We can tell you this: those who are willingly self-sufficient are sure to be noticed and rewarded quicker than those who complain and drag their feet.

PROACTIVITY… Similar to the above, but it goes beyond even getting your work done in a timely fashion. We allow our handlers to set up their programs and if you have ideas and plans, we encourage people to get things set up in advance. This includes talking to your fellow handlers and getting ahead of the curve rather than sitting back and waiting for it to come to you. Much like self-sufficiency, those who are forward-thinking are going to be noticed and rewarded sooner.

PATIENCE… Just know that if you’re doing things the right way, you WILL BE REWARDED. It may not happen right away (winning a title, etc), but that’s mostly because we tend to plan ahead for the sake of smoother sailing. This, however, does not mean that if you jump in and really start to shine that adjustments can’t or won’t be made. If it’s not possible, don’t worry, your name and character will be on the short-list for who to elevate or give a title to.

MATCH WRITING… Perhaps the biggest elephant in the room is the dreaded task of being required to write matches in DEFIANCE. The simple truth is, you may not like having to do it, but it’s something you are going to end up having to do. You might not have to write every match that you’re involved in, but you will be expected to be involved with the production of everything you have committed yourself and your character to. Being difficult about this and “conveniently” unavailable when it’s time to participate is not going to do you any favors.

LANGUAGE… OOC is one thing (within reason), but in character, we do not condone leaning on cuss words and slurs like a crutch. That’s not to say that you can’t cuss for emphasis where it makes sense, but not where it’s every other word and becoming overbearing in its use. Further, it is absolutely frowned upon to use cultural, sexual, racial, or religiously defamatory slurs/hate speech or their various iterations for any reason. Best advice is to not use them at all, IC or OOC.

GOOGLE DOC… We use it for just about everything from planning our arcs to producing the final product. We want everyone to use Google, so if you don’t have a Google account, please get one or make sure that you connect your preferred email account to a Google account for the sake of getting / sending invites and collaborating with your fellow handlers.

DISCORD… We use this program for the majority of our “OOC” presence (aside from our forums on fwrestling), mostly because it’s much easier to get in touch with the handlers of the group, be it privately or in large group chats. It’s not required and you are not expected to be online all of the time, as our group consists of a lot of busy adults (with significant others/spouses and kids and such), but making regular appearances is always appreciated.



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