Featuring: Jessica Reeves
Date: 04/29/2021
Location: Terry ‘The Idol’ Anderson’s Apartment

Jessica Reeves:
That bitch... Teresa Ames… she.. 

Terry ‘The Idol’ Anderson grumbles to himself while adjusting his robe. Standing in the open living room of his small one bedroom apartment, he’s obviously a bit flustered from being recently woken up. He takes off his night time glasses and stares at his granddaughter in frustration. 

Terry Anderson:
Beat your ass, from the looks of it.

Jessica Reeves was laid out on Terry’s sofa. Fifteen minutes ago she had been crying hysterically, banging on her grandfather’s door in a panic. It wasn’t because of her broken nose, which was now being nursed by a bag of ice being held by her right hand, but rather about the lack of anyone Stalker’s ‘daughter’ had to talk to in her life.

Jessica Reeves:
She was drunk, she had the upper hand right from the jump! She fucking LOWBLOWED me, Terry.

In the heat of frustration, Jessica tosses the bag of ice across Terry’s living room. The bag hits the wall in a loud thud which further aggravates Terry.

Terry Anderson:
Why are you so fucking ‘wound’ up?

The former private investigator Terry glares at his granddaughter while walking across the room to pick up the discarded ice bag. It was time to scold the grandchild, Terry immediately thought.

Terry Anderson:
The hell did you expect to happen? The woman is a psycho! You should be happy you are alive. What were you even doing there sulking around in Lakefront’s locker rooms anyways? 

She breaks down the exact details of her visit to the locker room and the intended Scott Douglas goodbye. Terry once again shakes his head in disappointment.

Terry Anderson:
You can’t look to Scott to resolve your obsessions, Jessica. You haunted him for nearly two years as Codename: Reaper. Jason nearly broke his arm on his way to The FIST! Hell.. I even talked him into looking for you. 

Remembering he can’t drink right now, because he promised the girl that calls him ‘gramps’ from time to time, he stares at the blood stains covering Jessica’s white DEFIANCE shirt (blood stained version on sale soon at EFedtees.com), sighing with exhaustion he tosses the ice sack back to Jessica’s side.

Terry Anderson:
And… here you are. After not answering my calls, my texts... my fucking emails! 

The tone in the room turns much darker.

Terry Anderson:
How did you expect Scott to react to you? How do you expect ANYONE to react to you? You were a GHOST… fucking poofed into thin air. I couldn’t find you.

Jessica Reeves:
Terry… Gramps.. Please listen to me. I can’t tell you everything… They don’t like being talked about. And I can see why.

Terry Anderson:
Who?! Who doesn’t like being talked about? Why do you always talk in riddles to me? What is with the tapes? Why… why did you make me mail that tape to the Dojo in Seattle, Jessica? What is happening?

Jessica Reeves:
I had to get a message to Z.

Terry rubs small circles into his temples. He is the definition of angry right now. The skin color of the aging former wrestling announcer, manager, and private investigator turns a bright crimson red.

Terry Anderson:
This is not a damn alphabet soup game, Jessica. I am asking you for a straightforward answer to this next question. Are...  are you Codename: Guardian?

Suddenly the air is sucked out of the room, density hits as Jessica pulls her neck up off the couch, slinking her shoulders forward, she looks at her grandfather square in the eyes. Her nose twisted, mangled, and broken. This was a defeated version of the former Southern Heritage Champion.  

Jessica Reeves:

Terry Anderson:
Well.. then do you know who it is? 

It was difficult for Terry to find the proper words. The stern ‘No’ clearly caught him off guard. The way his granddaughter looked at him in the moment told him clear as day there was something more to say, but she was hesitant. Maybe untrusting.

Terry Anderson:
Jessica…. I have to know what is going on in order to help you, so please don’t make me feel like I’m jumping through hoops just to get an answer from you.

Raking her fingers through her hair, Jessica Reeves shivers in exhaustion. She had reached out to Douglas in a desperate plea because the Guided hand did not tell her he would be gone. The tape she made for him was in a hurry, she didn’t expect his reaction. Jessica had no clue a psycho woman was drunk and sleeping her failed marriage away in a locker room. Her world just literally got set on fire.

Jessica Reeves:
Teresa has the tape I made for Scott Douglas.

Terry Anderson stares at his granddaughter Jessica. In her sadness,  he’s reminded of his own deceased daughter, Riley. His shoulders sank; he too was wrought with exhaustion. Watching both nights of DEFCON took a toll on him, and he was not prepared for a late night conversation with his only granddaughter after the melatonin he took earlier. 

Terry Anderson:
So, is she going to play it on one of her shows? Is that what you are so fucking wound up about?

Jessica Reeves:

Jessica pauses and starts to cry, holding the tears back, she doesn’t have the strength that she once did as the cold-hearted Reaper Prime.

Jessica Reeves:
It has a secret on it.

Terry Anderson:
What do you mean “a secret”?

Terry shakes his head in confusion and almost laughs.

Terry Anderson:
You’ve been doing nothing but sneaking around in the shadows for 2 years, what secret are you afraid of exposing that has you on my couch keeping me up late with a busted nose right now? Tell me, or I'm going to bed.

Jessica Reeves:
I have a brother….

Terry’s mouth falls open as we fade to black.

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