Featuring: The Hallmark Journey
Date: DEFtv 150
Location: Watercooler

From DEFtv 150:

I’m being told we’re heading backstage immediately. Let’s take a look at what’s happening.

The broadcast feed transitions to the watercooler once again. Teresa Ames seems to be tampering with the dispenser until she notices the camera is hot on her.

Teresa Ames:
There you are.

Her gaze fixates on none other than Gage Blackwood, in full ring gear, who regrettably walks by.

Teresa Ames:
Where ya going, hot stuff?

Blackwood points beyond her.

Gage Blackwood:
Aye, lass, to the ring. I have a match with one of your associates. Had I known you would be here, I would have taken another way.

Innocent and harmless, Teresa shoulders up nice and close to Gage.

Teresa Ames:
What-ever do you mean my big hunka hunk?

She giggles unsettlingly. Gage doesn’t have time to interact for this nonsense.

Gage Blackwood:
Look. Teresa. I am CLEARLY telling you that I am not interested. The craziness you’ve shown over the past two weeks is too much. Also, I have much bigger issues at hand like 24K and putting my career back on track. I don’t have time for these silly games.

Without hesitation, Ames allows her demeanour to deteriorate into unstable territory.

Teresa Ames:
I am not done with you, Gage. I will not get over you. This isn’t the end of us. We will be soulmates because we are meant to be together! So, if you don’t return my texts and my calls, then mark my words that I will find you! I will be in your life in some capacity no matter what! I’ll date someone you know or someone that looks like you! Just know, I will be connected to you FOREVER!

Tension fills the air. Ames returns to the bubbly person she was moments ago.

Teresa Ames:
Okay so, good luck on your upcoming match! Go get ‘em tiger! I’ll be watching.

Blackwood walks onward.

Teresa Ames:
I have a match to get ready for, too.

Teresa smiles evilly…

And the camera pans across the way, seeing Jonathan-Christopher Hall and his adoring wife, Vickie, wrapped up standing in each other’s arms.

Vickie Hall:
Don’t let go, baby.

Jonathan-Christopher Hall:
I never will.

Vickie Hall:
Awwwww sweetheart, that’s such a wonderful thing to hear.

Jonathan-Christopher Hall:
I love you so much. You are my spirit, you are my everything.

Vickie presses her face against her husband’s chest, never wanting to let go. However, as her eyes open she sees Teresa Ames standing across the way, seemingly in contemplation.

Vickie Hall:
We need to help them, baby.

Jonathan-Christopher nods as he tightens his hug.

Jonathan-Christopher Hall:
I know, honey. They are struggling right now.

Vickie Hall:
That poor woman, opening herself up like that. That cold, hard man.

Vickie pulls her head off JC’s chest and looks straight into his eyes.

Vickie Hall:
Be mine. Forever.

Jonathan-Christopher takes his right hand off his wife’s back and slowly brushes her hair away.

Jonathan-Christopher Hall:

Vickie blushes.

Vickie Hall:
You make me feel so incredible.

Jonathan-Christopher Hall:
No, baby. You make me feel so incredible.

Vickie Hall:
I love you always and forever.

Jonathan-Christopher Hall:
I love you with every fiber of my soul. I wake up every morning and I watch you sleep. I say to myself ‘wow, I can’t believe she’s mine. I am so lucky.’

Vickie shakes her head.

Vickie Hall:
No, baby. I’m the lucky one. I love you so, so, so much. Do you love me? Gosh, sometimes I wonder.

Jonathan-Christopher Hall:
Baby, I love you beyond words.

Vickie, again, blushes.

Vickie Hall:
When you say that, it gives me strength.

…And, basically, this continues for a LONG time. The Hall’s have completely forgotten about Teresa Ames and her situation. 

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