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Scott Stevens Biography

Fed Info

Fed Awards
Fed Titles
FIST of DEFIANCE Championship, Tag Team Championship (w/ Kendrix & Bo Stevens), 2x Trios Tag Championship (w/ George & Bo Stevens), ACE of DEFIANCE Championship, FUCK DEFIANCE Cup (All or Nothing Trophy), Wrestle UTA Tag Team Championship (w/Bo St  



Wrestling Info

Entrance Music
"Dead Man Walking" by Crucifix ft. The Lacs  
Physical Description
Stevens is a physically imposing figure as well as a physical looking specimen at his age. He has black hair and a black beard or a black goatee with a five o’ clock shadow around it if he decides to shave the sideburns off. Stevens is heavily scarred and tattooed with his most recognizable tattoos being the giant Scorpion on his right arm, his barbed wire tribal design on his left that all his friends in the business he is close with have, and his Texas themed tattoo on his chest. Stevens has notable scars over his body but his trademark one is the one over his right emerald eye that starts on the forehead and runs down onto his cheek. 
Ring Attire

Stevens wears pants that are two tone….

Red and White

Black and Red

Red and Black

Black and White

Combination of colors.

The left pant leg will have a Scorpion on it and it will match the color of the right pant leg.

Stevens wears black boots.

Both hands and wrists are heavily taped.

Stevens wears a metal knee brace on his right knee and he isn’t afraid to use it to his advantage.

For pay-per-views or special events, Stevens will wear a hooded jacket (AJ Styles) to the ring.

Stevens will wear blue jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirt (Houston sports teams, Nike shirts, his own t-shirts), and a Hoodie.

Stevens will wear suits if the situation calls for it. 
Wrestling Style
Finisher Move
The FIST & Toxic Sting  
Finisher Description
Superman Punch ( All Variations of the Diamond Cutter (  
MDK Finisher
Moral Compass  
MDK Description
Spike Piledriver  
3-5 Signature Moves
Arachnophobia: Sharpshooter (Submissions matches or big matches only)
Remember the Alamo: Superkick (Can be used as a momentum changer)
Don't Mess With Texas: Running Knee Trembler w/ knee brace
Scorpion Driver: Sit-out Tombstone Piledriver
Scorpion Death Drop: Falling reverse DDT (Can be used as a momentum changer)
The Venomous Wrath of the Goddess Selket: Arm bar Takedown into Crippler Crossface (Can be used as a momentum changer)
Houston We Have A Problem: Death Valley Driver
Double S Spinebuster: Spinebuster (Can be used as a momentum changer)
Debbie Does Dallas: European Uppercut, Antonio Cesaro style 
10 Common Holds/Maneuvers
Multiple suplex variations
Discuss Clothesline
Ground and Pound mounted punches
Texas Cloverleaf
Figure four leglock while using the ringpost for extra pressure
Guillotine Choke
Rear-naked Choke
Stinger Splash
Curb Stomp (Seth Rollins style)
Lariat (Stan Hansen style) 
Ring Entrances
The lights in the arena go pitch black, as red lasers and spotlights light up the area as the vile war cry of a certain Texan is heard throughout the arena.


The slow bellow of the guitar hits as the video screen lights up and flashes across the screen a Texas flag, with the words, “Texas Born. Texas Bred.” “Texas Forever.“ branded into the flag. and the cheers that filled the arena quickly turn into jeers of pure hatred as they know who is about to walk out and they are letting him know it by chanting his favorite chant as the final image that is displayed across the screen and that message reads in bold, capitalized letters…..SCOTT STEVENS as “Hellraiser” by Motorhead begins to play.

The wait is finally over as a spotlight shines towards the top of a staircase in the arena and a group of security wearing #FUCKDEFIANCE t-shirts make their way down the stairs and Scott Stevens appears at the top. The faithful continue their expletives towards the Texan who simply smirks.
As Stevens makes his way down the steps soda and food are thrown his way, but Stevens doesn’t lose his focus as the garbage hits him.

Darren Quimbey:
And his opponent! From The Great State of Texas, weighing in at 256 pounds…SCOTT! STEEEEEEEVEEEEEEEENS!

The FUCK DEFIANCE Security push the more rabid fans out of the way to insure the Texans safety as he makes his way through the faithful until he reaches the barricade and stares at Oscar Burns in the ring.

Stevens slowly hops the barricade making his way around the ring and as he does he never takes his eyes off of (insert name). The Texan makes his way to the nearest set of ring steps and proceeds to enter the ring. Once inside, Stevens goes to the nearest corner and ascends the ropes looking out amongst the crowd before letting them know what he thinks of them as he delivers the double state bird of Texas to the masses and slowly turning towards his opponent and doing the throat slash gesture before dropping to the canvas. 



"Look here, pally!"

- Dex Joy




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