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Bronson Box Biography


Real Name
Hollis McAllister  
The Wargod, Boxer, Original DEFIANT, The Scottish Strongman, Def ACE, The STARMAKER  
Banff, Scotland  
Early to mid 40's.  
245 lbs.  


Hollis McAllister was born in Scotland that much we can say, beyond that the details are sketchy at best. His story truly picks up during a long stretch in the UK's prison system for armed robbery. Spending his time in prison wisely he started training with Spud Collins, an old journeyman wrestler who's heyday was well behind him that volunteered at the prison running little wrestling clinics for some of the inmates. Grappling and weight lifting became his only hobbies. They became his life. His religion.

Spud took a liking to Hollis, becoming Hollis' mentor. Upon his release from prison Spud got Hollis dates with several tours around the UK and Europe wrestling. The old man knew talent when he saw it, and this young man had it. A new name, a new look, a new attitude... Bronson Box, a bare bones old school style shooter with a short fuse.

Like any good aspiring pro wrestler worth his salt he took a side gig as a bouncer at a local dive bar Spud told him was a notorious hangout for grapplers from nearby then NeWA affiliated Ricochet Wrestling. It was here Bronson met Evan Hurley and the door to a brand new world began to slowly swing open for the future Original DEFIANT. After years working the brutal European "death" tours and battling on the UK indies for nothing, Hurley got Bronson his shot almost by happenstance.

In a haste to fill an empty spot on the card Eric Dane signed Bronson backstage at DEFIANCE's very first show. Thankfully the scrub Dane had had high hopes for no showed the event. Knowing this sort of chaos happens all the time when someones crazy enough to launch a wrestling company, Hurley urged Bronson to "show up with his gear and be ready to jump at any opportunity to get your ass in that ring."

After a run as the tag team "The Wargods" Boxer violently split with Hurley breaking his back with a devastating Bombasto Bomb right into the exposed turnbuckle and threw in with Stephen Greer, Heidi Christenson and Jeff Andrews as the new look Hydra faction.

The group went on to cause DEFIANCE months of pain and suffering. From unwarranted assaults to actual kidnapping Hydra tore their way through the DEFIANCE roster one by one until Box found himself face to face with the last WfWA World Heavyweight champion "The Spoiler" Boston Bancroft. It was the feud that made Boxer's career up to this point.

The aforementioned kidnapping was referring to Boston's son who Bronson and Hydra managed to kidnap (why weren't they arrested? don't ask so many fuckin' questions) and hold captive for a number of weeks eventually forcing Boston's hand and a very special World title match was made. The two (along with Cancer Jiles, Edward White and Chris Cannon) were involved in the first ever five way DEFIANCE Ladder War to unify Boston's WfWA World title with the vacant Defiance Heavyweight Crown. A match that come hook or crook Bronson walked away from the Unified DEFIANCE World Heavyweight champion.

After losing the strap back to Bancroft during season three after months of a bloody back and forth battle Bronson lost focus, eventually suffering several embarrassing losses to the recently debuted Eugene Dewey. Needless to say Box didn't take that shit very well, lashing out one night at a young female production assistant sending the girl to the hospital.

The ensuing legal catastrophe nearly had ESEN close DEFIANCE altogether, not wanting to have their name dragged through the mud due to one unhinged wrestlers actions. Bronson was released... for a bit. Bronson was eventually resigned by then Heritage League owner Cito Conarri out of spite for his Evolution League counterpart Elijah Goldman. Bronson missed most of the Master of Wrestling tourney, as usual he was more focused on causing trouble and upsetting the status-quo.

After a few months back in the fold Bronson assembled his Moral Majority. A refocused Frank Dylan James and his companion from his youth Virginia Quell. The trio would further evolved when Bronson decided to throw their cards in with a new financial benefactor, The Socialite Edward White. Taking the name "Blood Diamonds" for the new affiliation.

Their main targets being superstars they deem weak or unworthy to fight under the DEFIANCE banner. Everyone from The Untouchables to Christian Light to Ed's former tag team partner COOL Cancer Jiles, they've all felt the wrath of this cadre of volatile grapplers.

Eventually Bronson's wrath fell right on the doorstep of then FIST of DEFIANCE Dan Ryan, the two becoming embroiled in a bitter blood feud that left Bronson's companion Virginia Quell partially paralyzed at the hands of an out of control Dan Ryan... the world famous superstar pushed to the psychological limit by Box. The two clashed in a brutal matchup at the Ascension PPV, Box winning the FIST from The Ego Buster under questionable circumstances.

When DEF was kicked off ESEN and began their Grindhouse world tour in Japan, Bronson and The Ego Buster put each other through a physical and emotional hell. Ryan taking the FIST back from Bronson on the first night of the tour. After several more encounters the two met in a horrific Taipei Death Match that saw the Wargod pull everything from his bag of tricks to walk away the two time FIST of DEFIANCE.

The Original Defiant eventually lost control of his Blood Diamonds, Edward White forcing him from the group and shelving The Wargod, barring him from competition. Not a word was heard from Bronson for months... until the Aftershock PPV. It was after Eugene Dewey's victory and shocking heel turn, Box returned to align with his long time rival and decimate Dusty.

DEF* MAX found Bronson finding his sea legs again, picking up some incredible wins finding himself squaring off against Frank Holiday in the finals in losing effort. It was after this match DEFIANCE saw the return of Dusty Griffith from exile... and his target was the man who almost ended his career. Bronson and Dusty would dust up over the next few weeks, the two eventually meeting face to face at ACTS of DEFIANCE... a match Bronson walked out the victor.

With Griffith vanquished and his point proven Bronson moved his focus back to the FIST of DEFIANCE... still strapped around the waist of his "comrade" Eugene Dewey, where it's been for almost two years. Eugene, however, has painted himself into a corner... having to face not only Boxer, but Lindsay Troy and Dan Ryan in a four way LADDER WAR for the championship at Ascension.

Dan Ryan shocked... well, he shocked his sister-in-law with a Humility Bomb off the ladder to win Eugene's title. But that all's beside the point... seeing as a few minutes before that Lindsay Troy in the heart of battle went to town on Bronson's face with Bronson's own Spike leaving his already weak right eye further mangled. Ever since, The Wargod's mental state is now in question... with revenge being the ONLY thing on his mind. At the DEFIANCE Road PPV Boxer challenged Troy to a SPECIAL cage match... a custom made, doorless cell called the WARCHAMBER. The two ripped each other apart inside the chamber, the Spike and even a few throwing stars were plundered by Troy as she managed to overcome the Wargod and leave him laying... yet another outside star baptized in blood by the Bombastic Bronson Box, reborn a true DEFIANT.

After his war with Troy, the ENTIRE next year of his career was spent in an all out bloody war with the Murray brothers, Andy and Cayle. Resurrecting a blood feud from when all three men called the UK indie scene home. First, two young rookies (Andy and Boxer) sewed the seeds of disdain as Andy dominated a young Bronson Box. A few years after that a more seasoned Boxer took the younger Murray to task in a bloody series of matches. Now a lifetime later the three men went to war once more... a Scottish Civil War. Superstar Andy Murray's sound defeat at the hands of DEFIANCE's violent ACE was shocking... but nothing compared to the months upon months of vicious mind games that followed between Andy's brother Cayle and The Wargod.

After defeats both physical and mental, a full YEAR of brutality Cayle FINALLY found it in himself to overcome Bronson in one of the most uniquely chaotic matches DEFIANCE nay the wrestling world has ever seen. A NO ROPES, NO DQ MATCH. When the dust settled Cayle was the one left standing...

What's next for The Original DEFIANT? Just keep watching...
Other Feds
Other Fed Titles
WfWA World Champion (retired the title after winning it from Boston Bancroft in the first Ladder War match.)  
Other Fed Awards
Bronson knows the truth of it. He knows what sort of legend he wants to become in the wrestling business. His legend won't be built on title belts and tourney wins. It won't be because people see him as "the best"... Bronson Box will be a legend because people fear him. Does he want to be the champion? To main event the pay per view? Obviously.

But at the end of the day Bronson will live up to his claims of being "the greatest attraction in sports and entertainment today" by making sure the faithful worship at no other altar but his, win or lose. It'll be his name on the fans lips no matter who parades around calling themselves "champion."

Bronson's legacy will be one of blood and fear, not gold and glory.

With the faithful chanting his name.


1. Religious like resolve to be the best fighter on the planet. His one goal in life, his one singular want is to be known as the greatest fighter of all time. Not through victories and title wins but through pure vicious wild unhinged intimidation.

2. Unbelievably strong. He may be on the smaller side but at times Bronson has displayed almost superhuman strength, heaving even the biggest grapplers over his head with relative ease. His strength training regimen is looked at by most of the DEFIANCE locker room as just utterly brutal.

3. Strong chain wrestler. While Box has shown to be more comfortable simply throwing guys around and dropping them on their skulls, Box has a very refined mat wrestling game and can stand toe to toe with just about anyone hold for hold on the canvas.

1. Bad right eye after having it nearly POPPED out of his head by a vicious flying 360 Mongo Chop from Cancer Jiles. A couple of years after that, the same eye was viciously attacked by Lindsay Troy during Ladder War II at Ascension with Bronson's own Spike! Has a slightly limited field of vision on that side.

2. Small stature, at just under six feet tall (and that's stretching it) Box honestly isn't the biggest wrestler on the roster. He may have a truck load of haggis fueled muscle packed on his frame, said frame just isn't that tall.

3. Easily distracted / VERY short temper. Bronson's quick temper can easily be used against the Wargod. Bronson is a sick sociopath but he's not beyond manipulation. The angrier Boxer gets, the more reckless and foolish he becomes.



  • God might forgive... I sadly do not.
  • Draw your line in the sand woman I've made a career crossing every single one put infront of me!
  • And oh, the mysterious indie trollop hiding behind her own skirts, the second coming of what, dear? Even the best in Chicago is still in a class below me, lass. That’s a confirmable fact.
  • Amen.
  • I'm not anyone in the front offices favorite superstar. I'm not a buddy from the old days, I'm not some washed up NeWA or WfWA cretin that happens to be one of Dane's cronies, I'm not some never was from Old Line Andrews is convinced is some sort of star, I'm not some outsider with a litany USELESS accolades and bland blathering promos. I'm Bronson Box and I'm the greatest attraction this sport has ever SEEN and I should be treated as such.
  • In a years time I'll have forgotten your bloody NAME whilst mine will be remembered for ages. The madman. The Wargod. The destroyer.
  • ... all you have to do is cock an ear and stop running your mouths for a mere moment to hear the faithful stomping their feet, rattling guardrails and gnashing their bloody teeth for more. An arse every eighteen inches, isn’t that the true barometer of success?
  • This company runs on the chaos I create. Without me the engine starts seizing up. I'm the beating HEART of DEFIANCE. Only way you lot are going to be rid of me is if you put me in the bloody GROUND.
  • You want to know what to do with me? You stand back and watch as I personally burn this temple he and that sorry bastard Edward White built to the proverbial ground, salt the earth and rebuild it in my image atop the bloody ashes you ridiculous whore…
  • You bloody survive, you disgusting little trollop.
  • This SELFISH wretch wouldn't have given Eric Dane or this company the time of DAY if it weren’t for me setting the STANDARD this place is so renowned for, night after bloody night!
  • I helped forge in blood the title my good friend here has single handedly made the top prize in the company. Just like I personally forged the World title that came before it from the ASHES of the WfWA. From day one, the first card, the first match I made Eric Dane’s company my bloody religion.
  • I’m so goddamned proud of this young man standing right here [clapping his free hand on Eugene’s shoulder] boo him if you feel so inclined but that changes not the fact the decision he made tonight was one of COURAGE not cowardice.
  • Bronson gets sent home, Heidi Christenson gets a bloody restaurant. Bronson gets sent home, and Dusty Griffith becomes Woooorld Champion. Bronson gets sent home and Ed White builds his little skybox and rules from on high for months on end. BRONSON GETS SENT HOME AND ERIC DANE PER USUAL DOES NOT ONE BLASTED THING ABOUT IT!
  • ... the list of competitors who have tested me, left indelible marks on my life and career NONE but you, Lindsay has left a mark so lasting. Cancer Jiles quite literally popped my eyeball out of my FOOKIN’ head and still... still you manage to find a way to occupy a very rare and precious place in my rogues gallery, Ms. Troy.
  • I’ll give ye’ what’s left of the Macallan ‘39, now fook’ off I aim to get quite drunk this evening.
  • This scar. The scar you caused. It will heal twisted and gnarled. I’d have it no other way. Let it stand as a sign of caution for the whole lot of you that the madman of Banff, Scotland is back tradin’ exclusively in the currency of blood and fear.
  • Once again Bronson Box goes out there and shows some unworthy outsider which way the FOOKIN’ wind blows! Now squid? Leave… tuck yer’ tail between yer’ legs and LEAVE. Like they all LEAVE! Tom Sawyer GONE Xavier Langston GONE Christian Light GONE Boston Bancroft GONE Dusty Griffith GONE Ty Walker GONE Stephen Greer GONE Eugene Dewey, Chris Cannon, Edward White, Claira St. Sure, Heidi Christenson, Jeff Andrews GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE FOOKIN’ GONE! Even ERIC DANE HIMSELF is bloody gone…



"You’d help us? That seems like, I don’t know. Some sort of conflict. But I’m interested."

- The D




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