Title: Winning Hand
Featuring: The Lucky Sevens
Date: 10/16/2020
Location: Outside the DEFIANCE Wrestling office during DEF TV 143


Just outside the offices of DEFIANCE Wrestling management the door swings open. The two seven foot twins of Mason and Max Luck duck under the doorway to get back out into the hallway. They both look disappointed in the result of tonight’s match and it is Max who takes notice of the camera man being right in front of them. 

Max Luck:
Hey … you guys need something?

Camera man:
Hey, yeah. We just heard that DEFIANCE Wrestling’s match makers wanted to see you guys after what happened out there earlier with the Unified tag team championships. 

Mason Luck:
Oh you mean when Malak Garland and Cyrus Bates tucked their tails between their legs and got themselves disqualified? That thing?

Mason is shaking with rage. 

Mason Luck:
Two times Malak! That’s two times now that you’ve shown the world what kind of person you really are. The world already knows you’re nothing but a butt-hurt little snowflake that flinches at the slightest breeze and I hear there’s entire chat rooms and Discords dedicated to hating you and they even censor your face … but I’m talking about the person that you really are and that’s the manipulative little piece of shit. 

Max Luck:
Wow! Bro! 

Mason Luck:
I don’t care. I’m not here to censor myself. I’m pretty sure that this is all on demand anyway too so if I want to call his shitty ass a manipulative little piece of shit then that’s what I’ll do. 

Max gives him the room and steps back one step. 

Max Luck:
I follow your logic Big Mase. Go on!

Mason Luck:
Even if me or my brother alone could toss your scrawny little ass pretty far, it’s a guarantee that you can be trusted as far as we can throw you. Whether this cowardly garbage is all an act or you really think that you’re going to stop Max and I from winning our first tag team gold in DEFIANCE Wrestling by getting counted out or getting disqualified, it’s clear you can’t be trusted to stand around and fight … so hey Max, why don’t you tell the fine folks watching what we just learned from management. 

Max is rubbing his hands together like an evil genius. 

Max Luck:
I can do that! Malak and Cyrus … we got a rematch next week on the next DEF TV! And it’s no disqualification and no count out. Running won’t save you and trying to get disqualified won’t save you. As much craziness as my brother and I have been in the middle of between meeting the Toy box, Team HOSS, wrestling in abandoned tiger sanctuaries and dealing with PCP, we haven’t forgotten who we are. We are the grandsons of the great “Wild” Winston Luck who spent thirty years pouring blood, sweat, tears and time into wrestling rings everywhere around the world. He passed on that knowledge to us so one day we can create a legacy like his! 

Max slams his hand on Mason’s chest and then both put up their trade-mark Winning Hand. 

Max Luck:
Me and this guy hold the Winning Hands up to pay tribute to that legacy. When I had this hand wrapped around your glass jaw Malak, I knew this was going to be the end of you before Cyrus got involved because he knew it too. We beat Team HOSS in a tornado tag that got pretty ugly and beat PCP even when they had the numbers game so I’d say this match is in our favor yeah?

Mason Luck:
And remember what Pops always says about these guys that think they can just show up and fight. 

Max Luck:
Everyone has a plan until they get clawed in the face. 

Mason Luck:
Yep that’s the one!

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"Ore wa champion ni narimasu… soshite, dare mo tomeru o koto wa dekinai. (trans. -- I will become champion... and no one will be able to stop me.)"

- Mushigihara




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