Title: Initiation
Featuring: Scrow
Date: 10/1/2020
Location: Inside a Fighting Pit at a Unknown Location

Inside a cave-like room, a glare from the installed luminescent lighting shines down on a man sitting on his knees his head rests on his chest. His hands gently on his thighs. The camera slowly pans around to eye level with this man it is none other than Scrow in deep meditation. His hair is pulled behind his head tied into a ponytail. He has a brown gi, with black jeans and boots. Crowd noises break through the cave-like walls, but one familiar sound rises above all of them. The sound of a door creaking open. As the door opens the crowd noise becomes louder.

Footsteps add to the crowd noises. The camera slowly angles just above Scrow’s head. It is none other than the shadowy figure still shrouded from the world in her black cloak.

The time has come my friend.

The camera returns to Scrow’s face. His eyes slowly open he raises his head and stares into the black room in front of him.

Have you made all your preparations?

Scrow’s eyes look to the right.

He has….

Scrow slowly stands up his fist wrapped in white tape and clenched. He lowers his head for a moment nothing but sheer determination planted on his face.

He will be watching you here tonight.

Scrow turns to face Hive.

He understands, Scrow will make an example of this champion of this society you reside over.

Excellent, we shall be watching.

Scrow follows Hive out of the room. As they walk past the doorway Scrow and Hive appear to be in a pit. Surrounded by frantic fans waving cash around. Hive walks toward the ring followed by Scrow who remains stoic on his approach.

Pit Hype Guy:
Our next match will pit, the potential to the society...SCROW!

The crowd shouts in excitement as they get a look at Scrow, who walks past Hive and enters the pit only to stare across the ring at a massive muscular guy. He is scared up and down his body and from his neck up to half of his face is covered in tattoos. His blondish brown hair spiked up. He wears torn jeans with brown boots.

Pit Hype Guy:
He will take on the champion of the pit….VINSFIELD!

Another pit attendant starts going around the ring collecting cash.

Pit Collector:
Bets….place your bets…

A man dressed in a grey suit walks up and stands next to Hive. Only the waist down can be seen. Clearly this man is rather tall.

You better not be wasting my time Hive.

Hive looks up and to the left, still shrouded in darkness from her cloak.

He is ready, you will not be disappointed.

A lighter clicks, followed by a few puffs.

I will be the judge of that.

The camera shows the mystery man’s hand as he points at the Pit Collector.

Pit Collector:
What is your bid boss?

One Thousand on Scrow!

Some of the crowd hears what the man said and quickly try to add to their bets.

After a few minutes of collecting wages, the bidding ends.

Pit Hype Guy:
Bets are in!

The pit hype guy leaves the ring, soon the circular pit is enclosed by screaming fanatics. Scrow looks up at this massive man who walks up to him and stares down at him.

This is my challenge? Pathetic!

Scrow’s multicolored eyes stare up at the behemoth and with a sinister smile replies.

Arrogance….it would appear Scrow will have to take you down a notch.

Vinsfield laughs, before driving a double ax handle blow to the back of Scrow’s head. The Unhinged quickly hits the dirt! His eyes widened, clearly very surprised by the power of the blow. Vinsfield quickly drives a kick into the gut of Scrow, quickly throwing Scrow to his side holding his ribs. He picks up Scrow and grabs him by the throat and throws hard punches to the skull of Scrow before throwing him behind him. He raises his arms up to the roaring crowd. Scrow rolls over on his hands and knees and spits up blood.

I am waiting Hive?

Vinsfield turns around and as he approaches Scrow, The Raven’s Eye grabs a hand full of dirt and throws it into the eyes of Vinsfield. He quickly covers his eyes growling in frustration. Scrow hops to his feet, blood pouring from the side of his lips and welts forming on his cheek and around his eyes. Scrow cracks a smile and makes his way to the bigger man. He swings wildly and Scrow ducks and quickly sidekicks the side of Vinsfield’s knee and bone-shaking crack is heard and a loud roar of pain from the bigger of the two fighters. Scrow twists and delivers a fast stiff backhand across the face of Vinsfield dropping him to the dirt below.

Scrow takes a few deep breathes and hops on top of Vinsfield and drives right and lefts across the side of Vinsfield’s skull. Blood drenches the dirt a few feet from Vinsfield. Vinsfield finally uses his power and knocks Scrow off of him. He pulls himself to his feet and Scrow is bent over in a crouching stance with his fingers bending toward him in a come-on motion. Vinsfield gets up but with his knee the way it is he is hobbling.

Scrow moves in and quickly is struck with a backhand! Blood spits from his mouth as he hits the dirt face first. Vinsfield hops over and Scrow quickly turns to his side and drives his foot into the knee of Vinsfield again driving the big man down to one knee once more holding his bad knee. Scrow gets to his feet blood dripping from his nose and cheek. He quickly drives a knee under the chin of Vinsfield knocking the big man onto his back. Scrow hops on Vinsfield and drives his right fist with a ferocity like no other into the skull of Vinsfield.

Blow after blow blood splatters over the dirt even onto some front-row fans who love it! Scrow’s wrapped fist is drenched in the big man’s blood.

We told you, we trained him well.

Vinsfield has been through worse.

Vinsfield quickly with his free hand grabs the throat of Scrow and The Unhinged quickly stops his assaulted as his eyes bulge out of his head as the stronger of the two squeezes his throat. Vinsfield can barely stand and stays on a knee but takes his other free hand to assist his other hand in a chokehold! Scrow who continues to gasp for air is fading fast. Vinsfield smiles from underneath the crimson mask he has. Scrow desperately tries to free himself and falls over on his back as now Vinsfield is ontop of Scrow trying to squeeze the remaining life out of him.


Hive looks over at the man in the suit turn from her and starts to walk away. Hive’s attention is quickly taken back to the fight as a loud scream is heard. Scrow has dug his thumbs into the eyes of Vinsfield! The two men are both on their knees now. Scrow pulls his thumbs out as Vinsfield holds his eyes in sheer agony. Scrow while breathing heavy staggers to his feet.

We told you, that you would not be disappointed.

Hive replies as the man has walked back to her side.

Scrow gathers a few deep breathes and quickly drives the shin of his leg across the side of Vinsfield’s skull in a devastating low kick! Vinsfield falls face-first into the dirt barely moving and breathing. Scrow falls to a knee gasping for air. The pit hype guy checks on the champion, and motions for its over. He raises Scrow's hand as he staggers to his feet.

Hive claps, Scrow looks around the pit at the screaming fans. He limps over to the pit collector and snatches the cash from his grip. Hive quickly allows Scrow to lean on her.

So your thoughts?

Scrow looks up and to the right at the taller man exhausted.

Impressive, I will be in touch.

The man leaves once more, Hive helps Scrow away from the pit with the fans shouting…


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