Featuring: Conor Fuse
Date: ???
Location: ???

The lights had dimmed, the game was on! In one corner there stands a man in green. Across the way, there stands a man in shadows and darkness.

The Shadowman lunges towards the green man but at the very last second the green man jumps away! The Shadowman races towards him again, this time growing in size. Three, four, five times in size did his shadow just grow! It engulfs half of the ring by now! The green man leaps, BARELY able to clear the Shadowman as he rolls to the other side of the ring, the side considered to be safe!

The Shadowman turns to face his opponent… very slowly. His eyes narrow. His jaw drops. His tongue begins to unravel. Feet and feet of a red tongue falling down his mouth and across the canvas flooring…

It starts to make its way to the green man! The green man looks to his left but there are only shadows. The green man looks to his right but there are only shadows. The bright red tongue is almost towards him…

The green man has no choice! He runs directly at the tongue as it flies up in the air and wraps around his body! The green man tries to break free! Using his speed and agility he is somehow able to slide out from the tongue and take hold of it, cracking it into a million pieces across his left shoulder! The Shadowman makes his first cry of pain, stumbles backwards and seems vulnerable. The green man wastes no time. He knows this is his chance. He sprints at the Shadowman and hits him with a dropkick! Suddenly, the shadows start to fall as they suck in towards the Shadowman.

A faint “noooo” is heard from the darkness as the shadows suddenly vanish!

The lights turn on. The green man looks around the ring and sees nothing but other green men in the stands, watching him, standing in silence…

What will they do?

The green man grows concerned.

Finally, one starts to clap.

Then another claps.

And another.

And so on and so on.

The green man in the middle of the ring looks around in amazement. A smile crosses his face. He holds his hands in the air to what is now a roaring applause from the green spectators! This continues for some time… while, off in the distance, all the way up the ramp… 

The Shadowman begins to pull himself together…  

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"God might forgive... I sadly do not."

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