Title: The Raven's Eye
Featuring: Scrow
Date: Days after MAXDEF2020
Location: Home

This story opens with a fireplace burning in front of the camera. The sounds of the flames charring the burning timbers ablaze within the fireplace. Shards of embers rise from the burning wood only to disappear into nothing as they float further from the source. The fireplace is the only light in the room. From what light it gives off we are able to see a few items sitting on the mantle, one particular item is a photo of a man and a woman.  With what looks like a necklace with an oval gem resembling that of a Ravens Eye. It is placed in a way to cut off part of the picture with the two centered in the middle. Sort of like a frame inside a frame.

The photo looks to have been taken while at Niagara Falls, given the waterfall behind them. Both of them are in street clothes. The man looks very familiar almost like The Defiant Superstar Scrow. He however looks different. The emo look is not there, the scars that plague his very being in this moment in time are not there.  His brown hair is brushed behind his head and shaved on the sides. A wedding ring clearly visible in the picture as he has his hand clasped with the woman.

The woman has long teal colored hair with a warm smile. The camera pans backward and soon the fireplace is blocked by a chair and whoever is sitting in the chair. The sounds of a familiar voice known in Defiance floats on the ears of the observer.

Time...it continues to flow like the winds blow the clouds of this world. Never ending, never pausing always moving along a linear path. This path is known for the plants, insects, up to animals and humans that go about their daily lives.

A crackle from the fireplace happens enough to break the flow of conversation.

Time has no feelings….it is emotionless...If Scrow could only have the power to turn back the wings of the ever burdening flow of time. Scrow is nothing without you in his life. Scrow has sunk into the depths of the catasym of regret. Had Scrow listened to you my sweet emerald goddess, then time would not have struck me down and left you in his past.

The winds from outside bang a few branches against the window for a few moments.

Scrow has tried to go back to his old job, but everything in that lab reminded Scrow of you. I know you never approved of Scrow training as a mixed martial artist. It was the only way Scrow could move on through the time stream and not be reminded of you or that fateful night. Perhaps it was Scrow’s way to release the pent up frustration that weighed heavily on him. 

Another crackle from the fireplace happens enough to break the flow of conversation.

For a moment it was….Scrow did notice the gawking, and even the disregard to continue to train Scrow anymore after the accident by his very own trainer. Perhaps my indiscretion to not heed those words from you were my punishment. A leper now in a society who just could not get past the scar distorted man that stood before them.

The camera zooms in on the teal haired woman known as Basle Krowe in the picture above the fireplace.

As those days of training quickly ended as anything does with time, Scrow was forced to move on with his life. This lonely path of walking this world without you by his side anymore. Even the dawning of a mask and moving to another profession, that of professional wrestling, soon left me with the same result as my days in that MMA gym. Scrow knew he had to stop running and face these issues surrounding his life. Scrow was tired of halting the flow of his linear path.

The camera focuses on the Raven’s Eye necklace dangling over the picture now.

You always called me your  Raven’s Eye, Scrow never understood why...until now. Carny Sinclair was Scrow’s attempt at finally having someone to at least talk to. Much like his life that too ended with the passage of time. Perhaps that was the reasoning and meaning behind the name. Staring into the eye of a raven you can not help but feel a feeling of emptiness. Perhaps my destiny was to always suffer for what I did to you.  To live the rest of Scrow’s life...ALONE.

The camera pans back to the back of the chair.

Perhaps it is where time wants to lead Scrow to, inevitably ending his life. Scrow often wonders when Scrow finally ends, will Scrow see his Emerald Goddess Basle Krowe at the gates of eternal life?

A bottle falls from the chair , remnants of the liquid spill from it as the camera focuses on the bottle. Out of the peripheral of the lens Scrow looks to have passed out. His head gently rests on the wings coming out from the back of the chair. His arms gently rest unclasped on the arms of the chair. The lights slowly fade until all is black.

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