Title: Seething
Featuring: Oscar Burns
Date: 2/5/19
Location: DEFIANCE Interview Set

DEFIANCE Interview Backdrop.

A video monitor.

And one Oscar Burns… of the Twists and Turns variety.

The former FIST of DEFIANCE can be seen watching back the last moments of a pre-recorded message by his long-time rival “The Angry Texan” Scott Stevens. The final moments of his message are in mid-play as the New Zealander looks on.

Scott Stevens:
I’m willing to put up my FIST of DEFIANCE Championship rematch against you at Maximum DEFIANCE, but you have to do something for me. You have to put something of equal value if you want to face Mr. Main Event.

Stevens says as he takes a moment to think before a light bulb goes off.

Scott Stevens:
I got it!

Stevens says with a snap of a finger.

Scott Stevens:
Oscar Burns takes on Scott Stevens for the final time with me putting up my rematch opportunity against......YOUR CAREER.

Pause. Skipping ahead.

Scott Stevens:
We have to have a main event caliber match that equals the main event level of talent and I can only think of one match that will do, and that is a……..

Stevens pauses and the Faithful boo as they don’t like waiting.

Scott Stevens:
We will do battle in a Texas Deathmatch, my specialty.

After the snippits of the promo finish playing, Burns quietly seethes. Watching a man that has not only gotten under his skin, but a man that took the most important title in his career him and nearly ended said career in the process. After nodding to himself, Burns finally turns to address the viewers.

Oscar Burns:
Scott… I accept.

With that…


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"Don't worry, young HOSShole. I don't expect you to give up the belts that easy. The challenge is half the fun of getting the reward."

- Lindsay Troy




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