Title: BRAZEN RISE Tag League - Meet The Players
Featuring: Lance Warner
Date: 7/7/18
Location: Presented on behalf of Lance Warner by Angus Skaaland

Cue to Angus Skaaland in the DEFIANCE studio used for UNCUT specials… though this one is a little different from your standard fare. Of note, Angus looks a little bit disappointed still coming off the events of ASCENSION… but as the business is wont to say, the show must go on.

Angus Skaaland:
What’s up, assholes? I’m Angus Skaaland. And right now, I hate life. We’ve got some former UTA trash holding our top belts now. The SoHer has been nabbed by that bastard, THE Jay Harvey. The FIST of DEFIANCE is in REALLY deep shit with that druggie Scott Stevens holding it. God. Shit is terrible.

He shakes his head in disgust.

Angus Skaaland:
And trust me, I’ll have PLENTY to say about this in the next few weeks and until somebody rights the ship, but until then I’ve thrown myself into my work… namely, my BRAZEN work. As we first announced on July 4th, I’ve organized the first-ever BRAZEN RISE Tag League. With the rise of our tag team division, we need some new blood so that’s why I put this together. Five tag teams have been selected to fight in a Round Robin-style league over the next few shows that will air on UNCUT.

The BRAZEN RISE Tag League banner flashes on the screen as Angus continues.

Angus Skaaland (V/O):
And to prepare for the occasion, we’ve got a brief look at all five tag team that will be competing in the league. While the teams have already been announced, I got DEF camera to follow these lucky sons of bitches and get their thoughts on the product. Get a better look at the five teams in this brief special and we’ll be seeing you on the next UNCUT to bring you Week One of the BRAZEN RISE Tag League. Say things, my children!

As the HEAD BOOKAH of all things BRAZEN waves goodbye, the camera cuts to each clip from the five teams, each in the BRAZEN locker room.

THE LOUISIANA BULLDOGS (Oliver and Denver Brandt)

The camera focuses on the 28 and 30-year-old brothers, each having a seat in the locker room.

Oliver Brandt:
Hi, I’m Oliver Brandt.

Denver Brandt:
I’m Denver Brandt. And we are The Louisiana Bulldogs.

Oliver Brandt:
And needless to say… we’re stoked for this opportunity!

Denver Brandt:
Yeah! My brother and I have been busting our asses for this opportunity for almost a decade now. We’ve pretty much hauled ass wherever going up and down the East Coast and anywhere else that’ll have us, doing this and that independent show.. But we’ve FINALLY got a chance to make it to the main roster.

Oliver Brandt:
We’ve been amateur wrestling champions in both high school and college. I’m pretty sure we known more suplexes than you can count.

Denver Brandt:
That’s true. My brother and I haven’t gotten this far being assholes. We’ve each put in a decade in this business with nothing but hard work. Trust us, though, don’t mistake kindness for weakness. If you get in our way in this tournament, we’ll be dumping you on your heads on the way to the main roster.

Oliver Brandt:
What he said!

The two brothers dap fists before the camera switches over to the next group.

GENTLEMEN’S AGREEMENT (Lord Sewell and Oliver Tarquin Monroe)

The camera shows the face of the 42-year-old Lord Sewell along with his young protege, Oliver Tarquin Monroe, seated next to him. A scoff escapes the mouth of the elder Brit.

Lord Sewell:
My name is Viscount Vice Admiral Ernest Charles Sewell The Third of Long Melford… but we all know the attention span of the average American is limited to what they can look up on their bloody cell phone. You may refer to me as Lord Sewell going forward.

Oliver Tarquin Monroe:
And I am Lord Sewell’s protege. The name is Oliver Tarquin Monroe. You may call me OTM, you may call me The Quintessential Gentleman… but right now, you may call me SIR.

Lord Sewell chuckles.

Lord Sewell:
You want to know what we think about this Tag League? It's about bloody time that Mr. Monroe and I get the respect we deserve. That's what I believe.

Oliver Tarquin Monroe:
That's correct. We haven't even been featured on television which is an affront to us and the technical skills that Lord Sewell and I possess. The violence and boorishness that's on DEFIANCE these days is nothing more than that… this product has turned to garbage. Just look at our last bloody Pay-Per-View. All this violence and chaos… it needs ORDER. That's why when we go out there, we're going to OBLITERATE the competition one team with REAL technical in-ring prowess. We will go through every other team that we can until we're on top. This League is as good as ours.

Lord Sewell:
And our word is law… and it is our Gentlemen’s Agreement.

Sewell and OTM shakes hands as we move onto the next crew.

THE DUNSON CLAN (Paul, Richie and Todd Dunson)

Up next is the eldest member of the BRAZEN roster at 57 years young. Long-time wrestling journeyman, Paul Dunson, along with his two sons, Richie and Todd Dunson.

Paul Dunson:
My name is Paul Dunson. And I’m sick of fucking waiting my turn while people with inferior talent get to be on the main roster. My boys and I have been wanting this opportunity for a long time and now, it’s finally be given to us.

The camera pans over to Richie Dunson with a smile on his face.

Richie Dunson:
I’m Richie Dunson and I’m with my dad. It’s about damn time we got a chance to shine.

And now to the youngest and runt of the Dunson litter, Todd Dunson.

Todd Dunson:
I’m Todd Dunson and I want you to know my name right the hell now. Because The Dunson Clan is coming for all of your spots and all of your titles.

Paul Dunson:
My boy is right. You’ll be getting to know us very soon and my legacy will FINALLY live on!

WrestleFriends (“Bantam” Ryan Batts and “Manpower” Jack Mace)

The camera now pans to a MASSIVE man leaning in a chair wearing dirty jeans and a brown fringe jacket.

Jack Mace:
How goes, mates? I’m the big ol’ Brit, “Manpower” Jack Mace. I’ve been wrestling for about four years now, trained under The Harold Ketch Academy of Grapple Arts alongside Oscar Burns… who I hope will be back soon.

Next to him is a much smaller, but stocky man himself clad in a shirt reading “I’m The G** Damn Bantam!”

Ryan Batts:
And I’m “Bantam” Ryan Batts. I’ve been in the game for about twelve years now. I’m American, but most of my time has been spent wrestling overseas where I also trained with Oscar Burns at the Harold Ketch Academy of Grapple Arts. Big Jackie and I have been teaming up for three years and we came to BRAZEN April of this year.

Jack Mace:
And we are…

Both men shout the name at the same time.

Jack Mace and Ryan Batts:
The WrestleFriends!

Ryan Batts:
We like to have fun outside of that ring, but one thing we take seriously is how we conduct ourselves when that bell rings. As The WrestleFriends, our ideals mean that we work hard, train, fight, have lots of marketable catchphrases… okay, really, it’s about putting on the best damn matches that we can. We leave the politics, the agendas, the ulterior motives away from our work. What we do in that ring is pure and we want everybody to enjoy it when we leave that ring.

Jack Mace:
I haven’t been doing this nearly as long as Batts, mate, but I can tell you this… when we’re on the same page - which is all the time, mates - there is NO other team that can do what we do when we combine our skills. This man can fly and this man can work the mat like it owes him money.

Ryan Batts:
And this big hairy dude? This guy can DESTROY whoever is in front of him and can’t be stopped once he gets moving. That’s why we’re confident we can win and join Burnsie on the main roster!

The two dap fists as we move on to the last team.

STRONG STYLE STRANGLERS (Hart, Ridgway and Brody)

Opposed to the others taking place in the locker room…

This last bit takes place in an unknown location... an empty parking lot somewhere far away from the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex. The camera finally locks onto the first of the three men that make up The Stranglers…


My name is Hart… and bad things are going to happen to DEFIANCE. VERY soon.

A cackle can be heard off-camera. The camera pans a little further to a man in a gray mask.

I’m Ridgway... and once we win this Tag League, you’re all. So. Screwed. Tell ‘em, Brody.

The final member is a MOUNTAIN of a man by the name of Brody, who merely stares. He flashes a very faint grin, then throws a punch to the camera.


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