Title: Trauma
Featuring: Mushigihara
Date: After DEFtv 104
Location: DEFmed


The God-Beast groaned as he stared at the piece of paper in his hands, stewing in his own guilt. Not ten feet away, Dr. Iris Davine was closely examine Eddie Dante, fresh off a vicious beating at the hands of Crimson Lord. Eddie was assertively trying to tell the good doctor he was fine, but Mushi blocked it all out in his mind, focusing solely on his latest adversary.

An ambulance match, huh?

Eddie finally gave in to Dr. Davine’s pleads for him to take the concussion tests, and he went along with it.

Eddie Dante:
You know, one of these days I’m going to get back in the ring. I can’t believe I let myself get so soft…

Iris Davine:
Eddie… you know that wouldn’t be a good idea. You’re on the wrong side of forty, after all.

Eddie cackled a bit.

Eddie Dante:
Like half the workers in other companies let THAT stop them, am I right?

The doctor could only shake her head.

Eddie Dante:
Hey, if nothing else, it’ll keep the big guy from straining himself tryin’ to keep me safe, right?

The Minister of Ungentlemanly Warfare smiled through his blood-stained face as Mushi rose to his feet and slunk away from the medical room.

Eddie Dante:
Hey, where ya goin’, Mushi?

The God-Beast turned back, only to show that note he was holding; the note that challenged him to an ambulance match at Ascension.


The God-Beast looked his manager in the eye, and Dante knew exactly what he was saying.

He wasn’t happy, and all he would focus on for the next few weeks was destroying the Crimson Lord, once and for all.

Dante just nodded.

Eddie Dante:
Go home. We’ll begin training and strategizing in the morning. Get some rest.

Mushigihara nodded and walked off. Dr. Davine went back to her tests, while Eddie just stared at the ceiling in thought.

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"I cast a real wide net when it comes to me and mine. It's not about blood, and it's not about lineage. I look out for who I look out for, I run with who I run with, and *I keep an eye on them all.* And those who wanna pull some fuck shit don't tend to make it far without somethin' comin' back to 'em three-fold."

- Lindsay Troy




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