Featuring: Scott Stevens
Date: 03/25/18
Location: UNCUT Exclusive: Hours After DEFtv 98 went off the air

UNCUT Exclusive: Hours After DEFtv 98 went off the air
No cheers. No boos. Everyone inside the arena has long left except for one poor soul. The sound of running water can be heard off in the distance of the empty UTA locker room. A continuous squeak can be heard as the water slowly turns off and footsteps slowly creep towards a steamed up mirror. A hand comes into frame and wipes the mirror to reveal the person standing in front of it is none other than everyone’s favorite Texan, Scott Stevens.

The look on Stevens’ face is not the normal look that DEFIANCE has been used to seeing since he showed up in the Big Easy. Cocky, brash, arrogance with a side of asshole-ishness is all gone and replaced with defeat, doubt, but most importantly…...humbled.

Stevens lets out a sigh before slowly turning away from the mirror and heads across the empty locker room to his locker and takes a seat on the wooden bench. Stevens takes a long hard look at his championship gold that hang from the hooks shining brightly in the fluorescent lights and sighs once again.

Scott Stevens:
Good job Cayle. You were the better man tonight.

Stevens mumbles to himself as he begins to get dress when a familiar voice is heard.

So, you lose a hard fought match and none of your so called, “friends” are here to pick you up?

Stevens whips around fast towards the direction the voice is coming from and a pair of ostrich boots come walking into frame.

Scott Stevens:
What are you doing here dad?

Stevens asks as his father is fully scene looking like a million bucks, literally, with a custom tailored, gold colored suit, slicked back salt and pepper hair and his mustache twisted to look like a sixties super-villain.

Cary Stevens:
I’m your father and I’m always there to support you in your biggest matches whether you know it or not. Tonight you came up short and guess what shit happens son. It happened tonight, it happened in UTA. It happened in HOW, and it will happen again. However, the most important thing to remember is that it doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up and respond better than ever.

Cary says to his son, and Scott nods in agreement.

Cary Stevens:
And from what I hear next you have an upcoming tag team title defense.

Scott nods.

Cary Stevens:
And since I know you prefer to be on your own and you’d rather defend your championships solo I made an executive decision as the patriarch of this family and brought you a partner.

Cary informs his son as the look of curiosity comes across Scott’s face.

Scott Stevens:
Ricky is back from Europe?

Cary Stevens:
Your little brother is still in Europe defending his tag titles with that emo.

Cary tells Scott who know is confused.

Scott Stevens:
George is all healed up?

Cary Stevens:
Yep, but he isn’t medically cleared to return to action.

Cary says and Stevens shakes his head.

Scott Stevens:
Who is it?

Scott asks and a smirk forms over his father’s face.

Cary Stevens:
I’d thought you’d never ask…..

He says as he motions towards the shadows and young man in his late teens or early twenties steps forward with long, slicked back hair and a wide grin on his face.

Scott Stevens:
Hell no!

Stevens yells as he waves off the decision and Cary’s expression turns firm.

Cary Stevens:
Boy, I don’t see anyone else lining up to be your partner. I don’t see your supposed friends here ready and willing to defend those championships. They abandoned you, but your family didn’t and blood is thicker than water after all.

Cary says as he holds out his fist.

Scott Stevens:
You better BO-LIEVE it Cuz!

Bo says with a grin as he extends his fist.

Scott Stevens:
What the hell.

Stevens says as he extends his fist with theirs as the images fades to black.

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