Title: Bigger Than You.
Featuring: Mikey Unlikely
Date: 10/28/2017
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

The scene opens to the Las Vegas Strip. Well, it opens to a view of the Las Vegas Strip through a window that covers an entire wall. It’s night time in the desert and the city is bright and full of colors. Far below the top floor loft we are situated in, are hundreds of thousands of normal people enjoying their Vegas vacation.

From the left side of the scene we hear a bedroom door open and close, and slowly Mikey Unlikely walks into the picture. He’s aware there is a camera in his room but he chooses to disregard it. Mikey is wearing the remnants of a three piece suit. The pants and the vest are still on, as is the dress shirt underneath, but the jacket is missing. Mikey turns to look out the window, his back to the camera and he clutches his wrist behind his back.

Mikey Unlikely:
Viva, Las Vegas!

The owner of WrestleUTA and it’s roster, slowly turns around and walks over to a small coffee table, he picks up a small glass with ice and what appears to be an alcoholic mixed beverage. He sips slow and then smiles.

Mikey Unlikely:
Here I am, Indulging in a wonderful, and much needed...I might add, vacation...when all of the sudden I hear rumblings that back in Louisiana there are some sour grapes. Now I’m not one to address my critics, typically I try to block all that out.

He’s full of shit, but it sounds like he believes it.

Mikey Unlikely:
Cayle Murray, you really want to call me out!? You really want to point a finger at me, and ask why!? Mikey, Why are you doing this!? Mikey, Why would you hurt me! I was one of you! I was a member of WrestleUTA...Pfft.

He takes another long sip of the drink before setting it down with the soft clinking noise of ice on glass. He moves past the table and sits down on one of the recliners. He crosses his legs in a very manly manner.

Mikey Unlikely:
You right Cayle, You WERE one of us. You were a member of WrestleUTA, and you were a major building block in the company. Then what happened? At the first sign of trouble, you bolted! You left WrestleUTA during the transition, you wiggled your way out of your contract, and you signed exclusively with DEFIANCE. You...Abandoned….US!

Mikey points angrily at the camera.

Mikey Unlikely:
So when I took over WrestleUTA, when I bought the company out from the mismangaed corporate goons, I knew I had to make moves. I knew I needed the Murrays! So I reached out to each and every member of the former roster and let them know… WrestleUTA is alive, we are touring, and we’re coming back and you said…. “No thanks”.

He relaxes and sits back in the chair regaining his composure.

Mikey Unlikely:
I’m not stupid Cayle, I know you’re a valuable commodity, I know you are well worth every penny of that contract, due to marketing and good will. I know you make DEFIANCE a lot of money, which is one of the many reasons I’ve come to take it from Eric Dane. If anyone is going to make money off a great wrestling product, it should be me! Not the absentee father you’ve been sucking on, trying to steal his legacy.

Picking up the drink he toasts to the camera.

Mikey Unlikely:
Hell I know you’re worth a lot more than that older washed up brother of yours, which is why he’s been…. Handled. Soon I am going to own your contract, Soon I am going to own the FIST of DEFIANCE when David Hightower takes it from you, and more importantly Cayle… soon I’m going to own you! You’ve seen what I can do, you’ve seen the impact I can make, you’ve seen I always have a back up plan… and yet you still challenge me!?

He chuckles aloud.

Mikey Unlikely:
You got it buddy! But just remember… when you are going into your title match at Maximum Defiance and you’ve been beat to hell before David even gets his hands on you, you can thank yourself. Cause this time when we get in the ring, it’s not for the FIST, it’s not for the fame, it’s for WrestleUTA. This is bigger than you Cayle, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you can get out of my way.

The scene fades on Mikey as he finishes off the drink.

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