Title: After the lights go out.
Featuring: Bronson Box
Date: After DEFtv 60
Location: Ringside, after the show.

“Okay Boxer… “

[Nicky Corozzo’s voice is followed by a settling of the camera as it focuses in and out making the dour, humorless scowl on his face clear as day. We’re out in the empty arena, The Wargod… the Bombastic Bronson Box sits very still on the apron with his hands on his lap. He silently stares into the non distance long enough to make it as uncomfortable for the viewer as possible.]

[He lifts his head with a jerk. When he speaks, he speaks suddenly and with conviction.]

So few of the people who walk through the door of this promotion… even the ones who find a permanent place here… truly understand what makes DEFIANCE so special. It ‘aint violence for violence sake, we ‘aint throwin’ each other through lightbulbs and whippin’ each other with garden tools. No. We ‘aint that. DEFIANCE is special because it attracts competitors who understand there’s lines, lines that exist to be crossed when the time is ripe for it.

[He pauses, running his fingers across the canvas. In his mind's eye he relives some of the moments HE stepped over those lines… and subsequently changed the course of the entire promotion. The first unified World champion and the brutal road to get there; endless bloody warfare with Day Ryan, Xavier Langston, Heidi Christenson, Jeff Andrews, Tom Sawyer, Edward White… Eric Dane... and so many others over the years; the backstage assault that inadvertently lead to DEFIANCE’s remarkably successful Grindhouse World Tour, his tumultuous near endless years long “relationship” with Eugene Dewey … these are the events that make up the DNA of DEFIANCE Wrestling.]

[His stamp, his roaring hot brand burned onto the whole lot.]

Do you know what I see in your eyes when you go there Lindsay? I seen the same look in the eyes of your brother-in-law, when he was tearing my flesh from my bones in Tokyo, when he snapped Tom Sawyer’s neck like a twig and sent the boy into permanent retirement without even a second of regret. I seen that look in the eyes of men like Eric Dane, Jeff Andrews, Heidi Christenson, Eugene Dewey… a thirst for relevance. A burning drive for attention and power that truly can never be sated... as bloody potent as any force found in the natural world, lass.

[The Wargod licks his bottom lip with a forced crooked half grin.]

I see that look every day I wake up and look in the mirror, Ms. Troy. It’s why despite your bossy, arrogant, holier than thou  attitude I’ve rather enjoyed your presence here in my locker room. And what you did? That line you crossed after 59? I’d be a hypocrite not to stop and allow you a bow. Well done, sunshine. Well done indeed. In one swift vicious action you made our little match with Dan and Eugene at Ascension worthy of being the second EVER Ladder War match. 

[He drops down off the apron to his feet and moves in towards the camera, filling our view with nothing but angry haggis fueled highland muscle.]

… I’d leave it all at that if that swift vicious action didn’t take from me somethin’ I’ve grown very fond of having at my side. Someone I’ve grown to trust. In your tiny little world, walled in by your own inflated bloody opinion of yourself, you’ve stuck to your guns and showed yet another “man” that you’re not to be trifled with. Shown me just how faaaaar you’ll go...

[The scowl returns to his mustachioed mug.]

Girl… you ‘aint tanglin’ with your FOOKIN’ brother-in-law. You ‘aint pissin’ around with the chicken shit competitor Eugene Dewey has shriveled up into over the last number of months, no. Try and see past your ego and really listen to me Troy. I respect ye’ for havin’ the gumption te’ step up and rightly and truly step right into the middle of my arse… but come Ascension you’re gunna’ be recievin’ the same sort of receipt you gave Ms. Katze with FOOKIN’ interest, lassie. ‘Aint gunna be any draws like our little encounter during DEF*MAX. It won’t be some meaningless DEFtv tag team main event. This time… 

[He stops and shakes his head, narrows his eyes and wags a meaty finger at the camera… ]

This time…

[... and the scowl turns into an uncharacteristic toothy white smile.] 

[Right before he palms the camera's lens as the scene cuts to black.]

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- Mushigihara




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