Title: Backstage Footage from DEFtv 59
Featuring: DEFIANCE Spy
Date: After the main event match.
Location: Backstage, just beyond the Guerrilla Position.

[Jane Katze, Nicky Corozzo, and Bronson Box all stand around a cluster of monitors, watching the in-house camera feed capturing the rest of the post-main event proceedings. Eugene’s making his way up the ramp, holding his head and looking very sour about his plan backfiring. Bronson grins to himself as the camera zooms in on Eugene’s beet red face, but it fades quickly as Brian Slater hoists Lindsay Troy’s hand in victory to a deafening reaction from the Faithful.] 

Jane Katze:
Well… THAT was certainly embarrassing.  

[Their attention is diverted to the left as Eugene’s made his way through the interior curtain and into the backstage area proper. He sees the group and scowls as he walks past, clutching the gold on red leather FIST of DEFIANCE belt to his chest. With Eugene out of earshot Jane leans in and whispers something to Bronson and Nicky.]

Jane Katze:
You don’t think he heard me, do you?

Bronson Box:
Lass, at this point it don’t matter… that poor bastards gone and dug his own grave. At Ascension he’s apparently gunna’ have more than enough help gettin’ his rotund corpse down in the blood thing...

[The three share a laugh, but moments later the air is sucked out of the small curtain-lined room as Lindsay Troy triumphantly pushes through the curtain. She wipes her forehead, exhales out of relief that Kelly’s hurdle has been cleared, and glances around. It takes her a confused, concerned second to realize that the DEFIANT she expected to be waiting for her (Dan Ryan) isn’t who’s actually there.]

Lindsay Troy: [lifting an eyebrow at Box and Co.]
Oh, so this is where Luca Brasi zipped off to. 

[Nicky’s face twists into a bitter scowl. Jane places a hand on his forearm and steps around her bodyguard. A thin icy smile forms on her red lips she approaches the Queen… and that was her first mistake. Troy is phased precisely zero percent as Katze leans in close.]

[That would be her second mistake.]

Jane Katze:
Congratulations, Troy. Weaseled your way into another title opportunity… you’re like a rash, or a tick...

Lindsay Troy:
I don’t have time for your piss-poor Diane Lockhart routine, Jane, so you’d do well to stay where you’re familiar. In fact, I think I see Bronson’s forehead glistening with worry sweat. [She dismissively waves her hand in his direction]. Better run along and wipe it off.

[Jane narrows her eyes and purses her lips at Troy’s cavalier tone.]

Jane Katze: [teeth clenched]
I’m window dressing, am I? Big talk from the woman who’s famous for riding men’s coattails her entire career. Ryan, before that your “Big Damn Heroes.”

Lindsay Troy: [laughs]
I think coattail riding’s your schtick, since your in-ring career was… well, nonexistent.

Jane Katze:
Speaking of your “Heroes”... how is Rayne enjoying all those PTA meetings and bake sales? Must be hard for him, you here risking life and limb week in, week out… it’s like he’s a single father...

[Aaaaand that’s mistake number three... Don’t bring up the family.]

[The murmur and general cacophony of the backstage area all of a sudden falls deathly quiet. The measured, level-headed, almost jovial demeanor Troy’s been sporting lately can be seen melting off her bones as she lets Jane’s words roll around in her head for a moment.]

[It all happens so fast…legsweep-Jane falls-Troy pounces-body wraps around Jane’s leg-screaming-yelling-footsteps-shrieking-swearing….]

[Everyone in guerilla rushes in to try and pry Troy off to no real avail. Bronson’s wide bloodshot eyes are locked on Troy as two beefy DEFsec drones pin his arms back, preventing from joining the fracas. Even more, five or eight or so, have Nicky Corozzo held at bay.]

[Troy meets The Wargod’s gaze; there’s nothing in her eyes but a red curtain of rage. She pulls back harder on the tight kneebar submission she’s wrenched Jane’s body into position for. Producer Mike Sloan kneels down and does everything but beg to get Troy to release the hold, the pressure on Jane’s knee worsening by the second.]

Bronson Box:
Don’t you do it, don’t you bloody dare you FOOKIN’ harlot don’t you DARE…

[Troy’s eyes narrow.]

Lindsay Troy:
Watch me...

[One quick jerk of Troy’s arms was all it took for one receipt to be claimed. The sound of Jane’s shrill scream inside the small black room causes Bronson to truly lose it. The Wargod muscles forward, DEFsec pulled along by each of his massive arms. What was a near riot quickly becomes total and complete unhinged chaos as Boxer lunges forward, his mass of security merging with one that’s brought Troy up to her feet. Both groups form one unified force doing everything within their power to keep Troy and Bronson from straight up murdering one another.]

[Jane writhes in pain on the floor, Nicky Corozzo kneels beside her trying to keep her calm.]

Jane Katze:

[Mike Sloan can be heard above the din screaming orders to the near-useless DEFsec goons.]

Mike Sloan:
GET HIM OUT OF HERE! Jesus Christ…! Somebody get Iris! I think Katze is gunna’ need an ambulance… WOULD SOMEONE GET A HOLD OF HER?!

[Troy lunges forward, clawing at the mass of DEFsec humanity keeping her just inches from getting her hands on Box. Finally, DEFsec finds the right combination of arms and hands to get the two DEFIANCE superstars moving away from one another. The Wargod leans into the arms pulling him backward and roars at his adversary over the tumult of voices.]

Bronson Box:

[The video feed ends abruptly.]

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