Title: It's cVc or Nobody.
Featuring: Chance Von Crank
Date: Dec 8th
Location: New Orleans

It’s cVc or Nobody

Crank Youtube Channel

Live from Wrestle-Plex


[The scene opens up in New Orleans. Chance Von Crank slowly comes into focus. The Wrestle-Plex plays backdrop as the shot widens. The arena has now emptied and the night’s events are now being debated in cyberland. Chance lingers however and struts across the shot knowing just when to turn to stay on camera.]

cVc: I’m still here, I just love to admire the chaos I myself created. Social Media is so pretentious. How dare you question the Shock N’ Rolla. Harmony has no business near my belt. Yeah I know another name plate is on it but let’s get real.

[Chance stares into the camera. A grin crosses his face at the thought of a female holding a strap he use to shoulder.]

cVc: It’s cute in theory, sure. You think Chance Von Crank can’t sneak by a referee? I wanted to be seen to cause the DQ. Worked too, didn’t it? A man outsmarted a woman, what’s this? Happens every fucking day, Princess.

[Chance pulls a flask out of his back pocket and takes a big swig. He turns away from the camera and then again dashes the hill liquor down his throat. The moonshine burns going down. He wipes off his lips then turns back towards the camera.]

cVc: Harmony… This sexual tension between the two of us is real. I mean it has to be because I just can’t sleep after costing you a belt. I took a piece of you with me tonight. You know it’s true. That rage inside you burns unrelenting. You feel it? That’s me mindfucking you with some good ole vintage cee-Vee-cee. I am on top of my game despite what others may tell you, doll. It’s Unlikely I’d respect their game anyway.

[Crank throws the flask nailing the camera lens. It cracks on impact and now the view of Chance is distorted but still rolling to youtube live.]

cVc: One day they will write a beautiful love song about all of this, Harmony. The song will go like this… Harmony fought strong, she fought bold and long. cVc broke her spirit because she just didn’t have “it”. He took her ass to a few picture shows then showed her where the wild goose goes.

[Crank laughs briefly. He turns away and faces the Wrestle-Plex as the shot widens once more.]

cVc: You don’t need a belt. You need a man to show you what’s what. That is just what I did this night and your anger is well founded. You can fight all you like but i'll just take what I want. I want to cost you again, Harmony. I want to watch failure creep across your face again so it can fuel this new fetish I have. It gets cVc hott.

[Chance looks around the parking lot. He takes a deep breath then turns slowly back towards the broken camera.]

cVc: The Trailer Park Prodigy will hurt you. I will enjoy it too. I don’t think you belong here and I have made it my personal mission to show you just why that is. I am going to take everything from you so that you need me. I want you to have to depend on a man. Me, cVc. I will mangle your face so badly, it’s cVc that you choose from the lack of variety. I want to make you love me, Harmony. It’s going to be that way or life will be unbearable for you. It’s cVc or Nobody.

[Crank smiles at the thought. He shakes his head almost giggling as he wanders off shot.]

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"Ore no ringu ni zokushite inai. Ima shinu! (trans. -- You don't belong in my ring. Now die!)"

- Mushigihara




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