Title: Mr. Yamazaki
Featuring: Mushigihara
Date: This last week.
Location: The Executive Suite @ The Wrestle-Plex

[We cut to a silent camera shot through the glass looking in on one of the posh boardrooms upstairs in the executive suite of the DEFIANCE Wrestle-Plex right in the heart of NOLA. Head booker and all around shot-caller Kelly Evans, company renaissance man Angus Skaaland, and lead road agent and DEFtv producer Mike Sloan all share a nod and a handshake with none other than manager extraordinaire Eddie Dante and as maskless God-Beast. Mushigihara follows his manager out of the board room and out into the hallway. We hear Kelly call after them encouragingly before the door swings shut.]

Kelly Evans:
We’ll be in touch. We’re still behind you, Mr. Yamazaki.

Eddie Dante: [quietly to himself]
woof, really Kelly? Is that where we’re at now?

[The pandering tone and the use of Mushi’s real name seems to bother Dante more than it does the big man himself. Mushigihara is obviously lost deep in thought. Eddie looks back over his shoulder, obviously expecting more of a reaction from his charge. Dante snaps his fingers in Mushi’s line of sight, getting the big man’s attention.]

Listen, Eiichiro, I know this situation isn’t… ideal. Due to the snafu with your work visa you weren’t booked for this loop. Fine, whatever, not a problem. You heard Skaaland, there’s a place for you on BRAZEN’s neverending trek through the southland and there? There is where you’ll find salvation, my friend. Rebirth! You’ll…

[Derisive laughter from down and across the hallway from where Eddie and Mushi were talking. As the duo look towards the source of the laughter Mushigihara immediately tenses up, even through his street clothes we can see his shoulders roll up and chest swell. The Bombastic Bronson Box saunters down the hall, hands in the pockets of his usual brown and grey suit.]

Bronson Box:
Pardon the interruption, boys but I was just leavin’ from a meetin’ with Jane and her PR monkeys and couldn't help overhear…

[Eddie Dante, obviously feeling emboldened this morning, cuts the Wargod off mid-sentence. He pulls the very same Katze & Associates business card Bronson had given him months ago out of his jacket pocket and flicks it down at Boxer’s loafers.]

Save it, Bronson. Save every last word. Jane Katze… waste of our precious time, that woman was.

Not her blood fault your little sumo experiment here has a tendency to…

[Boxer looks over Dante’s shoulder at The God-Beast with a wry half-smile.]

... Underperform. Honestly, you’re trying to convince this man that his unceremonious demotion to the minor leagues as some sort of opportunity? Honestly, Mushi, if you accept this bollocks blown up yer’ arse you’re more gullible than I EVER thought possible.

[Right as Mushigihara lurches forward, Dante taking a step between the two behemoths, Kelly Evans emerges from the boardroom. The obvious near collision right here in the middle of the “fancy” hallway has Ms. Evan’s eyebrow raises high and tight. She eyeballs both men… Bronson a little longer than the other two.]

There a problem here, boys?

[Eddie smooths his lapels, then his platinum blond hair.]

No ma’am… just ran into Mr. Box here in the hallway, exchanging pleasantries.


[Bronson just shakes his head derisively, taking a step to leave the situation but The God-Beast side-steps… directly into the Wargod’s path. Eddie sees what his client is playing at immediately and leans in, talking to the side of Bronson’s head… ]

When Mushi takes full advantage of this OPPORTUNITY… he’ll be back here. You know this. And not you, your ridiculous business manager or any other blessed soul is going to stop us from clawing our way back to the top of the main roster.

[Bronson’s eyes don’t leave Mushi’s as he responds to Eddie. He dosen’t get two words in before The God-Beast claims the last word. One guess as to what that particular word is… ]

Aye, an’ I’ll be right here at the top waitin’ with baited breath ye’ wee pillock.

[Through clenched teeth, a quiet intensity all his own The God-Beast speaks.]


[Bronson simply narrows his eyes and shoulders past Mushi and Dante.]

Yes... Osu indeed. [nodding half-hearted at Kelly] Ms. Evans, always a pleasure.

Eat me baldy.

Box: [mumbled]
Not if you bloody paid me ye’ filthy wench.

[Kelly turns to Eddie and Mushi.]

Fuck him, listen. BRAZEN isn’t a one way door. Guys come up, guys go down. All depends on if we have room on the loop. Thanks to all the new signings the ASCENSION loop is currently full up. Like we said in there, you’ve hit a rough spot… Angus will call you, get you hooked up and in the right place with the right people. No worries. You good? You good? Good. Gentlemen.

[She doesn't wait for an answer, simply nodding and off she goes.]

This is going to be a slough… come on, Mushi.

[With a sigh the God-Beast heads off towards the bank of elevators with his advocate.]

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