Title: Onward
Featuring: Mushigihara
Date: 10/20/15
Location: DEF WrestlePlex

"So what on Earth was that out there?"


Backstage at the DEF Wrestle-Plex, just after the conclusion of a match at Acts of DEFIANCE. Mushigihara lumbered victoriously to the locker room with Eddie Dante at his side, still clad in their respective ring attire, and Dante looking particularly puzzled.

"You hem and haw about getting your revenge on Harmony, go on a tear around the lower-ranked wrestlers, and you FINALLY beat her... and then you show her respect?"

Mushi made it to the bench and sat down to start unlacing his boots. Dante shrugged his shoulders.

"Now, I'm not complaining about that itself, Mushi, but if I am going to represent you to the best of my ability, I need to know what's going on inside your head. Especially now, since I feel like now is a good time to enter you back into serious contention for a championship. You've hung around this level long enough; now we should go make Curtis Penn sweat a little."

Eddie grinned as the God-Beast nodded in agreement. A stagehand came into the dressing room carrying a familiar black-and-gold mask and handed it back to the monster, who responded with a nod and a lowly-mumbled "arigato." Dante beckoned to the hand for two beers, and the helper turned off like a shot.

"Let's enjoy this victory and go watch the rest of the show, Mushigihara; tomorrow, I want to get you started on increasing your arsenal. I'll call Hurley tomorrow and arrange the training session. I'm sure the BRAZEN lads will appreciate an opportunity to practice with you."

At this point, Mushi had completely removed his ring gear, slipped into large board shorts and an old T-shirt from some long-gone wrestling company, and was in the process of tying on a pair of sneakers. The stagehand returned with two nondescript bottles, which Eddie took and, with a smile, handed the young man a twenty-dollar bill and sent him off.

"So, let's soak it in, shall we, friend? There's still much more to see tonight, and we have a lot of planning to do."


By now Mushi has dressed into more comfortable clothes, placed his mask on the styrofoam mannequin head he kept in his locker, and locked everything away. The duo each grabbed a beer, clinked bottles, and went on their way.

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- Malak Garland




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