Title: The Day is Done
Featuring: Jake Donovan
Date: May 5, 2015
Location: An Apartment somewhere

“It was a damn good match.”

[A heavy sigh is, at first, the only response. The figure in the shadows just waited out the silence, leaning back in an easy chair, booted feet coming into view as he props them up.]

“Yeah. It was,” Jake at last admits.

“Then how come you sound like someone just told you they’re cancelin’ Supernatural.”

[Irate, Jake sits up in his own chair, eyes flashing annoyance as he flips off the shadow]

“Fuck you, I watched it like, once, and you’re never gonna let me live it down, are you?”

[A low chuckle. The hiss off a twist top soda bottle opening.]

“Ech, maybe one day, when some better material comes along.”

“You’re an ass,” Jake grumbled.

“Everyone’s gotta have a hobby. Seriously though, it was a pretty amazing match. I’ve been in the ring with her, she’s phenomenal and…”

“And I’m what? Huh? Go ahead. Say it. Tell me what I was lacking? Tell me where I went wrong. How much of a failure I am. Say it, you know you want to, you’ve been dying to since you got here. Hell half the reason you’re sticking around is just to watch me crash and burn, just like everyone else.”

[Silence fell between them, save for a low, tapping sound.]

“You done yet?” The shadow said at last.

[When Jake said nothing, the shadow emerged from the chair and stepped into the light, pacing. Long, crimson hair to the middle of his back, jean and t-shirt clad, his boots echoed with every step, but the fury in his green eyes was the real attention getter, and all of it was aimed at the DEFIANCE Phoenix.]

 “First off, there’s no one here but us. Anyone else that mattered abandoned you a long time ago. Second, you know me well enough to know I don’t have much use for pity parties so get over yourself. Your problems are in your head, not in the ring, but you ain’t ready to hear that yet, so you’ll keep on fucking up, and I’ll be here to clean up the pieces ‘cause that’s what family does.”

“We’re not…” Jake protested, starting to get up, only to be shoved back in his chair.

“We ain’t blood, but we ARE family, so you go ahead and self-destruct, won’t be nuthin’ I ain’t seen before.”

“You think you know so much then….”

[Jake is cut off abruptly.]

“No, I don’t think. I know what I’m looking at ‘cause I’ve been down this road and you know it. You’re making all the wrong choice and you’ve got too much pride to admit it. So join Malachi, see what that side of things is all about. Sell your soul to someone else’s vision. Just don’t get pissed when I say I told you so after it all blows up in your face.”

[Again Jake tries to stand, and again, Jake is shoved back into his chair.]

“I don’t see you offering anything better.]

[Laughter. The big man takes a step back, shakes his head and snatches up his drink. It’s silent a few seconds while he guzzles.]

“Tell me that isn’t what you’ve been waiting for,” he says when he’s done. “Oh man, that’s better than Supernatural.”

“Why?” Jake growled as he finally made it to his feet, poking a finger into the big man’s chest and jabbing it at the skull at the center of the BLS T-shirt. “Quit bullshitting and be honest. You’re not here for me. You’re here ‘cause you’ve got the itch to get back in the ring. So why couldn’t we be a force to be reckoned with?”

“Is that how it works? I say yeah, I’m thinking about getting back in there, so you’ll go tell Malachi you won’t join him. I say naw, I ain’t gonna wrestle, and you join up with his merry little cult? Naw Jake, that’s exactly why I didn’t say nuthin’. Whatever I do, Imma do it without carryin’ the weight of anyone else’s choices on my shoulders. Its time I think about me, for however much time I have left. Anyone who wants to walk beside me on that path, they’re gonna have ta earn it.”

“And I haven’t.”

“Kid.” The big man chuckled. “You’re barely getting started.”



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