TITLE CHANGES HANDS on Impromptu "house show" for Charity!

Posted by Angus Skaaland on 29 Jul 2015

After the recent expose on Eric Dane's guerilla wrestling promotion BRAZEN, also known as DEFIANCE's "development territory," and with the recent halt in DEFIANCE production due to contract issues with talent and a certain title belt going missing, the excommunicated DEFboss and current UTA star and BRAZEN owner and operator decided to put on an Impromptu show for charity in Mobile, Alabama. All proceeds for the event were donated to The Brain Trauma Foundation 

So, when the Boss came to me about this little shindig, I wasn't sure. DEF hadn't produced a show since the last Pay-Per-View and there had been a fair amount of let's call it "negative press" in the weeks following up in reguards to some of the releases that were made.

But, as always, The Only Star had a plan.

We'd take some of his BRAZEN guys, some DEFIANCE guys, and we'd Guerilla Promote a show starting the DAY OF THE EVENT and try to get things both settled and jumpstarted all at the same time.

I couldn't have agreed with the concept more.

We plastered Downtown Mobile with posters, handed out mini-posters in the streets, and made our way over to the campus of  the University of South Alabama and pressed the student body! (We gave out posters, too.) And since our venue was USA's own Mitchell Center, we were on hype duty right up until belltime!

The show opened up hot with a tag team match between the Power-Brawling team of the Nightmare Express (Black Jack Savage/Alex Graves) taking on the journeyman shoot fighting team of Solomon Grendel and Petey Garrett, The Brutal Attack Force. After an exciting but fairly formulaic match Graves and Savage combined to hit a Stuff Double Powerbomb on Grendel to score the pinfall!

Next up was a prodigy of both Bronson Box's and Lindsay Troy's schools who had even appeared on DEFtv on a couple of occasions, Felton Bigsby, taking on the freewheeling Austin, TX native Butcher Victorious. Butcher took an early advantage but Felton's power ended up being the story of the night. In another fairly good but somewhat formula-following match Felton Bigsby got the win over Butcher Victorious with the East Texas Stampede!

Following that up was brand new to DEFIANCE Troy Douglas taking on the former EPW Television Champion and the guy who put Romero Antiguas's balls on ice permanantly with the Super Atomic Drop, "The Ladies Man" Rich Mahogany. This match was a lot cleaner than the two before it being that both guys had a fair amount of high end experience in the business. After a solid fifteen minutes Douglas dropped Mahogany hard with the End of the Road and picked up the 1, 2, 3.

After that Eddie Dante led his Godbeast to the ring and cut a promo on the people of Mobile, the city, the lack of a sports team, and the smell from the Paper Mills. He got the house booing pretty rauciously when the up and coming Strong Style Stranglers trio team of Ridgeway, Hart, and Brody. The Stranglers made a go of it using their superior numbers and sheer brutal style to get an advantage on Mushi, but with one bellowing OSU everything changed. Mushi rag-dolled the whole team for a while before stacking them up and getting the pinfall on all three members at once.

Jake Donovan was out next, he cut a quick promo on a fan who was dressed like him but he was ready to work. His opponent, Mascara de Muerte IV was out quickly and bounded into the ring quickly. What followed was a very satisfying Super Juniors styled match that showcased both men's flying and striking skills as well as a lengthy segment on the mat. It was over though once Jake hit the Lightning Spiral and secured the pinfall!

Next was Intermission. Well, for a minute. Before the scheduled Meet and Greet with the wrestlers could start there was a disturbance at the back entrance as Cul the Reaper and the Lord of Bones lead the banned Viking War Cult into the Mitchell Center. Cul cut a swath through the crowd (not to mention physically tossing a few fans out of his way) and toward the ring, but before he could molest a microphone from somewhere Frank Dylan James and his Southern Bastards were on their way out.

Thinking quickly, and it being intermission, I found a house mic and made the match a Lights Out Eight Man Tag Match! That meant that nobody could hold BRAZEN, DEFIANCE, or the Mitchell Center responsible for anything that happened. The eight men involved seemed to agree, especially since four of them (Cul, Torvald, Floki, Ivar) had been banned from competition at BRAZEN for some weeks now.

The fight didn't last long, but it went everywhere. Frank and Cul fought into the crowd, MASSIVE Cowboy and Torvald the Destroyer fought out to the concession stand, and the Holmstrom twins and the Rebel Yell tag team of Earl Lee Roberts and J.J. Dixon kept in near enough to the ring, but completely ignored any semblence of wrestling. In under five minutes almost everyone was bleeding and the fight ended up migrating itself outside of the building where the eight men were broken apart by a large contingent of wrestlers and Campus Police!

After that fiasco and another, actual intermission, one of the main attractions for the show was up next! The posters we'd handed out all day advertised that the Southern Heritage Championship would be on the line tonight and it had been the talk of everyone present all the way until Curtis Penn's music played and the Southern Submission Machine made his way out to the ring to a decent pop.

And then he opened his mouth.

He reminded everyone how he was from across the bay in Pensacola, a real town, and how he is, was, and had forever been the greatest Champion of Southern Heritage of ALL TIME! There was another commotion at the back, but this time it was a fair bit more controlled. A man in an oversized hoodie was being led through the crowd by Campus Police. Once he made it to ringside he hopped over the rail and tossed the jacket and hood to reveal DAVID NOBLE?!?!

And he had the Southern Heritage Title with him!

Noble rolled into the ring with the belt and referee Brian Slater immediately called for the bell. Noble took a lunge and a swipe at Penn with the belt, but Curtis ducked, spun, and unleashed a brain-rattling cast-covered overhand chop right between Noble's eyes. Brian Slater, for his part, had "not been looking" at the time. Penn quickly wrapped Noble up in the Curtis Clutch and Slater called for the bell just barely as it was locked in properly.

Noble rolled out of the ring with a sneer and returned to his police escort who led him back through the crowd and out of the building as Slater handed Penn the belt and Penn celebrated like he'd just won a sixty minute broadway and an Olympic Gold Medal all at the same time.

The Main Event was next and the Original DEFIANTS of Eugene Dewey and Bronson Box were out, of course, to run their mouths. Nicky Corozzo was with them looking all tough and intimidating. Out next was the World Trios Champion team of Tyrone Walker, Lindsay Troy, and Dan Ryan! Not only that but they had the belts with them which signified that for the first time in months they would in fact be on the line!

After a little early pier six brawling the match settled down into a solid trios affair. Both sides jockeyed for control as each wrestler had a moment to shine. After an extended sequence of the Original DEFIANTS working over Lindsay Troy she made the hot tag to Dan Ryan who came in and cleaned house, dropping everything that moved with a Humility Bomb! Tyrone Walker, who had been thrown through a ringside table earlier, had made his way back to his corner and begged for a tag, Ryan obliged and Walker came in and dropped Bronson Box with an Ol' Dirty Buster before getting the pinfall victory to send the crowd home happy!

The show was a resounding success.

I found out after the show that Eric Dane himself had negotiated with David Noble to make his final DEFIANCE appearance and drop the title to Curtis Penn. It's not clear on what was offered, what was paid, and if it was actually "planned" to happen like it did, but when it was all said and done the business was done and the DEFIANCE Faithful were happy!

Not only that but we raised almost twenty grand for the Brain Trauma Foundation. All in all it was another successful show, and the first signs that DEFIANCE was back in business and ready to continue moving into the future. 

As always, keep it locked here for all the latest news on both DEFIANCE and BRAZEN as it develops!


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