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Ryan Matthews Biography


Real Name
Ryan Matthews  
"All Killer, No Filter"  
Cleveland OH  


A former world traveler with a much maligned past. Has been just about everywhere you can book a wrestling show and has the scars to prove it.

Matthews started wrestling at age 22 after training for a few years under a washed up journeyman wrestler who couldn't make it in the big time. Matthews resented his trainer at times for how long it took him to actually make sure to book him in a show, but when he realized the greatest lesson he was to be taught was patience, he realized the old man had served him well.

Matthews spent the better part of the next 13 years going from promotion to promotion, crossing paths with some of the best known and unknown names the wrestling industry had to offer. Some asses were kicked, sometimes Matthews got his ass kicked. Now, he's back to "right a few wrongs" that have been done to him. He's also pretty much degenerated into someone who says "fuck"...A LOT. 
Other Feds
Too many to list...  
Other Fed Titles
Again too many to list...the important one was something called the WfWA World Title  
Other Fed Awards
The "Double Crown At Best" award presented by none other than Eric Dane.  
Matthews isn’t heavily gimmicked, never really felt he needed one and he’s pretty much just an asshole with the volume turned up to 11, he will do anything to get in his opponent’s head, and doesn’t believe in living life with a filter, which has lead to him getting in trouble with the FCC and several promoters 
Method to the Madness - Matthews is very methodical and every move he makes in the ring has a purpose. He will ground his opponents and even if the match stays on their feet he will be resolute and merciless in his approach of hammering the hell out of them.

Gift of Gab - Matthews is very outgoing but has no real filter to what he says, he’ll trash talk with the best of them, and that makes the crowd remember him.

Psychological Warfare - Matthews has ways of finding things to make his opponent get off balance pyschologically, such as referring to them by their real name rather than ring name, but at times he simply picks at something that’s happened in their past to make them annoyed and angry to the point where they come at him all crossed up and he has the upper hand. 
Time is NOT on my side - Matthews has traveled the world for quite a few years and isn’t as much of a spring chicken as he used to be. Thus his stamina can’t always keep up with the younger guys for a hugely extended duration of a match.

High Rent is not My District - Despite his age, Matthews does occasionally attempt to pull out a high risk move every so often if he deems it potentially necessary. Of course there’s always the risk that he’ll crash and burn and when he does it’s often done spectacularly.

My Own worst enemy - Matthews tends to rub people the wrong way in and out of the ring, and despite the fact that it doesn’t matter to him personally, he tends to get a superhuman effort from his opponents who would like nothing better than to see him fail, not to mention the fans. 


  • Fuck you, fuck your tagline, and fuck the guy who gave it to you on a flashcard.
  • I'd say give me a quarter to call somebody who cares but in your case it would be more like $4.99 a minute and even then you'd be hard pressed to find somebody who gives a fuck.
  • I will beat you down, rip out your soul, grill that bitch up and eat it with Heinz 57 sauce. Why? Because it's better than fucking ketchup, that's why.
  • Do NOT fuck with me or so help me I will wrap my dick around your neck and start you up like a fucking lawnmower.



"And we have no intentions to lay down and pray for a quick end. Whatever rabbit we need to pull out of our collective hats; whether we need to land a tactical strike, or circle around you for seven days like the Hebrews in Jericho... We. Will. Persevere."

- Eddie Dante




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