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Reinhardt Hoffman Biography


Real Name
Panzer, Gentleman German,  
Düsseldorf, Germany  
245 lbs.  


An old acquaintance of Bronson Box and his mentor and trainer Spud Collins. A tall man in his early thirties, Reinhardt isn’t a rookie. Having made several tours of Europe with Bronson and Spud, Hoffman to this day serves as Boxer’s favorite sparring partner in the gym. Looking to make more of an impact on the sport, Reinhardt took The Wargod’s advice and was one of the very first to ink a deal with BRAZEN.
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Nicknamed "The Gentleman German." There's something... off about Reinhardt. All smiles, very polite even to adversaries... but those smiles seem hollow somehow. At times Reinhardt seems to have as much bottled up rage as his friend Box, perhaps more. Behind his well crafted facade lies something dark we've yet to really see. 
- top top level technical proficiency. He's wrestled all over Europe and the UK, living for a time in a dojo in Japan. While he hasn't had the most notable of careers in the squared circle, you won't find a more technically sound competitor anywhere. Sometimes jokingly nicknamed "The Sponge" for his ability to incorporate new holds and counter-holds and continually evolve his grappling game.

- incredible conditioning. Thanks to his long time friendship with Bronson Box, not to mention being employed at Boxer's school The Conclave, Reinhardt has adopted The Wargod's almost masochistic conditioning regimen.

- naturally cold, calculating... almost emotionless. Behind his slick oft smiling exterior is... well, not a lot. Hoffman is so quintessentially "German" it borders on creepy. Has the ability to compartmentalize his emotions and approach any situation with near mechanical efficiency. 
- very little fire. Hoffman's main criticism is often his lack of "fighting spirit" or "inner fire"... he's so "technically proficient" and "mechanical" in his actions more fiery or unorthodox competitors often take full advantage and get the better of the "Gentlemen German."

- follower. Always the lackey, always the employee. Whether it's because of a lack of self confidence or just an ingrained personality flaw, Reinhardt has never stood out on his own. For instance for the better part of his career he's been the unseen training and sparing partner of Bronson Box. Even now he spends most of his time helping run Bronson's training camp, leaving very little time for any gold and glory to call his own. 



"...Have you ever… truly… seen... what blood looks like in the soft glow of the moonlight? I doubt you have. You and the rest of the Gulf Coast have sat there amongst yourselves, protected and unassailed for far too long to think of such things. So allow me to enlighten you, Teddy. Allow me to stick a needle in that career bubble of yours and shed some… light… on some finer things in life. It’s… black. It’s… alien. It’s... beautiful. And when I open you the fuck up in front of the entire world, I want you to think about that. I want you to ponder it. Visualize it, if you will. Take in its unique artistry like you’ve never even imagined. This way, when the last drop drains from your emptied corpse, your last thoughts on Earth will be a… pleasant one."

- "The Provocateur" Arthur Pleasant




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