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"Black Out" Pat Cassidy Biography


Real Name
Patrick Cassidy  
Black Out, The Scrapper from Southie  
Boston, Massachusetts  
September 14, 1994  
244 lbs.  


Early Life:
Cassidy was born in Boston in 1994 to Charlene & Frank Cassidy. As the third child of six in a working-class household, Cassidy knew what it was to struggle growing up. Although he had the potential to be a decent student, he often found himself in trouble in school for his pranks or fighting. Cassidy had a somewhat contentious relationship with his older brother Colm and was closest to his Irish twin, Cailin.

After high school, Cassidy tried his hand at college, attending UMass Amherst in the western part of the state. However, Cassidy’s penchant for partying got the better of him, and he never completed his degree.

Returning home to Boston, Cassidy worked briefly in some of the local restaurants before being discovered by a wrestling promoter. Jay Riel, a former indy worker who went by the in-ring name Laramee, agreed to train Cassidy if he agreed to work some shows for him.

Early Career:
Cassidy worked all over New England, learning from Riel who working ring crew, refereeing, or any number of odd jobs. On July 3, 2016, Cassidy had his first match in a run-down arena in Springfield, Massachusetts against a member of his wrestling class: Ned Reform.

From there, Cassidy worked regularly for Laramee’s BSWP, usually against (or teaming with) Reform. Eventually, Laramee got Cassidy booked for runs in Kentucky, Texas, and even a tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Cassidy continued to improve, and in May of 2020 he traveled to New Oreleans for a series of dark match try-outs for the nationally recognized promotion DEFIANCE. After a series of dark matches, Cassidy officially signed a DEFIANCE contract in early June of 2020.

DEFIANCE Wrestling:
After a vignette hyping his debut aired on Uncut 71, Cassidy made his in-ring debut at DEFtv 139 on July 27, 2020 against Richie Dunson. Cassidy was billed as “Black Out” Pat Cassidy for the first time and portrayed a character very similar to his real life persona: a fun-loving party guy from Boston. After he overcame the odds to defeat Richie Dunson, he invited Dunson and the entire Duson clan out for a drink after the show, cementing his new persona in the minds of the DEFIANCE Faithful.

Cassidy picked up a few additional wins in his early DEFIANCE days, most notably over long-time vet “Sub Pop” Scott Douglas. Cassidy’s first major angle came when he was invited to join Conor Fuse’s emerging Friendship Members League stable alongside Trashcan Tim. Knowing Conor to be a little “off,” the good natured Cassidy agreed to join in order to maybe help Conor enjoy life a little more and not be wound so tightly. This backfired, however, as Cassidy’s attempts at friendship only isolated Conor more, and eventually Conor and his hulking bodyguard The Game Boy turned on Cassidy, leaving him bloody and broken in the ring. It all culminated in a tag match at Ascension 2020 where Cassidy and Trashcan Tim picked up the victory over Conor Fuse and his Game Boy.

From there, Cassidy moved into an exciting new venture: he teamed up with Brock Newbludd to open a brewery / bar! The two business partners spent the next few weeks watching each other's backs against both The Kabal and The Stevens Dynasty. After he and Brock faced off one-on-one on Christmas Eve 2020, The Stevens looked to gain some revenge by attacking and injuring both men.
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Ranked #33 in the 2020 TEFP Top 100  
“Black Out” Pat Cassidy is a charismatic young wrestler with a love of the drink, a song in his heart, and a constant itch for a good brawl. Guided by a pretty solid moral compass, Cassidy has found his dream job: he gets to fight people for a living and party like a rock star into the night afterwards. He wins over the fans due to a natural charisma in the ring, a sharp and earnest wit on the mic, and an absolutely unashamed willingness to sometimes make a fool of himself in the name of a good time.

While Cassidy is generally an easy guy to get along with, he is not afraid to let his fists do the talking if he feels disrespect. A combination of the legendary Irish temper and a childhood growing up in poverty has left him somewhat sensitive to being talked down to. Still, to Cassidy, what happens in the ring is mostly just business and in the name of sport, and once the grappling is done he's usually happy to head down to the local watering hole and buy you a round (or six). Just be careful if he gets too much in him, because he fancies himself quite the singer.
1. Cassidy can be one charming MFer. In another life, he might have been a politician.

2. Honesty. Cassidy isn't a great liar and lives his life openly. He is who he is. He's going to shoot straight you with you whether you want to hear it or not, although he's generally not a dick about it.

3. He can take a beating. Cassidy is a scrapper, and he's been in his share of tough spots, so he's very good at taking an ass kicking and coming back for more. 
1. The temper! Cassidy does have his areas that will set him off, and once he gets fired up, he can make some big mistakes in judgement.

2. The drink. Cassidy loves bars because he loves socialization. That also means he drinks. A lot.

3. Kind heart. Cassidy leads with seeing the good in most people, and that can lead to trouble in a business as cutthroat as wrestling. 


  • My demands are simple: give me a good fight. Don’t let me down, boys. Cheers.
  • Cheers, boys!
  • Sing us a song, Mr. Scary Man. Sing us a song... tonight!
  • I should have known that a few nights of fun wasn't enough to beat some sense into that deeply disturbed little man... but now I get to literally beat some sense into that deeply disturbed little man!
  • Hi. Pat Cassidy. Successful businessman.
  • As much as I usually ABHOR violence in a fine drinking establishment, for a jackass as big as you I might make an exception.
  • I now have an asterisk in the record book. I don’t know about you, but I HATE asterisks. I didn’t sign my name on the dotted line here in DEFIANCE to squeak out cheap wins. I sure as hell didn’t come here for Stalker to do my dirty work for me.
  • ...or we go with option number two: you can play your little games where you hide in the shadows instead of facing me like a man, and then I can just come find you. And what that means is Pat Cassidy is going to hit the town as only Pat Cassidy can, and at the end of a festive night of vigorous hydration, I’m calling an Uber to get myself home. And buddy, let me tell you what: in the history of Uber, there ain’t never been a pain-in-the-ass drunken customer quite like THIS guy.
  • Ms. Troy, I fully intend to be unable to form coherent sentences in about… oh say, thirty minutes. I can’t make any promises. Good talk!
  • Right now, in the Shining City on the Hill, the people of Boston are huddled with anticipation around the pub TVs. They’re holding their Guiness high, their green face paint has already begun to smear with anticipation, and their breath is bated… because once again, one of their own has a chance to bring home the gold. Listen, Christie. Can you hear them? Can you hear the cries of my people?
  • Not that respect is going to amount for much in this match, cause it’s St. Patrick’s Day fellas, and YOUR BOY HERE is absolutely… untouchable!
  • Tom Morrow! Listen up. Now, I know you’re a lot of things. You’re a clown. You’re a loser. You’re a weenie. You’re a fool. You’re an idiot. You’re a jackass. You’re a jackoff. You’re a little boy playing a big man’s game. You’re disloyal. You’re a backstabber. You’re… You know, I was going somewhere with this… but I’ve got to be honest… I think I lost the plot here.
  • My name is Black Out… you trashed my bar… prepare to die.
  • It's a street fight, asshole!
  • You’ve cheered me on, you’ve cried for me, you’ve sung along with me and you’ve laughed at my stupid jokes. Nobody had ANY idea who “Black Out” Pat Cassidy was when I walked into this place, and nobody thought I’d make it far enough to be up here accepting this award. In seven months time, YOU ALL have taken me from a nobody to a household name… and together, we’ve taken this whole scene by storm. Stick with me on this ride, my faithful drinking buddies… and just imagine where we’ll be at this time next year.



"I’m going to show you in a few short minutes, why I’m “The Natural One”. Why my pedigree is second to none. I’m going to push you, but you know not to sleep on Jay Harvey."

- Jay Harvey




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