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Mushigihara Biography

Fed Info

Fed Awards
Fed Titles
DEFIANCE World Trios Tag Team Championships (w/ Eddie Dante and Troy Matthews)  


  • Eddie Dante
  • His manager, his confidant, quite possibly the only human being capable of keeping his power in check, though even then, Dante is known to struggle with that.

    Since becoming a face, Dante’s role has changed; he remains the God-Beast’s mouthpiece, but he also has become an ambassador, not only for Mushi, but also other wrestlers in whom he senses potential. He still plays the role of coach and adviser, as well.

Wrestling Info

Physical Description
No longer masked, Mushigihara proves to be a pretty handsome fella for such a big man. Clean shaven and fresh-faced, the Japanese wrestler keeps a short hairstyle for his black locks, while his almond brown eyes glimmer in the light. When wrestling, he wears face paint of various designs, but generally sticks with black and gold for colors.

A former sumo wrestler, Mushigihara has a big, strong physique, but is nowhere near what anyone would call shredded. He’s lost a lot of weight since his sumo days, but he’s still a big, burly hoss. 
Ring Attire
Other than his face paint, Mushigihara wears a unitard-like outfit (basically a singlet with legs), also black with gold streaks riding up the legs, and black boots with gold laces. Black kneepads with gold trim round out the look, as well as plain black elbow pads and black fingerless gloves.

While he no longer wears his signature insect-themed mask, he will wear it around his neck on his way to the ring, always taking it off and handing it to Eddie Dante. It’s been torn, burned, and defiled, but it still holds a lot of sentimental value to him. 
Wrestling Style
Finisher Move
Finisher Description
Argentine Neckbreaker/Spiral Bomb  
MDK Finisher
MDK Description
Wrist-clutch Burning Hammer  
3-5 Signature Moves
- The OSU! Press: Gorilla press for reps, before a big slam.
- The Death Star: Swagger Bomb
- Bearhug suplex
- Uranage 
Ring Entrances

"Mach 13 Elephant Explosion" by Masafumi Takada

The familiar Terminator-esque salvo of industrial drums and shattering glass fills the hallowed WrestlePlex as the DEFIANCE Faithful erupt in cheers for their one and only God-Beast. The arena entrance glows in golden light and smog as the familiar figures of Eddie Dante and Mushigihara materialize into view.

Darren "DQ" Quimbey:
[Introducing first/and his/her opponent], accompanied to the ring by Eddie Dante! From Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, weighing in at two hundred ninety-four pounds, he is THE GOD-BEAST! MU! SHI! GI! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Dante saunters to the ring with a grin flanked by the God-Beast, who slowly makes his way down the aisle and raises his arms and bellows out a mighty...



The Faithful respond to their hero, leading the big man to nod and smile back as Dante reaches the ring and climbs onto the apron before opening the ropes. Mushi follows suit, stepping between the ropes and raises his arms one last time before going into his corner and assuming the traditional sumo crouch. 



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