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Kerry Kuroyama Biography


Real Name
Kerry Kuroyama  
The Pacific Blitzkrieg  
Seattle, WA  
229 lbs.  


Kerry Kuroyama is a third-generation wrestler in the Kuroyama dynasty, founded by his grandfather, illustrious Japanese wrestler Daisuke Kuroyama. His late father Zack Kuroyama was well known in the indie leagues of the west coast and back in father's native Japan, but gave up stardom to focus on his family and train other young athletes. From a young age, Kerry always aspired to follow in the footsteps of his father, and began his training as early as he could. Zack educated his son extensively in the arts of grappling and submissions, until his untimely death to leukemia in 2008.

In 2010, an aging Rocko Daymon founded The Dojo Wrestling & Fitness Academy in Seattle as a means of passing on his skills and experience to future generations of professional wrestlers. One of his first students was a young Kerry Kuroyama, the son of Daymon's own friend and trainer, the late Japanese-American indie wrestling veteran Zack Kuroyama. Under Rocko's highly-disciplined and focused tutelage, Kerry proved to be an ideal pupil, eager to learn and improve as he built a future following the path of the family business.

In the years that followed, Daymon caught the spotlight once more when he rejoined Empire Pro Wrestling in a passionate campaign to reclaim the World Heavyweight Title, while Kuroyama cut his teeth in various indie wrestling and MMA federations in both the state and Japan, enjoying a brief tenure in New Frontier Wrestling where he quickly established himself as a potential up-and-comer.

In early 2016, the paths of student and master have merged once more with the formation of the Rain City Ronin. Now as tag partners, the two seek a new interest in overcoming new challenges. Daymon is focused on making the best of the final years his body has to offer, while his protege Kuroyama continues to seek out the knowledge he needs to become one of professional wrestling's most elite future stars. 
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Kerry Kuroyama is a third-generation wrestler, set on outshining his family legacy and following in the footsteps of his mentor. Under Rocko Daymon’s tutelage, he’s developed into a fine young athlete with a lot of promise. As compared to his mentor, Kerry shows a bit more emotion and youthful light-heartedness. 
- Despite his age, very adept at learning his opponent’s styles and adapting his own to give himself the advantage.
- Studied the sports since his teens, and comes equipped with a vast knowledge of technical wrestling.
- Slowly mastering the art of the second wind. Just when you think he’s out, he often finds a way to come back and even the odds. 
- Not green, but still young at heart and occasionally brash and impulsive, so sometimes susceptible to distractions or letting his emotions get the best of him.
- Idealistic of the sport in general, and invests perhaps too much of his trust in opponents in the hopes that they won’t cheat.
- Takes big risks, sometimes with very little rewards. The kind of guy who would leave himself wide open trying to go for a knock-out punch. 



"You want to stand on my road and be a roadblock? Throw some tacks on the pavement? Grab your goons and put fists to flesh? Wish granted. You, and everyone else, will learn the hard way that you don't come for me unless I send for you."

- Lindsay Troy




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