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Impulse Biography


Real Name
Randall Knox  
Knox, RK, The Marathon Man  
Washington Heights, NY  
188 lbs  


Randall Knox wanted to be a wrestler from the time he was ten years old and went to his first independent show with his father. Fortunately for him, the owner of the gym where the show took place was an easily accessible old man named Terence Cooper, who agreed to let him work out. Coop was a kind soul: he allowed the neighborhood kids to work out and run around his ring for free, as a positive alternative to hanging out on the streets. He would've been nothing more than a positive footnote in the history of local New York wrestling, if his prior student wasn't a multi - time World Champion named "Total Elimination" Eli Flair.

Knox took to the training naturally; more naturally than anyone else that Coop had helped in his sixty some years owning his gym. The skill that he showed, coupled with his respect for the history of the sport prompted Coop to pass on his knowledge of shoot wrestling and hooking to the youngster.

He made his unofficial debut at the age of 17, wrestling in a dark match at the FWO's Countdown to Oblivion match, and his 'official' television debut a month later at NFW's All Star Week, wrestling in a "Rookie" match. It would be his last televised match for over four years, as he was off to college and had made a promise to one of his mentors, Ivy McGinnis, that he would finish college and try a legitimate career before turning to wrestling.

It was more of a threat, actually - but he got around it by taking the name Impulse and putting on a mask, wrestling spot shows in and around Syracuse NY.

Other Feds
NFW, EPW, FWO, Just Wrestling  
Other Fed Titles
NFW - World Champion, TV Champion. EPW - World Champion, Intercontinental Champion. FWO - World Tag Team Champion (w/Xander Scott, as Excess Impact)  
Other Fed Awards
NFW Rookie of the Year 2008, FW Central Face of the Year (x3 -2009, 2011, 2012)  
Mat wrestler, technician, submission specialist without peer. Has the ability to fly but prefers to stay on the mat. Learned to hook from his mentor Terence Cooper, so he has a reputation as a dangerous man in the ring, though he will only use hooks as a last resort. 
Unmatched stamina
Pure wrestling ability
Never loses his temper
Double jointed. Allows him to creatively escape from certain submission holds. 
He's going to be smaller than most of his opponents
Complete and non-negotiable refusal to break the rules
His sarcasm can get him into trouble. 



"And we have no intentions to lay down and pray for a quick end. Whatever rabbit we need to pull out of our collective hats; whether we need to land a tactical strike, or circle around you for seven days like the Hebrews in Jericho... We. Will. Persevere."

- Eddie Dante




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