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Diego de Leon Biography


Real Name
Diego Leon, Diego  
Truth or Consequences, NM  
220 lbs  


Diego de Leon, a fresh face in the DEFIANCE scene had earned the ire and attention of Team HOSS. Diego, with the help of Billy Pepper, Frank Holiday, and Jimmy Rix formed TexMex Holiday. A team bent on standing up to Team HOSS. At the conclusion of the Japan Arc TexMex Holiday fought with Team HOSS in a double disqualification match.

Diego, Frank, Billy Pepper and Jimmy Rix agreed with rivals Team HOSS that things weren't settled between the two camps. In the best of series, Diego won his match against Capital Punishment but was injured. He barely came made it back to the arena in time for the Elimination style match, where he and his TexMex Holiday friends would lose.

With Frank Holiday out due to passport issues. Diego makes his singles bid. He eventually wins a matchup with SoHER champion, Curtis Penn. After gaining a slight advantage over Curtis Penn, the match is ruled as a disqualification with interference from Jonny Booya. Diego challenges him at the next card for a match, but the match gets side stepped and Diane Parker takes on Diego. He would lose that match but go on to beating Booya at the finale of the Canadian tour.

Diego would officially announce his partner with Billy Pepper (and Frank Holiday by proxy). He gets injured in the middle of the tour in a triple threat match up with El-Serpenti and Yoshikazu YAZ, preventing him from competing actively.

Unknown ARC:
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He's a face. One of the classic baby faces (ala Ricky Steamboat). He has a cool mask, cool outfit. He doesn't break rules or cheat. He'll never hit someone with a weapon, even *IF* he's in a no disqualification match. He won't use illegal moves or holds, he'll break them before they get to the count.

He doesn't talk much. He's like Dean Malenko in that sense. He rarely speaks and could come across as reserved or shy, usually giving one word answers. He never speaks ill of whoever stands in the ring opposite of him on camera. Never curses. He'll give a fair, clean fight to every opponent in the ring. Man or woman. He won't lecture someone or point out why they're wrong.

In short:
Honorable, mysterious, laconic baby face.

Character's Personal code:
1. No illegal holds (using things for advantage/leverage, anything where the ref requires to count before break)
2. No illegal weapons
3. No illegal strikes (back of the head, opponent on the ground)
4. No illegal moves
5. Follow the referee's direction.
6. Do. Not. Back. Down. (As a champion this translates to take on all challengers)
7. Don't mock the opponent.
8. Win, lose or draw respect the opponent.
9. Respect the fans.
10. Respect the boss, even if you don't agree with them or their actions. 
Style - The strength of his style however is that it *is* unpredictable. You don't know whether you'll eat a knee to the face or when he'll land one. When he does though it will ring and it won't be when the opponent expects it. He may even fake a knee to just get better shots down the line. His style is both a strength and a weakness. Depending on who he faces this could be a strength or a hindrance.

Conservative Nature - Another double edged sword for him which could be used against him. It also means that he'll never take unneeded risks throughout a fight and will work to limit the amount of damage he takes.

Tenacity - He'll keep fighting no matter the odds. Arms broken? He'll use his legs. Legs broken too? He'll crawl over to you. Back broken as well? He'll be spitting at you. 
Mindset - Let's face it. The world today doesn't value fairness like Character does. Most of the other faces will use chairs and cheap shots whenever they're able. Character won't, and because of it it's very easy for a heel to cheat against him. Especially in a no-holds barred match against a guy who still *refuses* to break his personal code.

Conservative nature - He won't take risks or do many high flying moves unless he's sure he's going to hit them. He has a limited aerial arsonal and this could create chances for long and drawn out fights. If the person he's up against has more stamina he's definitely at a disadvantage. This could count as both a strength and a weakness.

Style - Despite it being unpredictable as to when it will happen. The what of it is something that people will know after watching him a few times in the ring. He aims for the KO, and will knock you out. But that could be subverted if the person is technically sound and if the person is physically larger then Character 6'8 +, 350 lbs + will give him a lot of trouble.

He's new to wrestling - He knows how to fight, but he's still relatively new to wrestling.


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