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Angel Trinidad Biography


The Bronx, NY  
303 lbs.  
February 28th 1990  
Physical Description
Brash, young superathlete with a good work ethic but a notorious temper that may hold him back. 
Ring Attire


Angel Trinidad was a kid growing up in the Bronx that had a serious genetic blessing and curse given to him at birth -- his size. He was often outcasted due to his size as a youth but found his niche when he found basketball in high school. He played through college and made it to NYU on an athletic scholarship, but dropped out of college halfway through when he wanted to pursue his dream of becoming a professional wrestler.

Training in New York wrestling schools, Angel was in and out of a couple different camps until he met an ACW talent scout that immediately signed him based off his size alone.

As the youngest signing in ACW history, the young kid was given the silly nickname of "The Rookie Monster" as a rib by some of the other wrestlers. Unknowingly, the naive youngster took the name as a badge of honor that he still wears proudly to this day. He was eventually paired with part-time ACW road agent and wrestler Capital Punishment. At first, their relationship was incredibly rocky at best, but found that they had a knack for winning when they actually put their differences aside. (Well, Angel did cause he liked winning, Cappy still couldn't stand the fucker)

Another recluse named Aleczander came knocking when he was ousted from his former stable The Night Life. Angel took his fellow HOSS in despite Cappy's protests and in only Angel and Aleczander's second official match as a team, they had won the titles for Team HOSS making Cappy an honorary champion thanks to that good old Freebirds rule.

Eventually a combination of Cappy's uneasiness, Angel's continued obliviousness to the situation and Aleczander's ego led to the loss of the titles and subsequent dissolution. The legend of Team HOSS seemed to be a distant memory...

...until ACW folded...

They all went their separate ways at first. Cappy was set to go back into the prison system to get another job as a corrections officer. Angel Trinidad was going to try his hand at acting, but all he could get was a two-second spot as a plastic tree in an Old Navy commercial. Aleczander had too much of an ego and was considered a flight risk for most organizations to handle due to his reputation as a troublemaker.

One day, Angel Trinidad decided to look on the internet for job opportunities (his porn subscription was cancelled because his card got maxed out) and came across DEFIANCE. They were looking for trios teams. Angel looked up to the heavens and an answer had been supplied... trios means "three" in Slovenian (it doesn't) but he did wrestle with two other hosses (he did) and so he put out messages to Cappy and Aleczander to get the band back together and right the wrongs of their last go-round as a team.

Eventually they put their feelings aside to get the band back together!

Team HOSS rides again!


God, I'm sorry.

Junior Keeling took over the reins of Team HOSS, got them focused and the goal and now they are at the top of the mountain as The DEFIANCE Trios Tag Team Champions. That success carried itself into numerous main event slots and setting a record as the longest-reigning champions and most defenses as champions with six.

Unfortunately, the success of Team HOSS would come crumbling after losing the belts to the unlikely trio of Lindsay Troy, Dan Ryan, and rival Ty Walker. To make matters worse, it was found out that to circumvent a title defense against LT's original teammates in the Big Damn Heroes, a drug test was faked to lose Tyler Rayne and Wade Elliott their jobs. Junior and Team HOSS were subsequently fired, to never be heard from again...

...Until now.

Junior Keeling's father and co-owner of the Family Keeling Talent Agency spent months and lots of money fighting DEFIANCE on the charges, citing there was no proof that Team HOSS themselves were ever part of the scheme. After an undisclosed settlement and a public apology for Junior's actions, Thomas Keeling took the stead of his dickhead of a son, putting all his eggs into focusing on the singles career of the 25-year-old raw talent Angel Trinidad.

Capital Punishment retired from the ring full time to join up with the FKTA as its head trainer (and Angel's personal trainer) while Aleczander signed on as head of security for the Family Keeling. With a much more mature and business-minded Keeling now guiding this new streamlined Team HOSS, Angel Trinidad is focused on making everybody in DEFIANCE pay for what happened in their ousting in March. Angel is newly re-energized, focused and looking to hurt anybody that gets in his way. 





"Far as I’m concerned, everyone here is playing for second place."

- Lindsay Troy




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