Featuring: Cyrus Bates
Date: 3/17/2021
Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming


Various clips show a group of green professional wrestlers being introduced to the AVALANCHE ACADEMY which is a bubble dome training facility and dorm building all set up as its own community in a corner of Garland Farms, Cheyenne, Wyoming.

The recap includes highlighting the staff members, the contestants and the rules of the half-training, half-competition.

For those that remember, Starscream was immediately eliminated by Malak Garland because the Keyboard King did not like the look of the trainee.

Later on, the host, Gus Wolf, also sent Peter Vetra packing for asking a stupid question.

Now it’s time to find out what happens this time at the Academy!

The frigid March Wyoming air lingers like a low hanging cloud as the remaining participants of Septimus Tyne, Ryan Knox, Al Sparks, Megan Kron, George Othello, Strong AF, Nathan Cross, Delilah Sanders and Shawn Steele all approach what looks to be an obstacle course set up in the middle of the farmers field. Of course, each participant is wearing their official AVALANCHE ACADEMY tracksuit. Cyrus Bates stoically stands by a LiT torch, arms folded across his chest. He too is in his special trainer tracksuit.

Cyrus Bates:
Weaklings, rise and shine and welcome to my gauntlet. I don’t want to hear any groaning.

An impressive ‘Gauntlet of Cyrus’ graphic flashes across the bottom of the television feed.

Cyrus Bates:
I promise you, if you’re cold now, just wait. Things do not get easier.

A panning shot of the contestants shows lots of worried looks on their faces.

Cyrus Bates:
As I said, this is my gauntlet and it is your clout challenge this time. I have hand crafted this daunting obstacle course to challenge each and every one of you not only physically but mentally.

The Bellicose Brawler turns his attention to the course itself as accompanying drone cam shots zoom in on what he is describing.

Cyrus Bates:
Each one of you will run along the loose gravel track at the same time. Watch out for the hurdle spot because if you hit one, you owe me burpees. On the spot.

The drone cam buzzes right along.

Cyrus Bates:
Next is what I like to call loot alley. No, those treasure chests weren’t lifted right from Toybox’s Funhouse but it will be your job to sift through the mounds of golden coins to find your specific key. They are color coded.

A quick shot of the group already shows competitors strategizing with each other.

Cyrus Bates:
Then, you are to take your designated key, military crawl through the ice, snow and water pits, under the barbed wire and to the launch station. Here, each of you will find a fixture to put your key in.

The drone cam smoothly focuses on the end of the gauntlet.

Cyrus Bates:
Lastly, once you use your key and see your colored smoke shoots skyward, make a beeline for the finish but be warned, there might be something or someone waiting for you between the launch station and the finish. Fastest time wins but remember, you can still win clout without winning the challenge. Understand?

The group is weary but they have no choice but to accept this test of agility.

Cyrus Bates:
Right. Everyone to the starting line, please.

The competitors eye the grueling course ahead of them. Some areas look muddy and soft while others have sharp ice and snow piled up. Bates walks over to the starting line with an air horn and counts down.

Cyrus Bates:

The air horn blows as everyone races off to a maddening start. Immediately, Megan Kron takes the surprising lead but right behind her is Septimus Tyne, Strong AF and George Othello.

The foot race to the hurdle spot is a blinding one. Somehow, Al Sparks gets there first and hops over three chest high walls without issue.

A bit further back in last place is Delilah Sanders who is having a hard time running through the mud.

Cyrus Bates:

Cyrus screams at her from the starting line but it is to no avail. Sanders gets her foot stuck and falls flat on her face.

Meanwhile, most of the competitors actually crush the hurdles. All, except Shawn Steele, who catches his ankle on the middle hurdle and takes a pretty nasty spill. He tries to catch up but Strong AF is already at the treasure trove and Shawn owes Cyrus some burpees.

Many of the competitors are gasping for air as they each push each other around to go through the couple of treasure chests.

Cyrus Bates:
Gotta make it, gotta make it!

Cyrus looks on as Nathan Cross is able to somehow exit loot alley with his key first but Strong AF is not far behind.

The two race neck-and-neck to the prone crawl pits. Strong AF shoulder blocks Cross out of the way to ensure he can dive in first.

The rest of the group slowly make their way to the pit.

Cyrus Bates:
Who is going to win my gauntlet?

The barbed wire is low. Quite low as Strong AF finds out by getting a few knicks here and there.

Megan Kron is having none of it as she refuses to military crawl and instead long jumps halfway into the barbed wire which is a bad decision in hindsight.

With her tied up, George Othello slithers on through.

Othello, Tyne, Strong AF and Cross all make it through the sludge pit.

Cyrus Bates:

With Bates cheering them on, each man is gulping for air. They all arrive at their launch station at relatively the same time.

Tyne fumbles with his key, dropping it into the snow. Good luck finding it.

Strong AF and Nathan Cross have no problem depositing and cranking their keys. Smoke rises from their podiums immediately as they sprint to the finish.

Cyrus Bates:
Here we go! Welcome to the pit of hell!

The last stretch of track seems innocent enough. There’s really nothing there until Strong AF takes a spear from a person in a full latex bodysuit out of nowhere!

Nathan Cross keeps his head on a swivel as he manages to avoid his putty patrol attacker and cross the finish line!


Cyrus Bates:
That’s it! It’s over!

Cross remains hunched over. It’s not that any of these competitors are out of shape but rather, the Gauntlet of Cyrus certainly tested their will.

Eventually, the entire group, mud splattered and all, return to formation, facing Cyrus Bates.

Cyrus Bates:
Well team, no one said this was going to be easy. I did see a little bit of everything out there. I saw some heart, I saw some passion.

He pauses for a moment.

Cyrus Bates:
I also saw some pathetic efforts from an unnamed few. You know who you are.

The group and him share a lighthearted chuckle.

Cyrus Bates:
This is for real though, so I suggest if you want to win, prepare for anything and expect the worst.

The competitors nod seriously.

Cyrus Bates:
So with that, the winner of my gauntlet with an incredible time of nine minutes and thirty seven seconds is none other than Nathan Cross!

The group claps for Nathan as he humbly soaks in the cheers.

Cyrus Bates:
Now, Nathan, seeing that you won, you are awarded twenty clout. Giving you the overall lead of thirty. Second place was Strong AF who gets ten. Third place was George Othello who gets five and the heart award for this challenges goes to Strong AF for overcoming some adversity and still managing to stave off Othello for second. You get an additional three points for that gutsy performance.

The group claps yet again.

Cyrus Bates:
So that’s it. Most of you have earned a break. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Sanders and Tyne. Better luck next time. For now, head back to the dorms and wait for when we call you to the dome for the redemption ceremony. Remember, Nathan Cross is Housemaster because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know he has the most clout in the house right now so it will be his turn to spend it first.

The group heads back to the dorms as things finally settle down.

In the dorms, the gang is seen trying to pick up the pieces of the challenge they just endured. Some choose to stay in their muddy duds while others are already drying off from a shower but it’s a relaxed atmosphere to say the least.

The dorms are adequate. There’s plenty of decadent seating, flat panels TVs and of course, arcade cabinets in the gaming zone.

More food is available for them than you can shake a stick at so everyone can rejoice that they are well looked after in all aspects.

Strong AF walks by the room of Nathan Cross and decides to stop by.

Strong AF:
Good run back there but I think I would have had you if it wasn’t for that goon spearing me.

Cross nods.

Nathan Cross: [Eating a banana]
Mr. Bates did say be prepared for anything. I guess I lucked out.

Cross winks with a hint of sarcasm attached to his voice as he eats his recovery snack. However, Strong AF has ideas of his own.

Strong AF:
I think I could beat you in a real competition though and not one that has so many variables to it.

Intrigued, Cross makes a hand motion, asking for more information.

Strong AF:
Push-up competition. You versus me. Heck, I’ll open it up to the whole house for all I care.

Strong AF speaks loud enough for everyone to hear. Some ignore it while ego guys like Septimus Tyne are all about it.

Septimus Tyne:
I’m in. Don’t be a wuss, Cross. Show us you mean business.

Nathan finishes his banana and nonchalantly discards his peel in the compost before assuming a spot between Tyne and AF.

Strong AF:
Most push-ups wins. Simple. Go.

The trio gets about five solid push-ups in before lights flash and a siren goes off indicating everyone needs to report to the bubble dome for the clout redemption ceremony immediately.

Strong AF:
What the? You got lucky this time.

Cross ensures he does one or two more push-ups than the other two before joining the group exiting the dorms.

In the bubble dome stands Cyrus Bates and Gus Wolf.

Gus Wolf:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back inside the bubble dome and to our first clout redemption ceremony. I hope everyone remembers me but for those who don’t, I’m the host of this fine show, Gus Wolf.

He has perfect hair, that’s for sure.

Gus Wolf:
Now, it is my understanding Nathan Cross is Housemaster. Therefore, Nathan, you have thirty clout. What do you wish to do with it? Bank it? Redeem it to take on one of your peers in a wrestling match in this very ring behind me where the loser goes home or challenge Mr. Cyrus Bates himself for an unspecified reward?

Nathan moves up a foot from the rest of the group.

Nathan Cross:
I really appreciate the opportunity to be the first Housemaster and win the Gauntlet of Cyrus—

Septimus Tyne cuts him off from the background.

Septimus Tyne:
What a kiss ass!

Nathan’s facial expression is anything but impressed. Cross turns to face Tyne.

Nathan Cross:
Do you realize the size difference between us? I think I should set an example that I’m here to win this thing and it starts with you, Tyne!

The group gets into the little tension built up between the two as Strong AF keeps to the side of things. Things get a bit too heated to the point where Cyrus Bates walks over and places his body between Cross and Tyne.

Gus Wolf:
Do we have a decision because I am getting impatient here?

Nathan Cross:
Yeah, I want to take your clout, Tyne. You and me in the ring. Let’s finish what we started in the dorms.

Bates holds Cross back for the time being.

Gus Wolf:
There you have it. It will be Nathan Cross versus Septimus Tyne in a match. Cross redeems ten clout for the match which will be worth thirty total. A kind reminder to everyone that clout is this game's currency and you should all want to get in the ring at some point because the person with the most clout at the end of the entire game is the winner but that is a ways away.

Moments later sees Nathan Cross standing in the ring adjacent to Septimus Tyne who is still verbally chippy, trying to get under his opponents skin. The two recruits have headgear on, a mouth guard in and mixed martial arts style gloves on.

Gus Wolf:
This match has a ten minute time limit and can be won by pinfall or submission in the ring only. Your referee is Sarah Ferguson. Commence on the bell.

Sarah Ferguson is in the ring, wearing a DEFIANCE referee shirt. It’s training for her too as she checks over the wrestlers and calls for the bell.


Cyrus and Gus watch on as the Cross and Tyne viciously spar. Cross uses his size to his advantage as he takes Tyne down.

Tyne tries to recover but finds himself in a full nelson.

Ferguson asks Tyne if he wants to quit which he declines.

Cross throws Tyne in the air before rifling him to the canvas with a sickening thud!

The rest of the group watches from the steel chairs they sit on.

Cross dominates Tyne on the mat until Septimus seizes a small opening and chops blocks Nathan down!

Gus Wolf:
A bit of a dirty tactic there.

The group of non-participants are split with their cheers as Tyne and Cross duke it out.

The action spills outside momentarily as Tyne tries to whip Cross into the railing but fails.

Cross reverses things and tosses Tyne into the steel guardrail HARD!

Tyne immediately clutches his ribs.

Smelling blood, Cross throws his foe in the ring, perches himself on the top turnbuckle and lands a jumping cutter on Tyne!


The entire group is left in awe as Cross pins Tyne.





Gus Wolf:
There it is! It’s over.

Nathan rises from Tyne and gets his hand raised by Sarah Ferguson.

Septimus rolls out of the ring in disgrace.

Gus Wolf:
Your winner by pinfall and still Housemaster is Nathan Cross!

Mostly everyone claps as Cross unclips his chin strap.

After a moment, the group is back together and Gus Wolf addresses them all.

Gus Wolf:
Well folks, not a bad showing this time at all. Glad we could get to see some resolution take place in the ring too. Septimus Tyne, come forward please.

Like a fox with its tail between its legs, Tyne lurchers forward. He’s got a pretty nasty black eye to show for his efforts too.

Gus Wolf:
Septimus Tyne, you talked a big game and couldn’t back it up in the gauntlet, the push-up contest and even in the ring. I think it’s safe to say you earned your exit. Therefore your time on AVALANCHE ACADEMY is over. You’re eliminated. Pack your bags and go home.

Without hesitation, Tyne walks out of the bubble dome with his head down. The rest of his DEFcepticon buddies watch him leave.

Gus Wolf:
Well folks, go back to the dorms and await your next clout challenge. Stay well.

The signature dramatic music accompanies their exit as the eight remaining competitors have a challenge under their belts.


Gus Wolf has a little 2v2v2v2 paintball game planned in the bushes of Garland Farms. Who will target who? What will happen at the next clout redemption ceremony? All that and more next time!

Next air date: April 2021

Nathan Cross: 30
Strong AF: 23
George Othello: 15
Ryan Knox: 10
Al Sparks: 10
Megan Kron: 10
Delilah Sanders: 10
Shawn Steele: 10
Septimus Tyne: ELIMINATED S1E2
Peter Vetra: ELIMINATED S1E1
Starscream: ELIMINATED S1E1

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