BRAZEN Presents: The Pre-CLASH Clashes

Posted by Lance Warner on 19 Apr 2021

Last month, BRAZEN put out the news that a new championship would be coming to the show… the BRAZEN Star Cup! During this most recent Double Shot, eight rising stars of BRAZEN were selected to compete for the very honor! All championships were on the line on night one! On Night Two, A special Champions vs. Challengers match before the CLASH of the BRAZEN took place! Who of the eight newer stars would move on?

Check the results and find out some matches made for the next CLASH of the BRAZEN event to take place after the DEFIANCE Event of the Year called DEFCON!

Two shows took place at a very packed house in the Randolph Riverfront Center for both Thursday and Friday Nights! Almost a thousand fans in attendance for each night! Fans were also treated to autographs from some of DEFIANCE’s stars including “Queen of the Ring” Lindsay Troy, Jay Harvey, “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns, SoHer Champion “The Biggest Boy” Dex Joy, Favoured Saints Champion Matt LaCroix and the biggest surprise… BRONSON MOTHERLOVING BOX!

Results below with news and notes!

--BRAZEN Matchmaker Capital Punishment started off the show to a raucous crowd in attendance and was happy to welcome back Bronson Box to the fold, a man that many BRAZEN stars past and present have looked up to. With that out of the way, he stood next to the podium containing the new BRAZEN Star Cup. Eight men among the newer and younger members of the brand were chosen for the right to compete in action that would kick off TONIGHT!

The eight men were revealed on stage next: The technical drunkard Doug “Moonshine” Matton! The young talented technician OTM aka Oliver Tarquin Monroe! The tall, young blue chipper Nathan Cross! The very outspoken and vicious newcomer, Michael van Warren! The gutsy go-getter “One Shot” Jack Halcyon! The underdog Welshman “Mellow Yellow” George Othello! A product of Bronson Box’s Conclave, Rhys Collins! And the fan favorite luchador, Leyenda de Ocho! 

--All BRAZEN Star Cup matches would serve under Iron Man Rules with a fifteen minute time limit! The first four Opening Round Matches would be spread out over tonight’s double shot with the Semis and Finals to all take place at CLASH OF THE BRAZEN in just a few weeks time! And the first match happened right away!


Friday, April 16th

1. BRAZEN Star Cup Opening Round: Doug "Moonshine" Matton defeated Lord Sewell 1-0 @ 15:00 Time Limit

2. BRAZEN Star Cup Opening Round: Michael Van Warren defeated Nathan Cross 2-1 @ 15:00 Time Limit

3. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: BRAGG (c) defeated Oliver Tarquin Monroe @ 4:16 with They All Fall Down

4. "Cunning" Curt Cunning defeated Earl Lee Roberts @ 2:45 with the Sly Fox Lock

5. The Dunson Clan (Paul, Finn, Richie and Todd Dunson) defeated The Barrio Boys (Gerardo Villalobos, Corey Nunez and Hugo Gonzalez) and Mascara de Muerte IV @ 11:05 when Paul pinned Gerardo Villalobos with the Golden Opportunity

5. High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) defeated Thugz 4 Hire (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt), Atomic Punks (Little Boy and Fat Man) and Viking War Cult (Ivar and Floki Holmstrom) @ 11:05 with Sucks To Be Air Bud on Fat Man

6. Declan "DEC4L" Alexander and Luke Ali'i defeated Jesse Harrison and Bobby Horrigan @ 12:22 with Ali'i's Impact Crater on Horrigan

7. BRAZEN Championship: Killjoy (c) defeated Cul @ 10:14 with the FreeFall

8. BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: DEFcepticons (Al Sparks and Ryan Knox) defeated BADASS (Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome) @ 19:18 with Transformation Complete on Bloome


--Doug “Moonshine” Matton would be the first man to punch his ticket to CLASH with a big 1-0 victory over a hungry young OTM! The two men worked over the arm and leg of their opponent respectively, but in the end it would be Doug who got the submission within SECONDS from the first ever BRAZEN Star Cup Opening Round! Doug celebrated with a bottle after the match, then proclaimed he’d move on and win ALL THE BEERS at CLASH of the BRAZEN!

--The second and other BRAZEN Star Cup Opening of Night One went to Michael van Warren! MvW got vicious in the first minutes of the match, but Nathan Cross fought back with a huge dropkick and then a running no-hands plancha over the ropes! Cross came back into the ring, but MvW knocked the referee on what some would call an “accident” to hit his Armiger Unleashed (Kinniku Buster) for fall one. Cross became the first person to actually pin MvW’s shoulders to the mat around the ten-minute Mark with the Crossover (rolling cutter)! But towards the end, MvW got the win with the Limit Breaker. Cross passed out towards the end, giving the deciding fall to van Warren! In the semi-finals at CLASH, MvW would take on one of BRAZEN’s most popular stars in Doug Matton!

--Though Oliver Tarquin Monroe fell to Doug Matton earlier in the evening, his tag partner in Gentlemen’s Agreement, Lord Sewell, declared he would wrestle the BRAZEN Onslaught Championship from “The Big Bag” BRAGG. That boast was much easier said than done at first as BRAGG tossed him around the ring with two release vertical suplexes. Sewell tried to turn the tide later with a dragon screw in the ropes and then a snap DDT for a near fall! But BRAGG came back with Sorry About Your Jaw (straight right punch) followed by They All Fall Down!

--A new BRAZEN debut took place next, featuring the masked technician known as “Cunning” Curt Cunning, up against long-time BRAZEN brawler Earl Lee Roberts. Cunning declared that he would outsmart, outthink, and outwrestle Roberts… and proceeded to get his ass beat in the first minute of the match and then beat a hasty retreat under the ring. Earl pulled him out and then tried to slam him around ringside. But when he got into a scuffle with the official, a SECOND masked man came out from under the ring while the roughed-up masked man retreated. Earl Lee then was tripped right into a modified Cross Face Lock called the Sly Fox Lock for the tapout! Cunning got booed, but the masked marvel tapped his finger to his brain to say he was Curt-strodamus and predicted correctly he’d win!

--The first and second-ever BRAZEN Onslaught Champions (Gerardo Villalobos and “Golden Opportunist” Paul Dunson respectively) captained an eight-man tag with The Dunson Clan against The Barrio Boys and Mascara de Murte IV! What happened was an exciting match that saw MDM4 take flight with a big spaceman somersault plancha onto all the Dunson Clan members at one point! The brothers, Todd and Richie were helped by their cousin, big Finn, to rough up Corey Nunez late in the game. Paul FINALLY tagged in only when it was convenient for him, but wasn’t as so when Gerardo ran loose over ALL the Dunsons! Eventually it was Paul with the Golden Opportunity (brass knuckles) that had gained him the Onslaught Title in the first place, pinning Gerardo! After the match, Paul staked his claim over BRAGG, demanding that he get another shot at the title. The challenge went unanswered for the moment, but more on that on Night Two. 

--An exciting four corners elimination match took place between Thugs 4 Hire, High Investigations, The Atomic Punks and the Viking War Cult represented by Ivar and Floki Holmstrom. It would be the twin Vikings who first eliminated Thugs 4 Hire for following a Doomsday DDT on Emilio Byrd. Next would be the Punks, who took turns working over Eddie Cheno of High Investigations, only to steal the pin with a roll-up on Little Man. Ivar and Floki continued to work over the boxer, but Eddie came back with Bong Hit (Superkick), then tagged to The Tornado T-Rex! Titalayo went BERSERK with a fallaway slam on Ivar, a big right cross on Floki followed by a HUGE double elbow drop to both brothers! At the end, it was Ivar taking the Sucks To Be Air Bud (top rope superplex/splash) combo and High Investigations would walk away with a huge win!

--It was announced that at CLASH of the BRAZEN, the long-running feud between two of the top stars of BRAZEN - “The Lead” Jesse Harrison and Declan “DEC4L” Alexander would finally be put to bed in its first-ever STEEL CAGE MATCH! In addition, it was a #1 Contender’s match to see who would challenge next for the BRAZEN Championship. But before then, they would meet in big tag team preview matches. Harrison would team with one half of Heavy Artillery, Bobby Horrigan while Alexander introduced his partner… LUKE ALI’I! The bright young talent from Hawaii had been smoking the competition left and right thus far and tonight looked like more of the same! At one point, Luke had LAUNCHED Bobby Horrigan into the turnbuckle with a big double palm thrust! Declan and Harrison spent most of the tag match trying to attack one another but at the end it would be the Impact Crater of Luke that would be the tide-turner for his team, scoring tonight’s win for he and DEC4L! For a while after the bell, the former actor Harrison and the popular vlogger/gamer Declan FOUGHT like crazy with security having to step in to break it up! CLASH could not come fast enough. 

--The LET Beast, Killjoy, put his championship on the line against anyone that would step up to the plate… and for that, he got Cul of the Viking War Cult! Cul wasted no time going after the massive monster! Killjoy has looked dominant and has scored victories over main roster opponents during his reign like Ryan Batts, Flex Kruger and Klein, but Cul was vicious throughout the match! The two slammed into one another with headbutts and clubbing blows galore and while both men veered towards the side of evil in BRAZEN, the crowd loved the skirmish between the two. They continued to brawl which the fight included a huge powerbomb on the ring apron from Killjoy to Cul. Cul would fight back a couple minutes later with a massive DDT and a lariat for a huge two-count! Eventually, Floki and Ivar rushed to ringside, but Archer Silver and High Flyer IV would continue to fight with them. During an attempt at a spear, the referee was knocked down and the title match was declared a No Contest! The crowd HATED this decision, but the fights continued until LET and Viking War Cult until security cleared things up again. Twice in a night was just insanity!

--Once security had to earn their paycheck, the crowd were treated to the DEFcepticons defending the BRAZEN Tag Team Championships against the long-standing fan favorite team of BADASS! And it was a most PHYSICAL tag team match! The DEFcepticons had Septimus Tyne, Megan Kong and Starscream at ringside. Al Sparks towered over Davis Bloome, but the 6’2” and 241-pound Davis had some of the HARDEST chops in BRAZEN and Sparks felt every which one. When the tank-like Ryan Knox and “Wise Ass” Tripp Wise did battle later, the fans knew what to expect… Tripp avoiding Knox like heck and hitting hip attacks of several varieties including one off the ring apron! BADASS worked over Knox for a bit, getting several double-teams including a hip attack/knee strike combo in the corner but nothing that would get them three. Then the powerhouses of DEFcepticons turned the tides later by working over Tripp’s… well, backside. With a few atomic drops and kicks and whatnot. Have A Nice Tripp (cutthroat STO) on Knox gave Tripp the opening for Davis to run wild late in the match with a huge variety of chops including a big uranage slam and a Diving Elbow Drop called Plant The Seed for a near fall! But at the end, the Autoboot (big boot) from Al Sparks and the Transformation Complete (Double Powerbomb) ended Night One!

Saturday, April 17th

1. BRAZEN Star Cup Opening Round: Leyenda de Ocho defeated George Othello 1-0 @ 15:00 Time Limit

2. BRAZEN Star Cup Opening Round: "One Shot" Jack Halcyon defeated Rhys Collins 2-1 @ 15:00 Time Limit

3. BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: BRAGG fought "Wingman" Titus Campbell to a No Contest when The Dunson Clan interfered

4. Strong AF defeated Cristiano Caballero @ 1:56 with the Painful AF

5. "Cunning" Curt Cunning defeated Lee Laz @ 3:05 with The Sly Fox Lock

6. Luke Ali'i defeated FAFNIR @ 7:16 with the Impact Crater 

7. The Viking War Cult (Cul, Torvald The Destroyer, Ivar and Floki Holmstrom) defeated Thugs 4 Hire (Emilio Byrd and Hurtlocker Holt) and Southern Bastards (JJ Dixon and MASSIVE Dragon) @ 14:45 with the Gungnir from Torvald to Dragon

8. Jesse Harrison and Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) defeated Declan "DEC4L" Alexander and High Investigations (Eddie Cheno and Tornado T-Rex Titilayo) @ 9:45 with the Cliffhanger from Harrison on Cheno

9. BRAZEN Pre-CLASH Clash if Clashes: Jack Harmen and DEFcepticons (Al Sparks and Ryan Knox) defeat Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, High Flyer IV and Killjoy) via DQ @ 16:15 following interference by The Viking War Cult



--Night Two kicked off with the final two opening round matches and it would take place with two of the rising fan favorites of BRAZEN! The young 22-year-old Welshman “Mellow Yellow” George Othello and the 8-Bit Luchador, Leyenda de Ocho! It was a mad dash to start as both men went for pinfalls at the start, but both men were even. But later on, it was Ocho upping the tempo of the match that turned the tide in his favor with a HUGE tornillo on the outside, followed by a diving meteora off the top for another nearfall. From there, Othello used his mat prowess to work over the head/neck of Ocho with a few headlocks and a Cobra Twist, courtesy of the Harold Ketch Grapple Arts Academy which also trained Ryan Batts, Jack Mace and Oscar Burns. Ocho weathered the technical story and fought back with a few more big moves, including a big frog splash late in the game. When it looked like the match was going to go to a draw, Ocho scored a fall when Othello threw him in the air for a flapjack uppercut, only to get caught and twisted mid-air to a casadora pin for the three at fourteen minutes and fifty seconds! Othello tried like heck to go for one of his own, but fifteen minutes expired! Ocho had won 1-0 and was going to CLASH to fight the winner of the final BRAZEN Star Cup Opening Round!

--And what a match it was! Considered by fans who attended both nights as one of the best matches on either card, “One Shot” Jack Halcyon had impressed over recent UNCUT appearances with “Black Out”at Cassidy and Alvaro de Vargas, but Rhys Collins -- a product of the Conclave -- had something to prove. He attacked the knee of Halcyon RELENTLESSLY to the point where he got a submission fall about seven minutes in using the Collins Crank (Indian Deathlock). But later, Halcyon fought back using an Olympic Slam and a jumping sunset flip got him the surprise pin at eleven minutes! Rhys attacked the leg like a hungry pitbull on steak, but “One Shot” gutted it out and hit his own leg submission, On Tilt (Calf crusher)! He cranked back until Collins had no choice but to tap! At two-to-one, Halcyon was the winner and would meet Leyenda de Ocho at CLASH for the chance to see who would become BRAZEN’s first-ever BRAZEN Star Cup Winner!

--”Wingman” Titus Campbell has been on a tear lately in BRAZEN and would finally get a one-on-one shot at BRAGG to see who would become the BRAZEN Onslaught Championship. Titus is a long-standing project of BRAZEN, but some detractors had argued as the “Wingman” he wasn’t serious enough to be considered worthy of a top singles title -- this match may have changed that perception with how physical he got against the 7’2” NOLA native. The two got nasty with chops and Titus even took flight with Take Flight (diving headbutt) for two! Titus CLOCKED BRAGG over then went after The Big Bad, but BRAGG fought back and the big bulls battled more… until the fight ended on a countout for both men! Titus got on the microphone and wanted the chance to fight again… at CLASH! But before BRAGG could answer, Paul Dunson came out and DEMANDED a rematch! He pinned Gerardo Villalobos last night (the first-ever champ) and wanted a shot. BRAGG only responded with “You… and you… AT CLASH!” It would be for the hard-hitting BRAZEN Onslaught Championship! 

--Long-time BRAZEN vetera Cristiano Caballero came out before his next scheduled match, but it would be more of a bitching session. Instead of paying any attention to the former Olympic Gold Medalist in Powerlifting, he took the opportunity to bitch about his lack of opportunities. The match time says 1:56, but 1:30 of it was bitching while Strong AF had a laugh… the other twenty or so seconds was a STIFF AF (Lariat) followed by the Deadly AF (Jackhammer) for three! Strong AF got a “Thank you, AF!” chant after the match for his good deeds and celebrated the quick win. 

--During Night One of the latest Double Shot, “Cunning” Curt Cunning espoused how he could win against any competitor of any size. After defeated Earl Lee Roberts, the masked ne’er-do-well extended his win streak to 2-0 by scoring the win over the young high flyer Lee Laz! Instead of using a masked doppleganger as he did the night before, a right kick by Lee knocked Cunning over, but he lifted his leg up and made incidental contact with his nether regions. The referee couldn’t declare it a legal low blow but he used his Sly Fox Lock to steal another win! After the match, Curt Cunning took the microphone and said he would outsmart the roster one by one until he got straight to the top!

--The undefeated massive Hawaiian, Luke Ali’i, was set to take on FAFNIR with “Cunning” Curt Cunning sticking around at ringside to watch. The beastly German FAFNIR took the fight to Luke on more than one occasion, but Luke wowed the crowd when the 367-pound Hawaiian used a leapfrog then leveled him with a savate kick on the return. A blizzard suplex and the Impact Crater got the three-count! FAFNIR put up a great fight, but Luke wowed the crowd again. “Cunning” Curt Cunning then approached the silent beast and made him an offer -- to work alongside him and take over BRAZEN. Curt Cunning left, but Luke did not say no. Both men left as the show went to the next match. 

--And said next match was a vicious and violent return to form for Cul! Angry that he did not defeat Killjoy the night before and that their match ended without a conclusion, the foursome were extra salty tonight. Thugs 4 Hire and the Southern Bastards did everything they could in order to fight them off, but their overall force would be too much. It would be Torvald The Destroyer who would score the win with the Gungnir spear on MASSIVE Dragon. After the match, Cul grabbed a mic and demanded an opportunity to rectify the decision. He demanded that they receive another opportunity at the championship held by Killjoy and would do whatever they wanted to get it. More on that, later. 

--In the final preview before Jesse Harrison and Declan “DEC4L” Alexander would meet to determine the next Number One Contender to the BRAZEN Championship, the two men would have aid in a six-man tag with Harrison employing his regular muscle of Heavy Artillery while Alexander recruited the ultra-popular High Investigations. This one was a game of keep-away as Harrison refused to tag in whenever Alexander was involved, but would be happy to pick the scraps when either Owens or Horrigan did the work. Artillery got to a point where they worked over Eddie Cheno, but Cheno would hit the Clearing The Funkin’ Table (Rising Uppercut) and tag Declan! He got his hands on Jesse and used the YEET~! On Harrison followed by the GGez Kick for a two-count, but all hell broke loose late when Heavy Artillery and High Investigations got involved. Cheno got the legal tag late and tried to put Roosevelt away, but the tag went to Harrison and he scored with the Cliffhanger to steal the win! Harrison headed to the back laughing at getting the last laugh… but at CLASH of the BRAZEN they would do battle in a steel cage and nowhere for the former actor to run. 

--The Main Event -- cheekily titled the Pre-CLASH Clash of Clashes pit Champions and Contenders in the same ring. LET would get their long-awaited rematch with the DEFcepticons and Killjoy would defend the BRAZEN Championship against the DEFIANCE veteran Jack Harmen! And this match was unruly from the opening bell with all sides going at it! Archer Silver and Al Sparks got into the match in a battle of the kicks! The tall Seattle native battled Sparks and later on, High Flyer IV mixed it up with his own father, Jack Harmen in a battle the crowd had a great time getting to see ending with Harmen taking out both HF IV and Silver on the floor with a big twisting moonsault off the ropes! Later on, Killjoy got involved and used his power to isolate Ryan Knox. LET showed exactly why they had been a regular top team in BRAZEN when he got isolated and attacked by the vicious trio. Archer’s kicks, a HUGE diving double knee drop by HF IV and a big Yokosuka cutter got nearfalls, had it not been for flyer. It was Al Sparks with the hot tag and he cleared the ring of Silver and HF IV, then got Killjoy over the ropes. Al Sparks followed that up with a MASSIVE dive by the 6’9” giant with the rest of the DEFcepticons cheering him on! But before anything else could happen… THE VIKING WAR CULT ATTACKED ALL ON SIGHT! 

--Fights broke out all over with Torvald The Destroyer trying to get at the BRAZEN Champion Killjoy and Jack Harmen fighting off Cul to also get at Killjoy while The DEFcepticons and Silver and HF IV fought to the back. At the end of the brawl with security out, Capital Punishment decided on the main event for CLASH! Killjoy would be defending against BOTH Jack Harmen… and Torvald The Destroyer! Cul was shocked he wasn’t named the contender, but Cappy reminded him Torvald won their eight-man earlier and not Cul. The bad blood between the two went back several CLASHES ago when Cul attacked Cappy. Cul was not happy, but Killjoy, Torvald and Harmen all had eyes on one another as the show came to a close with big things happening for the next CLASH of the BRAZEN!


BRAZEN CHAMPIONSHIP: Kiilljoy © vs. Jack Harmen vs. Torvald The Destroyer

BRAZEN Tag Team Championships: The DEFcepticons (Al Sparks and Ryan Knox) © vs. Les Enfantes Terribles (Archer Silver and High Flyer IV)

Number One Contenders Match to BRAZEN Championship, Steel Cage: Declan “DEC4L” Alexander vs. Jesse Harrison

BRAZEN Onslaught Championship: “The Big Bad” BRAGG © vs. “Wingman” Titus Campbell vs. “The Golden Opportunist” Paul Dunson

BRAZEN Star Cup Finals

BRAZEN Star Cup Semi Finals Match: Michael van Warren vs. Doug “Moonshine” Matton

BRAZEN Star Cup Semi Finals Match: Leyenda de Ocho vs. “One Shot” Jack Halcyon

All this and more!

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