Thomas Keeling to Formally Retire from Managing after Twenty-Plus Years!

Posted by Lance Warner on 24 Feb 2021

In the opening match of DEFIANCE Road Night One, the manager for the formerly-known Sky High Titans, Thomas Keeling, suffered an injury when he was the recipient of a Winning Hand Slam on the ring apron from The Lucky Sevens member Mason Luck. He sustained a serious spinal fracture as a result and with that, Thomas Keeling has made the difficult decision to walk away from the business after twenty-two years. 

A manager of multiple World Champions including names such as former Jolt World Champion and Kyoto PRO Openweight Champion Jeremy Ryan, former Toronto Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Tony Sharp and former nbW World Heavyweight Champion Vic Gravender/Victor Graves, the now sixty-four-year-old manager is no stranger to success. DEFIANCE fans recognize him most for managing one of its most fearsome groups in Team HOSS behind the scenes of their record-setting year-long World Trios Title run and more recently, two runs as the Unified Tag Team Champions for Uriel Cortez and Minute. 

We have received word that Thomas Keeling will have a special message for DEFIANCE fans on UNCUT 89 that have mostly hated him, but recently warmed up to him after refusing to work with his business partner and son, Tom Morrow, formerly Junior Keeling. We will have more to report on this situation but stay tuned in the weeks to come for Thomas Keeling's farewell address. 

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