BRAZEN Presents: The Let's Go Go-Home Show!

Posted by Lance Warner on 3 Aug 2020

This past Saturday, BRAZEN pretended one giant event! Before we get to CLASH of the BRAZEN, we have tomorrow’s DEFIANCE stars in massive action including:

-FOUR BRAZEN Onslaught Championship Qualifying matches!
-A massive six-man tag team match including BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye and The World’s Nicest Tag Team against BRAZEN Tag Team Champions Les Enfants Terribles
-A big battle royale to crown which team will get the coveted last spot in a future BRAZEN Tag Team Title Contender’s Gauntlet! 

And more! BRAZEN Presents: Let’s Go, Go-Home!

On this past Saturday, fans joined a special show inside the DEFIANCE Wrestle-plex where close to 1,200 fans were on hand to see the future of DEFIANCE. Among stars signing autographs for the event were BRAZEN Champion Nathaniel Eye, former BRAZEN Champion Jack Mace, former Trios Champion Troy Matthews, former FIST of DEFIANCE “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns and of course, what has become more of a regular viewing at recent BRAZEN events, DEFIANCE Legend and two-time former FIST “The Original DEFIANT” Bronson Box! Check the results, news and notes for tonight’s major show before we get to CLASH of the BRAZEN!


1. BRAZEN Onslaught Title Qualifier: Jesse Harrison defeated Theo Baylor @ 10:11 with The Cliff Hanger 

2. BRAZEN Onslaught Title Qualifier: Torvald The Destroyer defeated Doug "Moonshine" Matton @ 4:54 with the Gungnir

3. BRAZEN Onslaught Title Qualifier: Reinhardt Hoffman defeated Gunther Adler @ 11:14 with Multiple Running Knee Tremblers

4. BRAZEN Onslaught Title Qualifier: Gerardo Villalobos defeated Eddie Cheno @ 7:31 with Stay in Escuela

5. BRAGG vs. Cul went to a No Contest @ 6:51 when Ivar and Floko Holmstrom interfered. 

6. BIG GO-HOME BATTLE ROYALE. Winner's team gets final spot in #1 Contender's Tag Gauntlet

Lord Sewell is last remaining man in BR, Gentlemen’s Agreement get the last spot in #1 Contender's Gauntlet 

7. DEBUT MATCH: Strong AF defeated Thomas Slaine @ 3:10 with Deadly AF

8.  "Manpower" Jack Mace and Troy Matthews defeated Declan "DEC4L" Alexander and "Wingman" Titus Campbell @ 12:42 with the Rough Divide on Titus

9. Heavy Artillery (Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens) defeated BADASS (Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome) @ 8Up :04 with The Big Guns on Tripp Wise, interference by VWC.

10. Special Six Man Tag, Elimination-style rules: Nathaniel Eye, The World's Nicest Tag Team (Levi Cole and Butcher Victorious) defeated Les Enfants Terribles (Archer Silver, HF IV, Killjoy) with Levi Cole last eliminating HF IV @ 21:18

-Nathaniel Eye and Killjoy eliminated via countout @ 6:45, Killjoy and Nathaniel Eye fight to the back
-Butcher Victorious eliminated @ 12:59 via pinfall (Archer Silver with Kicky McGee)
-Archer Silver eliminated via DQ @ 17:24 for excessive punishment in corner (kicking Cole half to death in corner and ignoring official)
-HF IV eliminated via submission (Liberty Lock) by Cole @ 21:18


The show kicked off quickly with BRAZEN matchmaker and former Trios Champion in his own right, Capital Punishment. With BRAZEN’s Official Enforcer, BRAGG, standing by, Cappy thanked the fans and ran down the card for tonight’s show… but things got off to a rocky start quickly.

Cul of the Viking War Cult interrupted. He talked about VWC member Torvald The Destroyer in the Onslaught Title Qualifying Tournament tonight. He talked about Cappy throwing his weight around and said that if he and the Cult truly wanted, they could break BRAGG and Capital Punishment in the blink of an eye. Old Cappy wasn’t deterred and told Cul he could book matches just as quickly and so he made the following matche. First, BRAGG would be in one-on-one action against Cul. And at Clash, BRAGG would join forces with other recent enemies of the Cult, BADASS to take on Cul and The Holmstrom Twins! Cul responded with only a smile and disappeared to the back. With that, it was time for the four BRAZEN Onslaught Title Qualfying matches!

-Up first was “The Prime Time Player” Jesse Harrison going one on one against former World Trios Champion Theo Baylor! And Baylor did not make things easy! The massive LA native put the former Aussie child star through his paces with brawling in the first couple minutes of the match. Harrison got nothing and Baylor nearly won with a big Lariat! However, Harrison kicked out and continued to weather the storm of Theo Baylor. Baylor missed a big Spear in the corner, but Harrison didn’t miss with his big move, The Boom Shot! (Spear!) Harrison had the fans behind him when he hit The Payoff (Running High Knee Strike) and came back at the ten minute mark with The Cliff Hanger! Score one for Jesse Harrison and one step closer to being BRAZEN’s first-ever Onslaught Champion. 

-Next was the second Qualifying match pitting Doug “Moonshine” Matton against the Viking War Cult’s giant, Torvald The Destroyer! Seven feet tall, just over 350 and Mean AF! Matton had his work cut out for him and then some as Torvald mowed him down in the first minute. The second minute went more in Matton’s favor as he snapped his arm over the top rope and hit a flying Axe Handle off the top! No doubt trying to set up for the Whole Lotta Buzz Armbar that had won him many matches! Torvald took control with a huge Powerslam for a nearfall, but Matton reversed a Chokeslam into the Whole Lotta Buzz!... or well, he tried, but Torvald reversed that into lifting him right into a Running Powerslam! The Gungnir Spear wrapped this up in less than five minutes over one of BRAZEN’s fastest-rising stars!

-The third match was arguably the most interesting. Former Conclave trainees of Bronson Box fought when the first BRAZEN Champion Reinhardt Hoffman looked to also become BRAZEN’s first Onslaught Champion, but he’d have to go through Gunther Adler to do it! Adler took over with power much like the previous two matches, however Reinhardt took over quickly by working over the knee of Adler! The former bodyguard for Gage Blackwood had his leg worked over, but Adler used some of his technical savvy to break free from a Leg Lock and then fire back with a HUGE High Angle German Suplex that nearly dropped Reinhardt on his head! Adler worked the neck the next couple of minutes, but Hoffman fought back. He knew Adler wouldn’t be easy to go down so towards the end of the match, he fired off Knee Tremblers galore… SIX to be exact! Adler was slow to get up after each one, but after the final shot, Reinhardt got the win. Out of respect for his former stablemate, he helped Adler to his feet and helped him to the back. Reinhardt Hoffman was only two matches from making history once again. 

-The fourth and final match of the Onslaught Title Qualifying matches was intriguing as it was two fan favorites. Brawling and wrestling vet Eddie Cheno against one of the new BRAZEN era’s rising stars, Gerardo Vilallobos! Villalobos ran down Cheno with a big Shoulder Tackle off the bat, but Eddie used his boxing background to stay with the big man from The Barrio Boys! With Mr. Salazar managing him from ringside, Gerardo fought back and controlled with a huge Over the Shoulder Gutbuster! Eddie came back later with Bong Hit (Superkick) and Clearing The Funkin’ Table (Uppercut) and got near falls! However, Gerardo took it in stride. Cheno tried for the Brainbuster he liked to call Sucks To Be You, but Gerardo fought back and hoisted him up into BAM! Stay In Escuela! The Inverted Powerslam caught the win for Gerardo! With that, the Semi Finals for CLASH were set. 


--Before intermission, Cappy came out to announce a Battle Royale! One member from each tag team slated to be in CLASH’s Tag Team #1 Contender’s Gauntlet match would be in action tonight! The winner of the GO-HOME BATTLE ROYALE would get their team the last spot in the Gauntlet. And in the end, it was Lord Sewell outlasting members of the other tag teams! Denver Brandt, Richie Dunson, Duke Dibbins, Emilio "EMILIOOOOOOOOOOO" Byrd, Hugo "Lips" Gonzalez, Aleczander The Great and "Exclusive" Eric Wilson! It came down to Lord Sewell and Emilio Byrd of Thugs 4 Hire, who has been gaining some REALLY big popularity from a section of drunken fans of The Mighty Ducks we know as Will, Roland, and Ross. Byrd had eliminated BOTH Denver Brandt and Aleczander The Great as they were trying to toss each other over, but Lord Sewell’s tag partner Oliver Tarquin Monroe grabbed his leg on the ring apron so Lord Sewell could through him out! After a good showing against The Lucky Sevens, Gentlemen’s Agreement put themselves in prime position at CLASH! 

--A quick intermission saw a few more autograph sessions before getting to the second half of this massive show!

--The next match was a debut match! It was the debut of former Olympic powerlifter Allen Fosters - competing under the fitting in-ring moniker of Strong AF! He was picked up about a year and a half ago in BRAZEN when a dark match with “Twists and Turns” Oscar Burns of all people opened doors for the powerhouse. As usual, BRAZEN vet Thomas Slaine had harsh words for Strong and told him he didn’t belong in the ring. In return, Strong AF and his massive body surprised Slaine with a Spinning Heel Kick! He didn’t know that Strong AF also boasted a kickboxing background as well! Things didn’t go well for Slaine at all until he took advantage with an Eye Rake and then battered Strong AF around ringside with steel steps and tossing him into the ring post. Back into the ring, Strong AF apparently shook all that off with a HUGE Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex, then a hard Shoot Kick that busted Thomas Slaine’s mouth open! Strong AF looked concerned for his opponent at first, but shrugged it off and hit the Vertical Suplex Powerslam called Deadly AF for the debut win!

--The young 19-year-old talented wrestling prodigy, Declan “DEC4L” Alexander continued his rivalry with former World Trios Champion Troy Matthews and this time, they had tag partners before their singles match at CLASH to settle the score. Troy Matthews had former BRAZEN Champ “Manpower” Jack Mace while Declan "DEC4L" Alexander had "Wingman" Titus Campbell to counter. The two men were the throughline of the match and CONSTANTLY tried to get at one another, neither happy they didn’t have a win over the other after a previous match ended in a draw and tag matches did not yield a win. The undefeated Declan showed why he was as such as he knocked down big Jack Mace at one point with the GGEZ Kick (Yakuza Kick). Troy found an opening late in the match and lived up to his “Slayer of Giants” moniker by getting the win with the Rough Divide (Shining Axe Kick)  and getting the win for his team! DEFsec had to come in and break up a fight between Declan and Troy Matthews! 

--Mace had a quick announcement himself post-match. He was a former BRAZEN Champion who wanted to earn his way to another shot so to that end… he proposed an open challenger for anybody from DEFIANCE or BRAZEN to meet him in the ring, one-on-one at CLASH. He promised whoever it was would get The Bear Trap!

--The ninth match was another tag match between two of BRAZEN’s top teams! The undefeated Heavy Artillery team of Bobby Horrigan and Roosevelt Owens against arguably one of the most popular teams in BRAZEN, BADASS! Tripp Wise and Davis Bloome used their speed and hard-hitting advantage to keep Bobby off his game in the first couple of minutes, including a Diving Hip Attack from Tripp Wise followed by a Running Knee from Davis for a near fall. Roosevelt got to tag later and it was all Heavy Artillery taking control with size! Tripp Wise was worked over by the massive Roosevelt Owens (Big Rose for short). Bobby let him have it with chops and Owens stepped on him as Bobby jumped on his partner’s back near the ropes!  On the back end of that, Tripp later slipped out of a Samoan Drop attempt, then hit a DDT on Rosey! The tag went to Davis who CHOPPED the hell out of Bobby Horrigan and left welts on his chest! They tried Ultimate BADASSery on Bobby, but Ivar Holmstrom came out and distracted Davis by trying to grab him. He got taken advantage by Bobby and then hit with the Irish Slammer (Buckle bomb) followed by The Big Guns (Double Splash) by Heavy Artillery to take the win! Heavy Artillery were one of two teams challenging LET for the belts at CLASH so they were ready with this win!

--It was main event time and it was a six-man tag! Before The World’s Nicest Tag Team tried to get their first taste of gold in BRAZEN against Les Enfants Terribles and their bodyguard, Killjoy, challenged Nathaniel Eye for the BRAZEN Championship, they would first meet up in a HUGE six-man elimination tag! First, Eye and Killjoy fought to the back and were both eliminated at 6:45, leaving a two-on-two match. Archer Silver and HF IV singled out powerhouse Levi Cole for a bit until Butcher Victorious got the hot tag and nearly got the win with the Violet Crown on Archer, only to be saved by HF IV moments later. Towards the end, a belt shot behind the ref’s back led to LET hitting Kicky McGee (Gamengiri/Shining Yakuza Kick combo) for the three on Butcher! Leaving perennial fan favorite of BRAZEN Levi Cole all alone! A beacon of light appeared a couple minutes later when the referee caught Archer trying to use the title again, only to disqualify him. In retaliation, he unleashed a massive series of his signature kicks on Levi Cole, leaving HF IV to pick up the pieces. Try as he might, the son of Jack Harmen tried to pin Cole, including a HUGE Moonsault, but Cole kicked out! The fans rallied behind Cole and in the end, he overcame the smaller man with a Gutwrench Powerbomb and followed with The Liberty Lock for the submission win!

--Post match was complete bedlam as Killjoy and Archer returned to the ring and viciously assaulted Cole. Butcher and Nathaniel Eye limped back with chairs, sending LET scurrying from the ring. Towards the end and the competitors caught their breath, Eye thanked the fans for coming! He told them that he would retain against LET’s massive asshat, Killjoy and next time you saw The World’s Nicest Tag Team after CLASH, they’d shake hands and be your next BRAZEN Tag Team Champions!

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